Progressive Are Now Marketing Their Own Version of Christian Purity Culture as “Radical Monogamy”

Progressive Are Now Marketing Their Own Version of Christian Purity Culture as “Radical Monogamy”

Oh, FFS. Secular and religious conservatives have been promoting the concept of “Radical Monogamy” (or close to it) forever now… but now, some liberals or progressives are starting to dig it.

I mean, progressives have gone so insane with their far left, wacko ideas about sex and sexuality that these days, being monogamous is seen as this new, exotic idea!

When will they start defending celibacy or remaining a virgin until marriage in large numbers? The only times I’ve seen any one on the left defending being celibate was a few years ago, when a lot of conservatives went into worry and pearl clutching mode that so many people were NOT having sex!! (Seriously, I did several blog posts at this at the time).

When all the liberals saw that conservatives were having a fit that people weren’t having as much sex, the liberals started writing a few essays here and there defending sexual abstinence!

Usually the only time I see 99% of liberals or progressives approve of, defend, or promote virginity or celibacy is when they see conservatives throwing tantrums that people are NOT having sex.

(Link):  “Radical monogamy” is just like the old monogamy only with another word in front of it.

March 24, 2022

Step aside old-timers, with your stultifying “monogamy,” where you are only physically intimate with one partner at a time as a sign of devotion and commitment. Make room for “radical monogamy,” where you are only intimate with one partner at a time as a sign of devotion and commitment.

Don’t think about it too much. They sure didn’t.

…The author provides several similar examples, all of which involving totally not adopting cis het norms and being inquisitive and cool and purposeful and… coming out in the same place.

Basically, radical monogamy is like monogamy only with a lot more narcissism.

But, can it really catch on?

 (Link):  What Is Radical Monogamy?

by Nick Levine

There’s a new type of relationship style in town.

There’s a pretty high chance you haven’t yet heard of “radical monogamy”. Before writing this piece, I asked around to see if anyone knew of the term. The most common response was: WTF is that?

Though it has been written about before, most notably by Gabrielle Kassel for Well+Good a couple of years back and more recently by Chal Ravens for Novara (she doesn’t actually use the expression “radical monogamy”), the concept hasn’t yet permeated the mainstream outside of Twitter arguments.

This could partly be because it sounds like the kind of thing some guy with a sun tattoo might painstakingly explain at an afters.

Monogamy is the building block of traditional cis het relationships, after all – unless you’re in a queer relationship in an anti-queer country for example, what the hell’s so radical about monogamy?

But, look – it’s a thing now.

One of radical monogamy’s most prominent advocates is Boston-based Robyn Ochs, an educator, speaker and grassroots activist who edits Bi Women Quarterly.

Ochs says her own journey towards embracing radical monogamy involved a lot of self-scrutiny and questioning the cis het status quo. To explain the concept, she draws a contrast between “reflexive monogamy” – blindly accepting that it is somehow morally superior to have just one sexual partner – and the more informed and conscious choice of radical monogamy.

…After she had broken down this presumption enough to realise that “monogamy is not categorically superior to polyamory”, Ochs tried to “shut out the cultural noise around what type of relationship I should want, and ask myself instead, what I do want.” In other words: Monogamy can be a choice you arrive at – after considering your own agency and options – rather than a blind expectation.

Ochs says that “monogamy is the relationship configuration that works best for me,” but says she “arrived at that conclusion through a very different route than before.”

Radical monogamy is just the name Ochs gave to this process and conclusion. “To be honest, I have no idea whether I coined that term or whether other people did too. I don’t think it really matters,” she says.

…For Vincent, it’s a progressive alternative to the “old monogamy of our parents and grandparents [that] doesn’t really work today.” The latter doesn’t work, they believe, “because it is often predicated on heteronormativity and misogyny and very frequently breeds boredom, disloyalty and stagnation.”
— end —

(Link):  Every once in a while, someone who doesn’t profess Christianity will stumble upon some sort of natural or moral law that Christians have professed for centuries.


Every once in a while, someone who doesn’t profess Christianity will stumble upon some sort of natural or moral law that Christians have professed for centuries. To avoid agreeing with the Bible, or maybe because they legitimately think they’ve discovered something new, they’ll often give the old idea a cool new re-brand. 

Case in point is a new piece at the edgy news-and-culture outfit Vice. The author reports on a brand-new type of progressive relationship structure: “radical monogamy.” Not to be confused with the “boring, old, religious, traditional” kind of monogamy, “radical monogamy” is an exclusive relationship commitment that’s chosen, not blindly accepted.
— end —

Looks to me as though a lot of progressives are taking concepts they formerly rejected, insulted, and mocked, but some of them are now adopting them but re- packaging or marketing them to make them sound like they mesh with today’s progressive beliefs.

(Kind of like how Christian sexists took patriarchy, which is sexist, and marketed it as “complementarianism” to be less objectionable to women.)

To the progressives who keep pulling this nonsense (or to anyone who does, I suppose): if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Stop re-inventing the wheel.


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