Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too by R. Spencer

Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too

I sometimes blog about the problems within American Christianity, but good lord, the Muslims sure have their problems, rather perverted ones, that are baked into their religion and their respective cultures.

You won’t see many liberals calling Islam out over any of this, because of “Intersectionality.” (You gotta know your far left liberal pecking order, and Judeo-Christian persons, values, and white people always come in last.)

(Link): Italy: Muslim Migrants Rape Teen, Force Him To Take Them to His Home, Where They Rape His Mother, Too by Robert Spencer


March 25, 2022

Why does this keep happening? In France, a Muslim quoted Qur’an while raping his victim. A survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has said that her rapists would quote the Qur’an to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam.

Thus it came as no surprise when Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape while praising Allah and invoking the Qur’an.

…The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). … The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

However, anyone who points all this out will be excoriated as a “racist” and an “Islamophobe,” and accordingly ignored.

“Violence in Rome, 17-year-old boy kidnapped and raped: ‘Abuse of his mother, too”. Two Tunisians arrested,” translated from “Violenza a Roma, ragazzo di 17 anni rapinato e violentato: “Abusi anche sulla madre”. Arrestati due tunisini,” (Link): Il Tempo, March 21, 2022:

Nightmare Saturday for a 17-year-old Roman boy and his mother: they were allegedly robbed and raped by two minors. The terrible story began in a street in Centocelle, Rome.

The young man was on his way to his microcar when two peers armed with knives threatened him and robbed him of his cell phone, of the little money he had and forced him to have oral sex on the street.

Then they would have been taken to his home, in the Casal Monastero area, on the eastern outskirts of the capital, where they stole 200 euros and abused the 17-year-old’s mother in the same way as their son.

The two attackers, of Tunisian nationality, fled, but were tracked down a few hours later by agents of the Viminal Police Station and the Sant’Ippolito Police Station in via dell’Ambaradam. The charges for the two 17-year-olds are involved in aggravated robbery and sexual assault.

Now the investigators are reconstructing the exact dynamics of the episode so as to trace any accomplices. It appears that during the first assault, the North Africans were in the company of another peer. ….

… But the investigator also seized the cell phones of the two minors, used to film the phases of the violence, even live on social networks.


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