Married Father of Three Pastor Allegedly Committed Adultery, Raped Junior Woman Church Staffer, Used Church Funds to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

Married Father of Three Pastor Allegedly Committed Adultery, Raped Junior Woman Church Staffer, Used Church Funds to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

Does being a male, married, and a parent make a person smarter, more ethical, godly, compassionate, or responsible than being a woman, single, or childless? Why no, Al Mohler and other marriage, patriarchy, complementarian, and parenthood promoters, it surely does not, but you guys keep promoting that falsehood.

(Link): Hillsong Dallas pastor Reed Bogard was accused of rape by junior staffer he had an affair with before he and his wife were fired for using church donations to fund their lavish lifestyle


by Jennifer Smith
March 25, 2022

Hillsong Dallas pastor Reed Bogard was secretly accused of raping a younger, female staffer who he had an affair with in 2013, it has been revealed.

Bogard was ousted from the church along with his wife last year amid claims they had been misappropriating church donations to fund their lavish lifestyle.

Now, it has emerged that he had an affair between October 2013 and 2014 with a junior female staffer.

It remains unclear if the allegation has ever been reported to the police.

…Church leaders did know about the affair and had for years, but they thought it had always been consensual, the report claims.

The affair happened in 2013 and lasted until the following year. Hillsong Church Australia found out about it in 2014.

It’s unclear what prompted the woman to claim six years later that Bogard had raped her.

He was forced out of his role in the celebrity-favorite church in January 2021 amid claims he and his wife had misappropriated funds to satisfy their own lavish taste.

(Link): Former Hillsong Dallas Pastor Reed Bogard resigned after he was accused of rape, investigation reveals


By Leonardo Blair, Senior Features Reporter
March 25, 2022

Less than two weeks after Reed Bogard abruptly resigned as lead pastor of the now-defunct Hillsong Dallas in January 2021, an internal investigation commissioned by Hillsong Global showed that the married father of three was accused of rape by a junior female staffer with whom he had a monthlong affair while serving at Hillsong NYC years earlier.

The former junior Hillsong NYC staffer who asked not to be publicly named in this report when contacted by The Christian Post, said she has been trying to move on with her life. She confirmed she participated in a deposition concerning the allegation but would not say anything more than what was already included in the report.

…The findings of the investigation conducted by the New York City law firm Zukerman Gore Brandeis & Crossman, LLP, are highlighted in a report reviewed by CP. The investigation was commissioned by Hillsong Global in October 2020, shortly after senior church officials first learned that the former junior staffer alleged that her first act of sexual intercourse with Bogard in his car after a late night out together was non-consensual.

…As the coronavirus swept the world in late 2020, the church learned that the affair didn’t start out consensually. The report states that the junior staffer “resurfaced the issue” in October 2020, six years after initially confessing to having a consensual relationship.

“More than six years later, on or about October 2020, Hillsong Church Australia learned of additional allegations concerning Ms. [redacted] and Mr. Bogard’s affair. Specifically, in discussions with certain leaders of Hillsong NYC, Ms. [redacted] asserted to them, apparently for the first time, that her sexual experience with Mr. Bogard, at least initially, had not been consensual,” the report said in a summary. “For the first time, Ms. [redacted] stated that at least in their initial sexual intercourse, Mr. Bogard had raped her.”

..Bogard, who now works as a director of business development for Keller Williams in Michigan, said he was done with all things Hillsong as well.


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