Couple Who Asked For Female Embryo Sues Fertility Clinic Over Baby Boy

Couple Who Asked For Female Embryo Sues Fertility Clinic Over Baby Boy

This is a switch. I usually see headlines about fathers angry that their wife gave birth to a girl and not a boy. Here we have a lesbian couple who are upset they had a baby boy.

(Link):  Couple Who Asked For Female Embryo Sues Fertility Clinic Over Baby Boy

by Amy Klein
March 27, 2022

Heather Wilhelm-Routenberg said she would only have kids with her wife Robin (Robbie) Routenberg-Wilhelm if they could have girls — because Heather was still traumatized from being sexually assaulted on two different occasions after college.

Heather and Robbie say that CNY fertility clinic in Latham, NY, assured the Buffalo couple it would not be a problem: The lab could determine the sex of any embryo, created using an egg from Robbie and donor sperm, before it was transferred into Heather.

But when Heather was 15 weeks pregnant — having been assured by the clinic that the embryo was female, she says — they found out she was carrying a boy.

The news sent her into a dark depression.

After their son’s birth in December 2020, Heather became suicidal and wasn’t able to bond with the baby. Now, with the help of Eric Wrubel of Warshaw Burstein, LLP, Heather and Robbie are suing CNY on 11 counts including breach of contract, medical malpractice and battery. Here, Heather tells AMY KLEIN how much she loves her son and what it’s like to have a pregnancy and new motherhood that traumatizes you.

[A lawyer for CNY said they are investigating and had no further comment.]

I was always afraid of hospitals and have a lot of physical pain during medical procedures on my reproductive region, so we thought we would start reciprocal IVF with Robbie carrying my daughter. She got pregnant, but at 8-10 weeks we found out the baby wasn’t growing.

…At our 15-week appointment with our OB-GYN, the doctor went to check the results of the QNatal test [a diagnostic blood test to rule out chromosomal abnormalities which also discloses the baby’s sex]. She said, “Wait, do you know the sex of the baby?”

“We’re having a girl,” I said. “It’s very important to me to have a girl.”

She said, “That’s not what this says … “

Our jaws dropped to the floor. I was convinced it had to be someone else’s result.

I looked at Robbie and said, “What’s if it’s not yours — who is in my body?!” That’s when I flipped out, that’s when I felt my body was taken hostage. I assumed it was someone else’s embryo, not the wrong embryo of ours.

…Our OB offered us the option to abort. I respect others’ decisions, but that was never a choice I could make in these circumstances. I was hoping beyond hope someone would have our baby and we would switch after birth and it would be this happy story.

You can read the rest of that very long article (Link): here


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