American Public School Teachers Seeking Validation For Their Sexuality From Students, Propagandizing LGBT Sexuality – Students Don’t Need To Know Your Sexuality or About Your Romantic Life, or if You Have One

American Public School Teachers Seeking Validation For Their Sexuality From Students, Propagandizing LGBT Sexuality – Students Don’t Need To Know Your Sexuality or About Your Romantic Life, or if You Have One

A lot of progressive American school teachers (and I guess some European ones, if British reporting is accurate) feel this intense need to brainwash their young students (and I’m talking including pre-junior high age children) into agreeing with, accepting, and celebrating LGBT sexuality or causes.

Adults should not be relying on children for validation, for whatever reason.
(Actually, it’s not entirely healthy for adults to continually rely on other adults for validation, but that’s another topic for another day.)

There is a non-stop list daily to weekly of these progressive school teacher freaks being reported in my social media who are cramming their progressive LGBT garbage down the throats of their students. This needs to stop.

These teachers need to realize their job is to teach the fundamentals to children, such as reading and writing, not telling them about their LGBT lifestyles, or discussing their dating or sex lives, or their sexuality preferences.

There was a video of a teacher posted to social media the other day about a LGBT teacher who said her kindergarten (or was it first grade? They were quite young) students who cheered for her when she announced to them that she is LGBT, and she said their acceptance made her happy, and she seemed to tear up in this video as she recounted this.

This is wackadoodle, disgusting, and unhealthy for several reasons. One of which is, you’re a freaking adult trying to get affirmation from CHILDREN.

Do not look to children to receive affirmation for yourself, your lifestyle, or your choices in life.

Secondly, she is their teacher. It’s not her place to use other people’s children to look for affirmation (or her own, if she has any – that would be what is called “parentifying” the child).

That LGBT teacher (or whatever other type of teacher) is there to teach the students the alphabet, or how to count to ten, and not to have them applaud being a lesbian or pan-sexual, or whatever the hell she identifies as.

There was a video recently where a male grade school (or kindergarten?) teacher was lamenting that under Florida’s new parental rights bill that he may no longer be allowed to tell his students about the kayaking trips he takes with his male partner in the summers, and he seemed upset by this.

FFS, dude, your students don’t need to know about your home life, your dating life, your marriage – you are there to teach them mathematics or reading. (They don’t even to know that one of your hobbies in your personal life is kayaking.)

Also, from my understanding of the Florida parental rights bill, I’m going to guess that it wouldn’t take issue with a gay teacher mentioning off hand to his class that he went kayaking with his male partner on vacation,
but again, this begs the question, as why would you find it necessary, whether homosexual or hetero, to tell your students about your vacation with your partner?

There’s no reason to mention it.

If you feel you absolutely must, you could mention you went kayaking if you feel the need to but not mention that you went with a romantic partner.

I’m a hetero, celibate adult (and I blog about celibacy on a regular basis on this blog), but if I taught a class, I would not bring those facts up. Those facts would not be pertinent to whatever class I am teaching, whether reading, mathematics, music, or art, especially for younger students.

There are so many of these examples being shared on social media, I cannot keep up with them all.

What you see below is just a small sampling.

This may be a post I come back to in the future to add more examples to. It never ends. (Or, I may do a Part Two – another new, separate blog post.)

(Link): Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities 

May 24, 2022
by Alex Parker

Arizona is making sure its children understand their options.

Toward that end, the state’s Department of Education points 10-year-olds to chatrooms to discuss their sexual identities with unknown pre-teens, teens, and adults — facilitated by “trained volunteers.”

(Link): Freak of the Week: Another Woke Teacher Abandons His Subject to Talk to 5th Graders About Being Gay

BY MEGAN FOX APR 04, 2022 2:17 PM ET

The number of teachers posting crazy crap on Tik Tok about what they do during class time when they should be teaching students is so numerous that a weekly segment might be necessary to keep up. This newest member of the “I have to tell little children I’m gay or I’ll cease to exist” club is “Mr. E.”

I spent way more time than I wanted to on Mr. E’s channel on Tik Tok trying to identify the school in which he works. Unfortunately, the name of the school was not visible in any of the hundreds of videos he’s made inside his alleged classroom.

Mr. E says he teaches fifth grade. Libs of Tik Tok found a video of Mr. E claiming to have “come out” to his students about being gay. It appears that he has deleted this video from his Tik Tok.

“I ended up telling my students that I was gay,” he said. “How it came up is one of the students [said] ‘My mom thinks you’re gay because of your voice.”

This would have been the perfect moment for Mr. E to tell that student, “Gossiping about teachers at home is unkind and that’s none of your or your mom’s business.”

But he didn’t do that. First, he said “Maybe, maybe not,” which also would have been an acceptable answer if he went back to teaching. He didn’t.

“I have the LGBT promotional, like, ‘this is a safe community’ kind of stuff, the rainbow stuff all up in my room and I told them if you look around the room that should answer your question.” What happened after that is insane. “They went berserk,” he said. “So instead of teaching Social Studies today they just asked me a bunch of questions about being gay.”

I like the fact that he called the LGBT propaganda “promotional” material because that’s an honest description of what it is. It’s the equivalent of the Chick Tracts that fundamentalist Christians used to hand out to people in the ’80s (and it seems they still have them).

These teachers are why the Florida Parental Rights in Education bill had to be passed and should be replicated across the country. Our kids are failing on the world stage.

They do not compete with countries like Japan and China, and the major reason is that their heads are being filled with cult beliefs instead of math and science.

Mr. E’s Tik Tok is a rather sad affair. He appears to be a very lonely guy. For that, I’m sorry. But the children in his classes are not a stand-in for a life partner or a friend.

They don’t need to validate a grown man and his sexual preferences.

Mr. E spends way too much time trying to get the students to notice him than he appears to spend teaching.

Here’s a sad example. He made a video talking about whether or not he should paint his nails so the kids will notice. Why is a grown-up spending any time at all trying to get 10-year-olds to notice his gayness?

(Link to the guy’s video on TikTok)

Another video he made showed him detailing a cruel April Fool’s joke on his students where he planned to give them a long and difficult test they weren’t prepared for, tell them it would affect their grades, and make them full of anxiety and fear.

If a teacher did this to my kids who already struggle with anxiety about grades I’d be livid. It’s unkind and cruel. [visit the page to view the video, as I won’t be embedding it here]

Where are the sane members of school administrations who will put a stop to this? Why is one group of people allowed to talk to students about their sex lives without consequence?

What would happen if straight teachers did this?

Would parents be okay with a straight male teacher being “open” about his sexuality with students? Or would that guy get investigated?
— end excerpts —

(Link): Florida Teacher Says She’ll Break the Law to Keep Secrets About Sexuality From Parents 



The angry teachers of TikTok are rolling in after Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education law (also known as “Don’t Say Gay,” because politics demands that every bill signed by a Republican must be demonized).

The word “gay” is not in the bill.

The bill actually protects children in kindergarten through third grade from being assaulted with discussion of sex and gender issues that they are not ready to handle.

For some reason, people on the left are having meltdowns because they can’t talk about their personal sex lives with little children and, in a bizarre trend, they’re making videos about it — like this guy who thinks he can no longer talk about paddleboarding with his kindergartners.

Libs of Tik Tok on Twitter is at the forefront of exposing all the teachers who are carrying on like stuck pigs because they can’t indoctrinate children anymore (at least in Florida).

Not only did the bill outlaw discussions of sex and gender with students from kindergarten to third grade, but it also outlawed hiding information from K-12 parents about their children’s gender identity or any other information that would be important for them to know.

There is a disturbing trend of public schools actively keeping secrets from parents, which has led to suicide attempts and harm to children. In Florida, that’s no longer allowed.

But at least one teacher, Amber Mercier who works at The Academy, says she’ll keep lying to parents about their kids, and she’s willing to lose her job over it.

(Link): Keep Reading That Same Article Here
—- end excerpts —

Are they really? If some of these students are claiming to be LGBT, it could be because their teacher’s brainwashing is encouraging them to think of themselves as LGBT:

(Link): Texas Teacher Claims 20 Fourth Graders Out Of 32 Students Identify As LGBTQ

Here’s a headline from 2017:

(Link): INDOCTRINATION: Teacher Promotes Transgenderism and Allows “Reveal” in Elementary Class

At the Rocklin Academy, a charter school in Rocklin, California, a kindergarten teacher decided to not only discuss transgenderism with FIVE and SIX-year-old children but allowed a transgender child to reveal their “true” identity in front of the class.

As expected, many parents are not too happy.
— end excerpt —

(Link): Report: Red State Public Schools Encourage Kids To Go Transgender Behind Their Parents’ Backs  – 2022

A new report finds systemic racism, sexual obscenity, and anti-Americanism in U.S. public education, even in a deeply red state.

(Link – behind a paywall): Florida Kindergarten Teacher Misrepresents ‘Parental Rights in Education’ Bill 

(Link): Elementary Teacher Chooses Faith Over Compliance With the School’s Transgender Policy, Placed on Leave – May 2021


(Link): GROOMER EPIDEMIC: 135 teachers and aides charged with child sex crimes so far in 2022

May 19, 2022

“Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher,” Fox News added.

At least 135 teachers or teachers’ aides have been charged with alleged sex crimes involving children so far this year, and over 100 of the cases at hand involved students.

More Updates, Examples:

(Link): A kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts discusses sexual topics like transgenderism, queerness, and other alternate lifestyles in the classroom.

“We don’t say a penis belongs to a man,” the teacher said. “Someone who was born a boy may not feel they are a boy.”

June 4, 2022

A kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts discusses sexual topics like transgenderism, queerness, and other alternate lifestyles in the classroom.

The teacher, whose identity has not been released, says he doesn’t discuss the full picture of what these lifestyles contain because it would be too difficult for  children to understand, according to the Washington Post.
Instead, he refrains from using anatomy to identify gender.

“We don’t say a penis belongs to a man,” the teacher said. “Someone who was born a boy may not feel they are a boy.”

(Link): Public Schools Asking Students K – 12 If They Like Anal Sex and Are Comfortable With Masturbating In Front Of Others

I’m in partial agreement with the following – some on the left do want to normalize pedophilia, but yes, most of them also want to create little revolutionaries. Both are true (link to this Daws’ guy Twitter thread is here):

LGBT Progressives Are Also Marriage and Relationship Idolaters, It’s Not Just Pro Nuclear Family Christians!

As if single (hetero) adults are not inundated enough as it is with marriage messages if they attend churches who promote marriage (most of Christian culture rarely discusses singleness in a positive way, most churches hype marriage way too much),
we have LGBT teachers braying on incessantly about marriage to young school children, too (hey, LGBT school teacher, it’s possible that some of your students never marry anyone, whether gay or straight, and that is okay).

There are some celibate, single LGB people out there. Some are Christians who recognize that the Bible teaches that sex is for marriage only – so long as they are single, these homosexual Christians are celibate.

Some recognize that the Bible does not approve of homosexual relationships, so they are committed to remaining single, too.

There’s no support for singles, regardless if they are hetero, lesbian, or homosexual.

Even some of the progressives don’t stop to consider that some people never marry, that some will be single for life or until middle-age or longer, and that being single is fine. Not everyone can or will marry.

There are some people who have no interest in sex – I think they would go by the “asexual” label. Such people may or may not want to marry.

Ha ha ha:

Some people on Twitter who are in severe denial, eg, @jfinchface, Robby Soave:

^ Students don’t need to know about the private lives or sexual preferences of their teachers, no. Thinking that students need or should know is what is weird.



(Link):  “The Family Sex” Show – Nude Sex Show For Children (as Young as Five) at Theater

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(Link): Dean of Chicago School Says Students Shown Dildos, Butt Plugs While Teaching About Queer Sex – Progressives Are Perverted Groomers

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