BLM (Black Lives Matter) Apparently Using Donated Funds to Buy BLM Members $ Six Million Dollar Mansion

BLM (Black Lives Matter) Apparently Using Donated Funds to Buy BLM Members $ Six Million Dollar Mansion

Not only do Muslims the world over not care about leftist “Intersectionalism” or about George Floyd, but neither does Black Lives Matter!

It has been reported in media outlets that Black Lives Matter group took money donated and used it to buy a six million dollar mansion for themselves.

LOL, what a bunch of con artists!

(Link): ‘I never touched any money’: Developer in $6 million BLM mansion scandal says he did not buy it, but put it in LLC

April 8, 2022

Controversy continues to swirl over the purchase of a $6 million California mansion by Black Lives Matter with a Republican congressman calling for a Justice Department investigation of the 2020 deal amid questions about the group’s financial dealings.

Rep. Darrell Issa spoke with Fox News Digital following a report about the secretive purchase of the property which was paid for in cash using funds that were donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation during the months when the organization enjoyed an elevated national profile in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd that was a windfall for BLM.

According to the California Republican, “The disturbing information that we are learning is more than enough to warrant an investigation from the DOJ — and doubtless not the end of all there is to know.”

“This definitely has the suggestion of misappropriation of charitable funds and an abuse of our nonprofit laws,” Issa told Fox News Digital.

The murky nature of the deal for the property which is more than 6,500 square feet has been scrutinized by multiple outlets after it was initially reported by New York Magazine which cited communications, documents and emails that suggested that the “luxury property’s purchase and day-to-day operation suggest that it has been handled in ways that blur, or cross, boundaries between the charity and private companies owned by some of its leaders.”

One major (Link): red flag is that BLM’s $5.8 million deal for the Studio City compound came only days after it was initially purchased for $3.1 million by a real estate developer friend of the organization, a whopping difference of $2.7 million which remains largely unexplained.

(Link): The Black Lives Matter mansion

(Link): BLM defends multi-million dollar mansion purchase in lengthy Twitter thread

The activist group has recently came under fire for its financial spending

 by Kristine Parks
April 11, 2022

Black Lives Matter defended their multi-million dollar mansion purchase with donor funds, in a lengthy Twitter thread on Monday.

The left-wing group came under fire last week after their lavish home purchase was exposed by New York Magazine. According to the report, “the California property was purchased for nearly $6 million in cash in October 2020 with money that had been donated to BLMGNF (Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation).”

The report from New York Magazine caused the activist organization to respond on Twitter.

“There have been a lot of questions surrounding recent reports about the purchase of Creator’s House in California,” Black Lives Matter official Twitter account posted.

“Despite past efforts, BLMGNF recognizes that there is more work to do to increase transparency and ensure transitions in leadership are clear,” it added.

In subsequent tweets, BLM called a flurry of reports looking into the group’s finances “inflammatory and speculative” and blamed them for “causing harm.” The reports “do not reflect the totality of the movement,” the organization claimed.

…The series of tweets concluded with the group declaring they were “embracing this moment as an opportunity for accountability, healing, truth-telling, and transparency” and “working intentionally to rebuild trust.”

Notably, their account turned off replies to the tweets.

This isn’t the first time BLM has drawn scrutiny over its finances. In April of 2021, the co-founder of the political movement, Patrisse Cullors drew attention for purchasing four homes for $3.2 million dollars, according to a report by The New York Post. Critics noted Cullors previously described herself as a “trained Marxist.”
— end excerpts —

This is actually hosted on left wing rag Huff Post:

(Link):  The Business Of Black Death And A $6 Million Mansion

April 8, 2022

Ferguson activist Darren Seals tried to warn the rest of America that the Black Lives Matter organization was not the sacred cow everyone believed it to be.

By Stephen A. Crockett Jr.

… [Darren] Seals [former Ferguson activist] would argue that Black Lives Matter as an organization was nothing more than a money grab with a catchy hashtag used to seize the moment and capitalize on Black pain. Seals would argue, before his untimely and horrific death, that these people weren’t with Ferguson from the beginning, so why were they here now?

During one of his videotaped messages, he had this to say about the group: “This Black Lives Matter shit is blowing up and as it’s blowing up, you’re not hearing about Mike Brown anymore. … All you’re hearing about is Black Lives Matter now. They took the energy away from Ferguson.”

…So let me try and explain it so it all makes sense: Cullors, Garza and Tometi created the hashtag that would later go on to encapsulate the movement.

Cullors would go on to head the foundation.

But there are also local Black Lives Matter groups that aren’t affiliated with the foundation, which appears to be the national organization that’s raking in all the money.

And that is where the story about stories begins. There have been stories, several of them, wondering where all of the donations have gone. In 2020 after George Floyd’s death shook the nation to its core, the Black Lives Matter foundation took in $90 million.

There have been questions surrounding what the money was spent on, if anything, and how that helps the community the organization has mined.

And then there was a bombshell dropped earlier this week that the foundation took some $6 million of donation money to secretly buy a mansion.

And not just any mansion: a spread in Southern California with “more than 6,500 square feet, more than half a dozen bedrooms and bathrooms, several fireplaces, a soundstage, a pool and bungalow, and parking for more than 20 cars,” according to New York Magazine, which broke the news.

…This latest news comes after a 2021 report that Cullors purchased four homes throughout the U.S. for some $3.2 million. Cullors would later announce that she was stepping down from her position at the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

What is telling here is that somewhere between the fight for Black lives and the pull of celebrity, things changed, lines got crossed, and accountability and transparency got skewed.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Cullors argues that the magazine’s reporting on the purchase of a secret mansion is both “sexist” and “racist,” but she doesn’t explain how.

This is actually a common refrain from the former foundation head whenever confronted with questions about finances, or really anything for that matter, and it works like this:
You either fully accept everything happening within the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which apparently includes filming a cooking show using the mansion’s kitchen, or you are a tool of white supremacy being used to shut down one of the largest Black organizations fighting for Black life.

She claims that the mansion was purchased as a “space where those within the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) and broader movement community could work, create content, host meetings and foster creativity.” So it was basically a WeWork for BLM, although no one can point to any work that was actually done there.

Cullors also noted that she is no longer affiliated with the foundation but did claim that all of this would be cleared up once the organization releases its tax documents ― which, according to the original report, never mentioned the SoCal mansion.
— end excerpts —

(Link): Photos: Turns out Black Lives Matter bought a $6 million California mansion 

By James McClain | Dirt
April 7, 2022

Although it wasn’t reported at the time, New York Magazine has revealed that back in October 2020, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation — often abbreviated BLMGNF or just BLM — spent nearly $6 million in donated funds on a luxurious estate in Studio City, an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood.

The all-cash deal closed five months after George Floyd’s murder sparked nationwide protests and widespread donations to various BLM chapters.

In February 2021, BLM financial documents revealed the organization raised more than $90 million in 2020 alone, making the $6 million property splurge a drop in the proverbial bucket.

But the purchase has engendered criticism, both for the property’s scale and because BLM apparently took strides to prevent the transaction from becoming public knowledge.

And it’s not the first time that the org has faced scrutiny over lavish real estate spending; back in April 2021, Dirt broke the story that BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors had purchased a residential compound in L.A.’s Topanga Canyon.

The New York Post subsequently revealed that the Topanga property was just one piece of the $3.2 million luxury real estate portfolio Cullors had amassed while serving as an executive director of BLM.

Cullors, for her part, characterized the reporting about her home purchases as “right-wing media disinformation and harassment.” She also stated that she was “currently in survival mode” in a May 2021 YouTube video that was filmed at the $6 million estate, which BLM hadn’t yet publicly acknowledged.
— end excerpts —

(Link): BLM Co-Founder Embroiled In Spending Controversy Says Disclosure Laws Are ‘Triggering’ And ‘Unsafe’

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder accused of using funds from the organization to buy a mega-mansion said Friday that financial disclosure laws endanger and trigger activists like herself.

 Patrisse Cullors said while speaking at an event at Vashon Center for the Arts that anytime she hears about IRS Form 990, which requires charities to disclose their financial activities, she gets triggered.

“It is such a trip now to hear the term ‘990,’” Cullors said. “I’m, like, ugh. It’s, like, triggering.”

… Cullors said several activists have expressed fear to her that they will be hounded with requests from outlets about their 990 forms, which charities are required to disclose upon public request.
— end excerpts —


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