Trans Sex Offender, Father of Two, Sentenced to Prison for Molesting Children

Trans Sex Offender, Father of Two, Sentenced to Prison for Molesting Children

It’s a biological male pervert who claims to be a woman (aka “transwoman”). And Democrats, TRAs (trans right activists), liberals, and progressives continue to support and defend deviants like this, all the while only pointing out any perverts among evangelicals, other types of Christians and Republicans.

Let this be another example of how parenthood does not make people more godly, ethical, responsible or mature, as Al Mohler and hyper-pro-marriage, pro-nuclear family guys like him often argue.

(Link): Trans Sex Offender Sentenced to Prison for Molesting Children

April 1, 2022
by Hannah Nightingale

Aitken accepted a caution in 2012 for having an illicit “upskirt” video of another little girl age 7.

A UK transgender father of two awaiting gender reassignment surgery has been sentenced to three years in men’s prison after two girls said they were molested.

Britnee Aitken was convicted of three charges of sexual assault and one count of exposure stemming from a period between July and September 2012 when the convicted sex offender, then identifying as a truck recovery driver named Marcus, invited two young girls over to his home, according to the Daily Mail.

One of the victims, who was then six-years-old, said they were invited over under the guise of playing board games with Aitken. When they knocked at the front door, Aitken reportedly poked genitals through a letter box.

Aitken was charged in 2020, and had no previous convictions, but had accepted a caution in 2012 for having an illicit “upskirt” video of a seven-year-old girl.

Aitken appeared in court donning long read hair and wearing makeup and a low-cut women’s shirt. The defendant had been ordered to sign onto the Sex Offender Registry for life, but denied any wrongdoing. Aitken was also handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, and is prohibited from loitering around school grounds or children’s play areas.

… Sentencing Judge John Edwards slammed Aitken’s actions, saying: “I bear in mind the difficulties you may encounter in a custodial environment but this offending was sustained, predatory and very distressing for these girls. It has had a significant emotional impact on one of them, she being vulnerable and impressionable courtesy of her age.”


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