Vermont Man Gets 27 Years for ‘Vile’ Films of Man Killed, Boy Being Tortured (This Guy Was Married)

Vermont Man Gets 27 Years for ‘Vile’ Films of Man Killed, Boy Being Tortured (This Guy Was Married)

This article says that this man was formerly married (it mentions his ex-wife).

What is one thing we can deduce from this, and the many other gross news stories like this on my blog? We can deduce that marriage (and parenthood) does not make people more ethical, godly, loving, and mature, as is often the claim made by pro-Nuclear Family, pro-natalism, pro-Marriage Christians and conservatives.

(Disclaimer: I am not “anti family” or “anti marriage,” I happen to be a conservative, but I realize that too many other conservatives have turned marriage, the family, and parenthood into idols.)

Not only is this guy a piece of garbage, but so too is the woman who went along with this – he paid her to torture and kill people for money.

That dirt bags like this guy ever got married in the first place (though later divorced) also shows the flaw in the dating and marital advice books I used to read by Christians in my teens and 20s: such books would usually tell the single adult reader that if she wanted to marry, that she would have to reach a level of perfection, or godliness, or some other kind of quality, before God would “bless” or “grant” her with a spouse.

Such Christian teachings make it sound as though marriage is something only the deserving can or should achieve, that getting married is based upon one’s worthiness, etc.

In light of the fact that psychopaths like the one in the news story below ever got married reveals that no, marriage is not something one has to strive or earn; you don’t have to achieve some level of sainthood to be worthy of a spouse, so spare me on that one, Christians.

(Link): Vermont Man Gets 27 Years for ‘Vile’ Films of Man Killed, Boy Being Torture (This Guy Was Married)

March 31, 2022
By  Joshua Rhett Miller

A Vermont man who admitted to paying a Venezuelan woman to kidnap “a slave” and film a sick video of the victim being tortured and suffocated to death was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Sean Fiore, 38, of Burlington, was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty in October to charges of conspiracy to kidnap and kill a person overseas, murder-for-hire and child pornography in his depraved scheme to get a snuff film and footage of a child being brutally abused, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont.

“The defendant paid for and scripted unspeakably vile and horrific videos of a child being tormented, and an adult sadistically abused,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite said.

Court documents show Fiore, a former nurse, paid $600 in Amazon gift cards to Moraima Escarlet Vasquez Flores, of Venezuela, to produce a video showing a young child being abused in Septmeber 2018 after communicating with her on WhatsApp.

Fiore then agreed in December 2018 to pay $4,000 for a second video showing a “slave” being kidnapped and abused. He gave the woman a 600-word detailed script of his sinister wishes, including that the victim be burned with cigarettes, urinated and defecated on and ultimately smothered, prosecutors said.

“Fiore then received a 58-minute video, in which, at the end, the adult male victim appeared to be dead,” prosecutors said in a statement.

Fiore, who was arrested in May 2019, also had videos and images showing the sexual abuse of prepubescent minors. Investigators found more than 700 images and videos on an external hard drive he owned, WCAX reported.

Fiore apologized for his actions in court Wednesday, including to his victims and his former wife. He said he now wants to seek treatment and admitted his actions were shocking, according to the station.


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