More Couples Enjoying Open Relationships Because They’re ‘Bored With Each Other’

More Couples Enjoying Open Relationships Because They’re ‘Bored With Each Other’

(Link): More couples enjoying open relationships because they’re ‘bored with each other’

April 13, 2022
By James Somper, The Sun

Open relationships have soared since the pandemic as couples grow bored with each other, a sex expert is claiming.

Romantic burnout caused by spending too much time together during lockdowns has been blamed for lackluster lovers starting to stray.

Sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson reported a 45 percent leap in inquiries about discussing the subject with partners in recent months.

She said: “Couples are now keener than ever to spice things up a bit. Many have started to outsource their needs in the shape of open relationships.”

While men are usually the ones who suggest more sexual freedom, it is women who want it to continue, it is claimed.

Dr. Nelson said: “Women are now much more in charge and much more demanding.”

That’s why we’re seeing more open relationships.


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