Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church (There is a 43 Year Age Gap)

Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church

 April 20, 2022

I actually meant to blog about this earlier. I saw a few people mention this on Twitter about two or three (or more??) weeks (or months?) ago, I guess it was.

This is gross. I have never, ever agreed with “may-december relationships,” where someone is more than 5 or 6 years older than their partner. I think they’re nasty. 🤮🤢

Creepy doofus mentioned below has been divorced THREE TIMES. Three. 

Let this go to show you that Christian dating and advice books from years past (I don’t know if they still do this) that advise singles who want marriage that God won’t permit you to marry until you achieve some level of godliness, maturity, or perfection are obviously in error, since creepy perverts like this guy manage to make it to the altar THREE TIMES (or, I guess four, if this is wife four?)

(Link):  Bishop, 63, defending marriage to teen in Iowa court


DES MOINES, Iowa — Bishop Demetrius Sinegal, the founder of an advocacy organization that works to expose clergy abuse, flew in from Texas and called for a full investigation into the November 15th marriage of Des Moines Bishop Dwight Reed and Jordan Reed of the Christ Apostolic Temple. Dwight is 63-years-old and Jordan is 19.

“This marriage tears at the very fiber of the social construct of the African American family. Children are taught to respect their grandparent contemporaries not to marry them,” said Sinegal.

Iowa law states the minimum age to marry without parental consent is eighteen but Bishop Sinegal claims Jordan’s paternal grandfather came on one of Sinegal’s many online platforms alleging clergy abuse. “He came on and emphatically condemned this marriage. His words and I quote were ‘Her father sold his daughter out and pimped her out for his own self-gain.’”

(Link): Thousands Question 63-Year-Old Pentecostal Bishop’s Marriage to Teen in His Church


April 20, 2022
By Josh Shepherd

Thousands are calling for an investigation into a Pentecostal church bishop in Iowa who married a teen in his church.

An outside clergyman accuses the bishop of “gross abuse of power” and years-long “grooming” of an underage congregant. And some of the teen’s family members and fellow church members also say they’re concerned she is a victim of clergy abuse.

Bishop Dwight Reed, 63, leads Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines, which he claims is the largest predominantly African American church in Iowa. Last year, on November 15, Reed married 19-year-old Jordan Goodlett, a longtime church member and a former student of the church’s affiliated school, JW Reed Academy.

The couple’s 43-year age difference has sparked concerns of clergy abuse. Her paternal grandfather, James Belcher, condemned the marriage in an April 6 interview.

(Link): Rekha Basu: Investigation needed after Des Moines Apostolic bishop, 63, weds teen congregant he guided


Former church members and a church official in Texas want a formal investigation of Bishop Dwight Reed’s actions.

April 2, 2022

When the Iowa Attorney General’s Office issued a report last year about sex abuse by Catholic clergy, it also publicized a hotline for people from any denomination to call with similar concerns about that taboo topic in their own places of worship.

Since March 21, seven calls have involved the 53-year-old Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines.

The calls follow online chatter about the November 2021 marriage of the church’s thrice-divorced, 63-year-old bishop and pastor to a 19-year-old he had been offering special guidance to as dean of the church school.

It’s not illegal to marry someone so much younger if they’ve reached the age of legal consent, which in Iowa is 16. But Bishop Dwight Reed’s critics, some of them former church members, have taken to social media to challenge his actions, contending he used his position to facilitate a personal relationship with someone over whom he had authority. They’re calling for an investigation by outside authorities.

…  Several people I interviewed said they feared retaliation and asked that I not publish their names. Reed has announced in his Sunday church services that he will air the dirty laundry of those who speak ill of him. And he has followed through.

Former church member says pastor is ‘a predator’
In announcing their engagement, Reed and Jordan Goodlett said their marriage was God’s plan. But people close to the families suggest that Goodlett was pressured, telling me that she expressed reservations and made efforts to call the wedding off both the day before and the day of. They believe that she ultimately succumbed to pressure from Reed and her father, a musician on the church payroll.

… Though the wedding was in November, many people affiliated with the church were prompted to speak up after a former church member, Jazmn Napier, took to Facebook, using a pseudonym, to call Reed “a predator masking himself as a man of God.” She accused him of using his power and privilege as a pastor to groom a teenager for marriage.

… “It’s not ok, it’s not normal, black women matter,” Napier posted in reference to the church’s predominantly African-American membership and leadership. “I am sick of black women being treated like we don’t matter. … We matter; it’s time our stories from surviving Christ Apostolic be told!”

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