New Study Finds Suicide, Bullying, Risky Sex More Likely Among Transgender Teens

New Study Finds Suicide, Bullying, Risky Sex More Likely Among Transgender Teens

I don’t even think most teens identify as “trans” these days actually have gender dysphoria – it’s become trendy to join these leftist identity groups.

(Link): Transgender, gender-questioning teens have worse health outcomes

April 19, 2022

Compared with cisgender youth, transgender and gender-questioning youth have increased risk factors and worse outcomes in five health domains, according to a study published in the April 19 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Gilbert Gonzales, Ph.D., and Cameron Deal, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, used state data sets from the 2017 and 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveys to examine risk factors and health outcomes in a population-based sample of gender minority adolescents.

Several domains of health were examined: bullying, sexual and dating violence, mental health and suicidality, sexual risk behaviors, and substance use.

Data were included from 4,092 transgender respondents, 3,661 gender-questioning respondents, and 189,396 cisgender participants (1.8, 1.6, and 96.6 percent, respectively).

(Link): New study finds suicide, bullying, risky sex more likely among transgender teens


By Sean Salai
The Washington Times – Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Transgender and gender-questioning teenagers are more likely than their peers to engage in risky sexual behavior, commit suicide and be the victims of bullying, according to new medical research.

The study by Vanderbilt University researchers Gilbert Gonzales and Cameron Deal found that transgender and questioning teenagers reported experiencing bullying, sexual and dating violence, mental health problems, suicidal tendencies, risky sexual behaviors, and drug and alcohol abuse at higher levels than that of their peers.

And more transgender students reported these health disparities than their gender-questioning peers.

… Their research, which was published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, surveyed high school students in 15 states.

… Transgender teens also reported being more sexually active than their peers, with more of them having unprotected sex and sex with four or more partners. More transgender teens than others said they used addictive substances before sex as well.

Transgender and questioning high school students were also at least 10% more likely than their peers to smoke cigarettes, vape, drink alcohol, binge drink, smoke marijuana and use cocaine.


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