‘Hunky Jesus’ Competition, Drag Queen Easter Egg Hunt Return to San Francisco

‘Hunky Jesus’ Competition, Drag Queen Easter Egg Hunt Return to San Francisco

(Link): From Sunday church service to ‘Hunky Jesus’ competition, Bay Area celebrates Easter 2022


April 18, 2022
By Cornell Barnard

… Easter Sunday services were back at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, as only they can do it, complete with music and inspiration.

… At Dolores Park, another celebration of spring was happening and thousands of people were there.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were ‘back to their old habits.’ Their Easter event making its return after a two year pandemic hiatus.

“The sisters mission is to spread joy, so to be here in person just amplifies that,” said Sister Tilda NextTime.

The only in San Francisco classic, “Hunky Jesus” contest was back on stage, a crowd favorite.

(Link): ‘Hunky Jesus’ competition, draq queen Easter egg hunt return to San Francisco

April 22, 2022
By Ian M. Giatti, CP Contributor

A self-described “order of queer nuns” in California marked the Easter holiday with the return of its “Hunky Jesus” and “Foxy Mary” costume contest in San Francisco following a two-year hiatus.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a San Francisco-based group comprised of men dressed in drag as nuns, kicked off its 43rd Easter Celebration at Mission Dolores Park with an egg hunt for children on Sunday, followed by a variety show featuring men in drag and performances from several local acts.

Video posted to social media showed families with small children were also at the event taking part in an egg hunt and posing for photos with the Easter bunny, who was seen escorted by two men in makeup and drag.

The event also featured live entertainment hosted by local gay icon “Peaches Christ” by acts such as “Nicki Jizz” and the cast of “Reparations: An All-Black Drag Show.”

But as in past years, it was the “Foxy Mary” and “Hunky Jesus” competitions that drew the most attention, with the winners announced as “Transgender Maria de Guadalupe” and “Black Woman is God!,” respectively.

Another post showed what appeared to be an inflatable adult toy as one of the contestants in the “Hunky Jesus” event.

Locally, the competition had gained a reputation for what (Link): SFGate once described as featuring “a series of blasphemous performances” along with free dental screenings and a traditional Easter bonnet contest.

John Grabowski, professor of moral theology and ethics at the Catholic University of America, told The Christian Post the event is clearly “aimed at being deliberately offensive to Christians who see Easter as a time to celebrate Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection.”

(Link): Sisters’ Easter: Hunky Jesuses And Foxy Marys Take Over Dolores Park For The First Time Since 2019 


By Harika Maddala

It is 3 in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, and Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco is packed with visitors.

A bit of an unusual scene for a day in 2022 — or any day since March 2020 — the park is full of visitors dressed in bling, bright colors or both, sipping on booze and grooving to the covers of Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Dua Lipa.

The music stops and the most awaited competitions of the day begin.

As a batch of six contestants enters the stage, and emcee Peaches Christ asks each contestant about their costume.

“I am Roller Disco Carpenter Jesus, he is risen and he is rolling,” as contestant answers, pointing at an elongated balloon sticking out of his crotch before rolling around the stage floor in his skates.

He was one of the several other contestants depicting Jesus Christ in their own innovative ways hoping to win the Hunky Jesus Contest. Another crowd favorite was the Foxy Mary contest where contestants dressed anywhere between a “postpartum, breastmilk-pumping Mary” to a “mistress Mary.”

(Link – via “Gay Cities” site):  PHOTOS: Hunky Jesus attracts a sexy crowd in SF’s ‘gay beach’


by Michelle Hair
April 19, 2022

On Easter Sunday, April 17th, San Francisco’s Dolores Park, aka the “gay beach,” saw the resurrection of the city’s thirstiest costume contest. After a two-year hiatus, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and guest emcee Peaches Christ hosted a fabulous event, attracting a huge crowd of scantily clad revelers to SF’s Mission District.

This year’s celebration, called “Back to Our Old Habits,” featuring live entertainment and performances by the sisters, climaxed with the long-awaited Hunky Jesus and Foxy Mary costume contest.

The day began with an Easter Egg Hunt, storytime, and other fun activities for the kids, or kids at heart. At noon, iconic celebrity guest emcee Peaches Christ hosted a variety show featuring drag, live entertainment, and “miracles” that only the Sisters know how to perform.

… Throughout the day, costume contest hopefuls were invited to take center stage and flaunt their Easter spirit. All were welcome to compete in the colorful Easter Bonnet contest, the Foxy Mary contest, and the highly anticipated Hunky Jesus contest!


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