Woman Refuses To Help Devout Christian Parents Going Through Financial Crisis Because She Was Disowned By Them 9 Years Ago for Working as a Stripper

Woman Refuses To Help Devout Christian Parents Going Through Financial Crisis Because She Was Disowned By Them 9 Years Ago for Working as a Stripper

This site reproduced a lot of this woman’s story via screen captures, so I won’t be sharing those here, nor do I plan on typing up the text in all those .jpg or .gif images of her text.

If you want to see the full story, you’ll have to use the link below to visit their site to view their screen caps of her typing.

(Link): Woman Refuses To Help Parents Going Through Financial Crisis Because She Was Disowned By Them 9 Years Ago


…However, is it okay to expect support from someone whom you turned down when they were in need? Is it okay to expect support from a daughter you disowned many years ago for not being religious?

While most daughters would love to help their parents in need, Redditor u/Born-Problem-8280 refused to do so because she was disowned by them 9 years ago. OP (Original Poster) was feeling slightly guilty for not helping her parents who have medical conditions and are going through a bankruptcy phase. So, she turned to this popular subreddit and asked other users to know if she was right or wrong.

This woman got disowned by her religious parents because she became a stripper

[omit screen caps of the woman’s story – I don’t want to place them on my site or type them]

She wanted to go to a normal college but her parents insisted her to go to a Christian college

The OP revealed that her parents were religious and wanted her to pursue education in a Christian college instead of a regular one. When she refused their idea and went to a normal college, her parents stopped paying her college tuition.

She joined a strip club to pay for her expenses

The woman made good money while working as a stripper but when her parents found out, they disowned her

She is now well settled and doing well financially

[She says she owns her own house now, has no debt, etc]

The OP revealed that her financial condition is really good as of now. She is earning from various sources, and she owns a house, an apartment building, and a Tesla. She is perfectly able to help her parents but she doesn’t want to do so because of the treatment she got when she was young.

Her parents suffered bankruptcy and went to seek her help forgetting what they did to her years ago

Her parents contacted her 9 years later only when they were in trouble. OP mentioned that they declared bankruptcy and are struggling with some medical problems. But she refused to help them by saying that she doesn’t have parents anymore. She also pointed “according to their religion and church, my money was earned while sinning, so to use it is to damn your soul to hell and I really didn’t want that for them.”

She even gave the extended family a taste of their own medicine by telling them to help her parents themselves

Most people in the comments section have shown support to the OP and told her that she did the right thing because her parents made a choice years ago and didn’t even apologise to her about it.

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