Fashion Store Apologizes To, Then Permits, Biological Male Into Women’s Dressing Room, So He Can Try on Dresses

Fashion Store Apologizes To, Then Permits, Biological Male Into Women’s Dressing Room, So He Can Try on Dresses

Biological males, regardless of how they identify, should not be permitted into women’s only spaces.

(Link): Non-binary teen ‘humiliated’ after Monsoon staff ‘kick them out of changing room’

(Link): Monsoon’s female changing rooms are ‘open to BOTH sexes’: Fashion store apologises and offers to ‘welcome’ male-born ‘non-binary’ teen, 18, who complained about being blocked from women’s fitting room to try on dress

April 13, 2022
by Stephen Wynn-Davies

Monsoon says its female changing rooms are ‘open to both sexes’ after a teenager who identifies as ‘non-binary’ was left ‘humiliated’ when they were blocked from the women’s fitting room to try on a prom dress.

Charlie Moore, 18, who uses they/them pronouns, had been shopping for an outfit with a friend at the retailer’s Grand Central store in Birmingham on Monday afternoon.

The student said that following ‘complaints from women with children’ a member of staff told them ‘males aren’t allowed to try our clothes on’, before telling them to leave the female changing rooms.

Monsoon later apologised, saying its changing rooms are ‘open and available to all customers’. The company also opened an investigation and offered to help Charlie find their ‘perfect prom dress’ free of charge.

A Monsoon spokesman today told MailOnline it aimed to accommodate the needs and wishes of ‘all our customers’.

The incident comes after the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said it is perfectly legal for public bodies and businesses to limit services to a single sex.

According to the EHRC guidance, Monsoon were within their rights to remove Charlie from the changing room following ‘complaints from women with children’, but only as long as a gender neutral changing room was also provided for trans or non-binary people.

Non-binary genders – which the government defines as ‘someone who identifies as in some way outside of the man-woman gender binary’ – are currently not recognised in UK law.

The Gender Recognition Act enables a person to change the sex recorded on their birth certificate, either from male to female or vice versa, but it makes ‘no provision for the recognition of any other gender’.


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