‘Wonder Woman’ Star Lynda Carter Honors ‘Vibrant’ Robert A. Altman After Losing Spouse of 37 Years

‘Wonder Woman’ Star Lynda Carter Honors ‘Vibrant’ Robert A. Altman After Losing Spouse of 37 Years

This goes to show that even if you marry, your spouse can die – of old age, a medical problem, in a car accident, what have you – which will leave you single again.

(Link): ‘Wonder Woman’ Star Lynda Carter Honors ‘Vibrant’ Robert A. Altman After Losing Spouse of 37 Years

The gaming CEO passed away in February 2021 at age 73

April 25, 2022
By Stephanie Nolasco | Fox News

Lynda Carter is determined to keep the legacy of her late husband Robert A. Altman alive.

The “Wonder Woman” star attended the TGen awards, an affiliate of City of Hope, where she was given the John S. McCain Leadership Award for her advocacy of research and clinical advances.

The 70-year-old took to Instagram on Monday and shared her spouse of 37 years passed away from a rare type of cancer that impacts the body’s normal production of blood cells.

… “I lost my vibrant husband Robert to myelofibrosis last year, and I support TGen with the hope that the deadly form of myelofibrosis will one day be curable or survivable,” Carter shared. “Thank you, Dr. Trent and Dr. Caligiuri for dedicating your lives to such a noble pursuit. You are superstars, and I am so proud to be a part of the TGen community!”

The gaming CEO passed away in 2021 at age 73.

In November, Carter sat down with Tamron Hall and described how she cried three times a day following the loss of her beloved husband.

“I feel that I need to pick myself off and dust myself off and put one foot in front of the other and be as courageous as I can be even when I don’t feel like it to get past grief,” said Carter.

The star said that memories of Altman kept her going.

“I’d often said of my husband while he was alive, that if you were a friend of Robert Altman’s you were one of the luckiest people in the world,” she said. “He was just one of those kinds of guys and he got to be my husband. And so it was shocking when we lost him. It was unexpected.”

“I’m surprised I’m not in tears,” Carter continued. “Because every time I talk about him, it brings up tears but after hearing [supermodel and David Bowie’s widow] Iman, somehow hearing her gave me a little bit of courage… that she has moved to the place that I am not there yet, but that gives me hope for finding out who I am without him because there is no witness to my life without him.”

At the time of Altman’s death, Carter spoke out on social media about their decades-long marriage.


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