Sexist, Lunatic In-Law Family Members Refuse to Acknowledge that Sex of Unborn Baby is Female – They Were Hoping for a Male

Sexist, Lunatic In-Law Family Members Refuse to Acknowledge that Sex of Unborn Baby is Female – They Were Hoping for a Male

A lady wrote into the AITA (Am I The Asshole) advice section of Reddit to ask if she should apologize to her husband’s family.

After having read her ordeal, I’d say NO. Her in-laws are flaming, delusional assholes who should be apologizing to her!

(Link): “Am I Wrong For Walking Out Of The Baby Shower My In-Laws Threw For Me?”

April 4, 2022
Denis Tymulis and Liucija Adomaite

A Gallup poll revealed that 54% of American men between the ages of 18 and 49 would prefer a boy.

Knowing the gains women have made in education, suffrage and business, rooting for one gender is deeply problematic. And as it turns out, sometimes it’s the in-laws who’re rooting for one gender for a mom at an ultrasound appointment.

This twisted story comes from a 27-year-old woman who’s expecting her first baby. While the pressure from her in-laws about having a boy was building up, the doctor’s appointment came and it turned out to be a girl.

First it was her husband who broke down crying in the car and couldn’t break the news to his parents right away.

Then, it was the in-laws who ghosted her for days and “then started coming over and visiting, constantly referring to my daughter as my son, claiming the results were false and basically pretending it’s a boy.”

Scroll down through this one hell of a family drama that involves the legacy of a deceased grandpa, baby shower for an imaginary child and whatnot. …

One 27-year-old woman has shared how her in-laws refused to accept she’s expecting a baby girl and even threw a baby shower for their “imaginary grandson”

[Their web page has many embedded images of screen shots from the page, which I will not be typing.

Here’s a summary:

When the doctor informed the pregnant woman that her unborn child is a female, not a male, her husband – who was really wanting a son – cried upon hearing the news on their drive home from the medical visit.

Despite the fact that she and her husband informed the husband’s mother and his other family that the sex of the child was female, her in-laws went into denial. They continued to make-believe that the doctor was mistaken, that the unborn child would be a boy, not a girl.

This lunacy got to the point that when the in-law family put on a baby shower, they decorated the entire affair with a “baby boy” theme, with blue color balloons and so on.

When the woman asked the in-laws why they were doing this, they said they are still hoping that the doctor will turn out to be wrong, that the baby will be a boy.

The woman stormed out of the baby shower, angry and tired of her husband and his family behaving as though the baby girl she is carrying is not wanted.

After she stormed out, her husband kept contacting her, telling her how she was behaving rudely to his family after they threw a “baby boy” shower for her unborn baby girl. He kept demanding that his wife was in the wrong and needs to apologize.

You can visit (Link): their page to see the screen shots of her comments first hand.

As for me, I think the husband and his family are the assholes. They’re also weird, delusional, and sexist asshats.


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