Rape Victim’s Legal Fight After Transgender Woman Was Allowed to Access Female-Only Support Group

Rape Victim’s Legal Fight After Transgender Woman Was Allowed to Access Female-Only Support Group

Trans-activism: where men’s feelings are prioritized by the left over the feelings, needs, and concerns of biological women. It’s misogyny, it’s unjust, and it’s a farce.

I don’t want to hear from liberals, progressives, or Democrats about any sexism by evangelicals or Republicans, real or perceived, until they clean up their own side of the aisle.

(Link): Rape Victim’s Legal fight After Transgender Woman Was Allowed to Access Female-Only Support Group

May 3, 2022

A sexual assault survivor is suing a government-funded rape crisis centre for allowing a transgender woman to access its female-only support group.

The victim, who has been named only as Sarah, joined the group at the Survivors’ Network in Brighton last year.

Sarah, who was sexually abused as a child and later raped in her 20s, said she initially felt ‘relieved’ to share her story with women who had similar experiences.

But after noticing ‘someone who appeared to be a man’ in one of her sessions in September, she said she was left feeling ‘shaken and upset’.

Sarah, who is now married and in her 40s, requested a support group for those who were born female but said the organisation ‘made it really clear they can’t offer me any help’.

The Survivors’ Network’s trans inclusive policy states its women-only services are available to any ‘self-identifying woman’.

This is defined as ‘an individual that feels their gender identity is a woman, irrespective of the gender they were assigned at birth’.

Sarah, who was abused by a family friend and later raped by a man she knew, has told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I completely support trans people’s right to live how they want to live, but in practice women who have been raped are being left to get on with it on their own because of the approach these groups are now taking to please trans activists.’

After filing her legal claim to Brighton County Court last Friday, Sarah told The Daily Telegraph: ‘It was really reluctantly that I brought this case. On the surface, it appears anti-feminist to challenge a rape crisis centre.’

However, she said that ‘hundreds’ of survivors have since contacted her saying they have had similar experiences when requesting female-only rape counselling.

‘I want to stress that we’re not looking for this instead of the mixed-sex women’s groups,’ she added. ‘It’s in addition. It seems like a really small ask for a supposedly trauma-informed rape crisis centre.’

The Survivors’ Network, which is the only registered rape crisis centre in Sussex, received more than £100,000 in funding from government bodies last year.

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June 28, 2022

A Canadian woman has come forward to reveal that she was removed from a transitional shelter after expressing concerns to management about gender ideology following two disturbing incidents within the residence.


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