Leftists Harassing, Shaming School Children in their Anti-Racism, CRT and Ethnic Studies Programs

Leftists Harassing, Shaming School Children in their Anti-Racism, CRT and Ethnic Studies Programs

Democrats, woke liberals, leftists and progressives are abusing children physically and psychologically to advance CRT, SEL, equity, and Communism – read examples below.

(Link):  ‘This Is A Cult’: How Wealthy Santa Barbara Foreshadowed The Fight Against Crackpot Curriculum


By  Luke Rosiak
April 26, 2022

… Critical Race Theory (CRT), which holds that American institutions and culture are systemically racist and categorizes people as either victims or oppressors based on skin color, has generated a backlash in recent years from parents.

But a parents group called Fair Education Santa Barbara began fighting four years ago, filing what is believed to be the nation’s first lawsuit against CRT and related pedagogy, which critics say poison the minds of young children.

…The parents charged that the district required all students to take extreme “ethnic studies” courses as a condition of graduating, put a radical activist group in charge of other programming, and refused to allow parents to see the curriculum.

One specific claim asserted that the district segregated students for “training” sessions, telling white children that all whites are racist. One student allegedly contemplated suicide because he felt deep shame over not speaking Spanish.

Opponents say CRT is part of a larger, radical curriculum being imposed on public school children under a series of names that seem to change when opposition builds.

School officials and Democrats claim, despite clear evidence, that CRT isn’t in schools while also vehemently opposing growing efforts to ban it.  …

… “Ethnic studies” is a particularly militant cousin of CRT. In 2011, an ethnic studies program in Phoenix was canceled after the state charged that it violated a law prohibiting schools from teaching resentment towards a race or class of people or promoting the overthrow of the U.S. government.

A top administrator found that students were being “exploited” by community activists and college academics, who convinced Hispanic students they were part of the long-extinct Aztec culture.

…For years, SBUSD [Santa Barbara Unified School District] turned over portions of its curriculum to activist nonprofits.

…Some AHA [a SEL – social emotional learning – workshop] circles focus on the sex lives of the high schoolers. “I had great sexual experiences with guys in junior high and high school,” Freed said in an interview with the popular sex tips podcast Sex With Emily. [This group holds after-school sessions where teenagers are encouraged to listen to and talk about sexually explicit topics] …

… Just Communities [a school-district funded activist group] is an offshoot of a now-defunct group called NCCJ whose offspring have a disturbing record of mistreating children in the name of social justice.

At another NCCJ-related camp in Northern California, students were “ordered to separate by race, ethnicity and sexual orientation… while their peers are instructed to call out every slur and stereotype they know about them,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported in 2018.

After students called out “good at math” for Asians, staff yelled out “small penises.” Adults called blacks “porch monkeys” and ordered Hispanics to clean up.

Richard Valenzuela, a teacher and director of “Camp Diversity” in Northern California, acknowledged mistreating students.

“I hit the ‘blind’ people in the back of the head so they can feel how it is to be harassed, how it feels to be violated,” he told the newspaper. He also taunted Jewish students about the Holocaust, asking, “You Jews waiting for the train or what?”

Other teachers trained black students to mistrust police, dressing as officers and planting mock drug paraphernalia on them. At night as the students tried to sleep, counselors haunted them by playing chainsaw noises.

Schwartz told the paper that he rejects some of Valenzuela’s methods. But teachers and parents said even sessions happening in school buildings had similarities to Valenzuela’s nightmarish student camps.

… Petino [who is a Democrat and an immigrant] later learned that what upset her child were lessons that instilled into middle schoolers the idea that Latinos and blacks were unlikely to achieve success in America.

“These kids are at a very vulnerable age and some of them can get very discouraged and affected psychologically. Making them not even try to succeed,” Petino told the school board.

[One of the adults from that group somehow got Petino’s child’s phone number and tried to befriend the child outside of school and group hours]


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