Pakistan: Men Dig Up Grave of Teenage Woman and Rape Her Corpse, 17 Accused Are Being Interrogated

Pakistan: Men Dig Up Grave of Teenage Woman and Rape Her Corpse, 17 Accused Are Being Interrogated

Spencer’s work on this opens with many examples of Muslims who have had sex with dead bodies, and quotes from Islamic religious texts which shows it’s considered normal or kind of common place to engage in necrophilia:

(Link): Pakistan: Men dig up grave of teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused are being interrogated – by Robert Spencer


May 8, 2022
by Robert Spencer

… “There is no need to rewash a dead woman if her husband has sex with her after she dies….And there is no punishment for anyone who has sex with a dead woman or limits sex to sex with a dead woman.” (Abd Al-Hameed Al-Sharawani, Howashi al-Sharwani (Al-Qubra, Egypt: Al-Maktabah Al-Tojariah, 1983, vol. 1, p. 263)

…“There is no restriction against sex with a dead woman or an animal.” (Mohammad Al-Sherbini Al-Khateeb, Al-Iqna3 fi Hal al-Faz: Abu Shoja’a (Beirut: Dar al-Fikr, 1994, vol. 2, p. 521)

…“Moroccan Cleric Abd Al-Bari Al-Zamzami: Husbands May Have Sex with Dead Wife’s Corpse; Women May Use Carrots as Vibrators,” MEMRI, March 24, 2012 …

(Link): Pakistan: Unidentified men dig up the grave of a teenage woman and rape her corpse, 17 accused being interrogated, investigation underway

 Attaullah Tarar, the deputy secretary-general of the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN), took to Twitter on May 6 to inform that 17 suspects are being interrogated regarding the case.

May 7, 2022

On May 5, Thursday, some unknown men dug out the corpse of a teenage girl and raped it in the Chak Kamala village in Gujrat, Pakistan.

Attaullah Tarar, the deputy secretary-general of the Pakistan Muslim League (PMLN), took to Twitter on May 6 to inform that 17 suspects are being interrogated and the investigation of the case is being done as per scientific methods.

According to reports, the shocking incident came to light when the deceased girl’s relatives visited the graveyard the next morning as per their religious traditions. The kin found the body dug up and lying uncovered. The body showed signs of rape.

The uncle of the deceased teenager approached the police and filed an FIR regarding the same. Based on the FIR, the police have started investigating the case. Reportedly, it is still unclear how many men were involved in this shocking incident.

According to local media reports, the teenage deceased girl, who was mentally and physically handicapped, died on May 4, Wednesday. The family buried her in the graveyard as per their religious traditions at around 6 pm in the evening and returned home.

The next day, when they returned to the graveyard to perform some rituals over the girl’s dead body the kin found the grave dug up and the girl’s body missing. Upon searching, they later found the corpse lying around 200 square feet away from the graveyard. It showed signs of rape.

The shocked family members rushed to the police station to file a complaint and demanded that the perpetrators of the heinous crime be brought to justice as soon as possible. The police, in turn, began their searches to look for and detain the grave-digger.

This is not the first such incident in Pakistan. In 2021, some unknown men had (Link): carried out a similar barbaric act in Maulvi Ashraf Chandio village near coastal town Ghulamullah.

In 2019, OpIndia also (Link): reported about in similar crime wherein a group of unidentified men dug up the grave of a woman in a graveyard in Karachi’s Landhi Town area and raped the dead body.

[The article goes on to list yet even more examples]


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