What Should You Do If A Pastor Ever Tells You to Repent of Your ‘Whiteness’ (or If Your Pastor Points Women to Biblical Womanhood, Wifely Submission, and Gender Complementarianism)?

What Should You Do If A Pastor Ever Tells You to Repent of Your ‘Whiteness’ (or If Your Pastor Points Women to Biblical Womanhood, Wifely Submission, and Gender Complementarianism)?

Please note I am not a supporter of any and all pastors or all their views that the editorialist excerpted in this post below mentions.

I do oppose CRT (Critical Race Theory) because it’s divisive, anti-American, pro-Marxist, there is no room for grace of permanent forgiveness to it, and it upholds reverse racism and perpetuates racism, and so far as the pastors quoted below object to CRT, I probably would agree with most of their anti-CRT arguments.

So far as “reverse racism” is concerned – yes, it is entirely possible for a “POC” (person of color) to be racist, because racism is not just about “who holds control” in a culture, but is also an attitude or mentality.

There is no need to shame White people for being White, or Asian people for being Asian, if you’re attempting to discuss what you see as any residual racism against Black people in the United States.

My one small quibble with the views of some of the men mentioned is where one says that a Christian should “filter everything through the Bible.”

That sounds good, so far as it goes, but Christians – even conservative ones who believe the Bible to be holy, inerrant, and inspired – cannot always agree on what the Bible says, what it means, or how it should be applied.

What Should You Do If a Pastor Insists You Define Yourself by Biblical Womanhood, Which is Based on His Incorrect Gender Complementarian Views, Which Are Based on a Flawed Biblical Hermeneutic?

A lot of the anti-CRT pastors, who also happen to be proponents of Christian Gender Complementarianism, should consider that they also basically tell women that womanhood is sinful, that women aren’t quite as smart as men, so all women should be under male headship
– these anti-CRT pastors point women to their, the male pastor’s, biblical interpretations of “biblical, complementarian womanhood,” rather than encouraging women to look to Jesus of Nazareth or to look in themselves for their purpose and identity.

Complementarians believe that despite Christ’s sacrifice at the cross that women are STILL under the curses from The Fall, mentioned in the book of Genesis.

Women are supposed to find salvation in Christ and Christ alone and sanctification via the Holy Spirit – not through marriage, or through male leadership, wifely submission, or through carrying out gender roles.

Complementarianism is fundamentally at odds with biblical Christianity, the Bible, the Gospel, and with God.

If you are a woman, does your church, your pastor, or your favorite Christian personality, author, or podcaster, point you to Jesus to find rest?

Or do they point women to CBMW, and the complementarian writings and tweets of Al Mohler, Owen Strachan, Denny Burk, Tom Ascol, Mark Driscoll, Doug Wilson, or John Piper to find condemnation and a list of rules to follow?

So Christian women, if you belong to, or attend, a church that tells you that all women, or even just married ones, are subject to “male headship,” leave that church, leave that theology!

(Link): What Should You Do If A Pastor Ever Tells You to Repent of Your ‘Whiteness’? by W. Wolfe


April 30, 2022
By William Wolfe, Op-ed contributor

[The author discusses attending a Together for the Gospel (T4G) conference, during which there was a panel that discussed CRT – Critical Race Theory]

… I want to share with you some of the highlights of what Kevin DeYoung, a Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) pastor of a church in North Carolina, had to say about how Christians should approach CRT on the (aptly named) panel entitled, “Why We Should Be Critical of CRT.”

… Then Dever transitioned to DeYoung, who argued that CRT, according to its own admission and definitions, presents a “revisionist view of American history” where white people have only ever supported efforts to reduce racism in this country when it serves “to work to their own benefits.”

Of course, that’s not true, but that’s what CRT practitioners want us to think.

DeYoung effectively summed it up like this: As CRT-infected thinking has swept across our nation we have traded a “hagiography of American history” for a “hamartiography of American history.” In other words, instead of looking at our past and seeing it full of “saints” (that’s hagiography), it’s full of irredeemable sinners (that’s the hamartiography).

Next, he rightly noted that CRT presents the “presumption that disparities by definition are the result of racism.” This is a really important point of contention. Are all racial disparities the result of discrimination? Or are some racial disparities due to any number of different factors?

The answer, of course, is the latter. And he rightly encouraged pastors there to reject CRT’s “monocausal explanations for racial disparities” in our nation, which are “bound to be incorrect.”

A third point DeYoung raised, “the most damaging of all,” is that CRT “pushes us in a direction that is not Gospel … Rather than pushing us to see all the things that we most have in common with one another … CRT pushes an aggressive color-consciousness.”

DeYoung characterized this aggressive color-consciousness as antithetical to the emphasis Gospel ministers should have. Instead, Christians should acknowledge that “we all have the same sinful nature from Adam” and the answer to sin, racism, partiality, what have you, is the same and singular message of Jesus Christ….

A deeply troubling anecdote

Reflecting further on the disconnect between the media presentation of race relations in America and the reality on the ground, DeYoung argued, “Objectively, at no time in American history has there been less racism … not no racism … but racism is so stigmatized.”

Then he asked, “Why is it in a time when there is less institutional and personal racism than ever before … we see mainstream news outlets … talking about it more than ever before?” Good question, Kevin.

As DeYoung was interrogating this sense of “hopeless” that Christians are beginning to feel over what to do about the picture the media and CRT paint of race, he recounted how a white couple came to his church one recent Sunday, “and it’s just their own anecdote, maybe they are inaccurate, but they said, ‘Our church, a white pastor, has been telling us to repent of our whiteness.’”

This anecdote should not go unnoticed.

… Christians, forgiven in Christ, are being told by their pastors in presumably orthodox evangelical churches to “repent of their whiteness.”

DeYoung went on to explain how this couple shared that they want to be faithful, to repent of any racism, of any partiality, but they are, in fact, white — and they have no idea how to “repent of their whiteness.”

They had to presume that they are just “white supremacists now.”

Sadly, as CRT has infected many Christian churches, more and more “good, ordinary, faithful people” will be made to feel and bear this impossible burden and be asked to repent of the sin of simply being born white.

What should you do if your pastor tells you to repent of your whiteness? 

This leads me to my final point, and really my one-sentence summary of the entire panel: If a pastor ever tells you to repent of “your whiteness” — run. It’s time to find a new church.

Why do you need a new church if this is what you hear from a pastor? Because if any pastor is demanding that you repent of something that’s not a sin — being white — as if it is a sin, then they clearly don’t understand the Bible, the Gospel, or sin in the first place.

… Want to know how to spot a fake pastor real fast? Hold their teaching up to this test: Do they point you to Jesus to find rest? Or do they point you to CRT to find condemnation? If the latter, it’s time to pick up your Bible, stand up from those pews, gather your family, and get out of there.

… God’s Word tells us to repent of sin — and only sin — and to find salvation in Christ, and Christ alone.


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