Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church, Alex Lloyd, Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography

Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 

That so many self professing Christian men are deviants and perverts rips to shreds the complementarian position (men are not fit to be in leadership), and it also disproves the “equally yoked” rule.

If you’re a single Christian woman, you are really risking dating or marrying a male pedophile who claims to be a Christ follower, especially if you meet him at a church – of course, you could meet the same guy on a dating site, if he’s on one and claims to be a Christian on a dating site profile.

(Link): Former Deacon at Douglas Wilson’s Church Indicted for Possessing Child Pornography 


May 4, 2022
By  Jessica Lea

Alex Lloyd, a former deacon at Douglas Wilson’s church in Moscow, Idaho, has been indicted in federal court for possessing child pornography. Lloyd, who according to Christ Church was a deacon until January 2022, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Christ Church and its pastor, Douglas Wilson, have generated controversy for reasons that include Wilson’s interpretation of complementarianism, his book “Southern Slavery As It Was,” and for how the church has handled allegations of sexual abuse. Christ Church also made headlines in the fall of 2020 for holding “psalm sing” events in protest of Moscow’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Alex Lloyd was indicted on April 19. Court documents state that “On or about the dates of March 22, 2021 through January 12, 2022, in the district of Idaho, the Defendant, ALEX LLOYD, did knowingly possess materials…which contained child pornography.” According to the documents, these materials were on an Apple iPhone 8.

… An article by the Moscow-Pullman Daily News states that Alex Lloyd was listed as a deacon on Christ Church’s website until April 14, when the church removed Lloyd and updated its list of leaders….

(Link): Deacon at Doug Wilson’s Church Indicted on Possession of Child Pornography


May 4, 2022
By Josh Shepherd

A man who served for years as a deacon at the megachurch of controversial pastor, Doug Wilson, has been indicted by federal authorities for possession of child pornography.

Alex R. Lloyd, a former deacon at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, for the past four years, was indicted Thursday by the U.S. District Court in Idaho on felony charges of possession of child pornography.

Led by prominent Reformed pastor Doug Wilson, Christ Church has an estimated membership of approx. 2,000 people and is a leading voice within the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).

Sex abuse controversies of Christ Church

Wilson has been linked to multiple controversies involving sex abuse offenders. In 2001, Wilson presided over the wedding of a convicted pedophile, Steven Sitler, and later told church members the man was “very welcome” in their congregation.

(Link):  Christ Church deacon indicted for child porn


Alex Lloyd pleaded not guilty to the felony last week in federal court
By Angela Palermo, Daily News staff writer
May 4, 2022

Christ Church deacon Alex Lloyd was indicted in federal court for possession of child pornography April 19 after his iPhone was discovered containing images of a “prepubescent” minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

An investigation led by Forensic Detective Lawrence Mowery of the Moscow Police Department alleges Lloyd had the material between March 2021 and January 2022.

Lloyd pleaded not guilty to the felony Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho.

Five days before Lloyd was indicted, on April 14, his name and photo were removed from Christ Church’s leadership webpage. He was previously listed as a deacon, as seen on an archived Christ Church webpage viewable at


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