Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Used Funds Donated to BLM to Buy Luxury Homes, Pay Off Her Family Members

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Used Funds Donated to BLM to Buy Luxury Homes, Pay Off Her Family Members

(Link): BLM spent at least $12M on luxury properties in LA, Toronto: tax filing

May 17, 2022
By Isabel Vincent

Black Lives Matter spent millions on luxury properties in Los Angeles and Toronto, according to the first public accounting of its finances.

In Canada, Toronto-based non-profit M4BJ purchased a 10,000-square-foot downtown property for the equivalent of $6.3 million. The former headquarters of the Canadian communist party was named the Wildseed Centre for Art and Activism by Canadian BLM members who said it was purchased using cash from BLMGNF.

The purchase of the Toronto home was part of an $8 million “out of country grant” in North America, to conduct “activities to educate and support black communities, and to purchase and renovate property for charitable use,” according to BLMGNF’s latest federal tax filing for fiscal year 2020. The group said it planned to use the space as its main office in Canada.

It’s unclear where the remaining $1.7 million “out of country grant” went. In 2021, sources told The Post that BLMGNF had purchased a luxury condo in the Bahamas in the same beach-front resort where Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake have homes. Cullors vigorously denied that the group had purchased property on the islands.

The IRS filing also lists the group’s Los Angeles compound as an asset. In October 2020, BLMGNF secretly bought a sprawling mansion in Los Angeles, spending nearly $6 million on the purchase of the Studio City compound, which includes a soundstage, six bedrooms and a swimming pool.

(Link): Tax Documents Further Expose Black Lives Matter Organization As Racist Multimillion-Dollar Grifter Project


by Tristan Justice

Public tax filings for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation further exposed the racist organization built explicitly on Marxist values as a multimillion-dollar enterprise to enrich its leadership while cloaked in the self-righteousness of social justice.

According to the New York Post on Tuesday, disgraced co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who stepped down last year amid scrutiny of a series of financial scandals, funneled major six-figure sums to family members from the network’s donors.

Paul Cullors, Patrisse’s brother, raked in $840,000 from the nonprofit’s charity funds. Damon Turner, who fathers a child with Patrisse, owns a company that was paid nearly $970,000 from the organization for “creative services” including “produc[ing] live events.”

(Link): Uh-oh! New Tax Filings Show BLM’s Co-Founder Paid Her Baby Daddy Nearly $1 Million For “Creative Services” And Her Brother Over 800 Grand For “Security”

Just earlier today, we told you all about how BLM’s Marxist co-founder Patrisse Cullors continues to blame all of her life’s problems on the existence of white people.

She literally blamed her financial improprieties on the fact that guilty white people gave her too much money.

  And now, it’s come to light what some of that mysteriously disappearing money went to.

 Patrisse Cullors took money given to her by guilty white liberals and not just spent it on her own large mansions, but handed it out like candy to friends and family.

Newly released tax filings revealed how Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors used charity funds to pay her friends and family large sums for various ‘consulting’ services, as well as charter a private flight.

The documents reveal that BLM paid a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child, nearly $970,000 to help ‘produce live events’ and provide other ‘creative services.’

The co-founder’s brother, Paul Cullors, received more than $840,000 for providing security services to the foundation.

Cullors gave nearly a million bucks to her baby daddy for “creative services.” Which is code for “I’ll pay you a million bucks for a few thousand dollars worth of work.”

Then she paid her own brother $840,000 to provide “security.”

Not THAT is a sweet security gig if you ask me.
According to Indeed, the average security guard usually makes about $15/hour.

(Link): REVEALED: BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid her baby father $970,000 for ‘creative services’, her brother $840,000 for security, a fellow director $2.1m and reimbursed the organization $73,000 for a charter flight


Newly released tax filings revealed how Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors used charity funds to pay her friends and family large sums for various ‘consulting’ services, as well as charter a private flight.

The documents reveal that BLM paid a company owned by Damon Turner, the father of Cullors’ child, nearly $970,000 to help ‘produce live events’ and provide other ‘creative services.’

The co-founder’s brother, Paul Cullors, received more than $840,000 for providing security services to the foundation. 

Leaders have attempted to justify the expense by saying the foundation’s protection could not be entrusted to former police professionals who typically run security firms because the BLM movement is known for vehemently protesting law enforcement organizations.

…Cullors resigned from BLM last year amid a wave of scrutiny surrounding the charity’s finances. 

She has repeatedly denied claims that she took money from BLM for personal matters and has reiterated that all the purchases and transactions – including a lavish $6million home in Los Angeles, dubbed Studio City – were legitimate.

The new filing also revealed that Cullors reimbursed BLM $73,523 for a charter flight for foundation-related travel, which the organization says she took in 2021 out of concern for COVID-19 and security threats.

… The former BLM leader did admit previously that her sister, mother, and brother were employed with the organization.

The revelations come courtesy of a 63-page Form 990, the annual filing required for organizations to maintain tax-exempt status as a nonprofit.

This is the BLM foundation’s first public accounting of its finances since incorporating in 2017. As a fledgling nonprofit, it had been under the fiscal sponsorship of a well-established charity, and wasn’t required to publicly disclose its financials until it became an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit in December 2020. 

…But still, after spending more than $37million on grants, real estate, consultants and other expenses, the BLM movement is still worth tens of millions of dollars.

Also raising eyebrows was the fact that during the last fiscal year, Cullors was the foundation board’s sole voting director and held no board meetings, according to the filing. Although that is permissible under Delaware law, where the foundation is incorporated, that governance structure gives the appearance that Cullors alone decided who to hire and how to spend donations. 

However, current board members allege that was never the truth.

Controversy surrounding the organization’s finances has elicited probes by at least two state attorneys general. 

Board members said they are cooperating with civil investigations in Indiana and Ohio, and they have turned over relevant documents to those authorities. 

The foundation will launch a ‘transparency and accountability center’ on its website to make its financial documents available for public inspection, Bowers added.

Bowers was named as one of three members of BLM’s board of directors earlier this month.


(Link): BLM Founder Tries to Explain Financial Mistakes Made With ‘White Guilt Money’

May 18, 2022
by Bob Hoge

The nonprofit Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been beleaguered by criticism over its finances for years, and the heat only turned up this week as new tax filings reveal large payments to the co-founder’s friends and family, and huge real investment investments. RedState earlier brought you the story of a controversial $6 million Los Angeles mansion bought by the group in 2020.

… Eyebrows were certain to be raised with the revelations the foundation paid nearly $970,000 to a company founded by a man who fathered a child with BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors, and that they also paid more than $840,000 to a security firm run by her brother. The foundation also provided more than $73,000 in private jet trips for Cullors, although she has since paid them back.

Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors resigned from the group in 2021 as the controversies picked up steam, but addressed the controversies Monday in an MSNBC podcast. Regarding the tsunami of donations the group received after the death of George Floyd, Cullors said:

Yes, it was a major shock. It was also a lot of like, ‘Oh, wait, I did not see that coming.’ You know, contrary to what, you know, has been reported, much of the funding that came in was from individual donors. That was a lot of White guilt money. There’s a lot of White folks being like, ‘We just got to put the money.’

She further explained that the group had no infrastructure to handle the massive influx, and now the mistakes are being “weaponized” against her.

…Where there is smoke, there’s usually fire. While the foundation may have been set up with good intentions, the constant revelations of questionable financing decisions must be making at least some donors wonder—where exactly did my money go?


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