People Who Saved Sex For Marriage Reveal What Their First Time Was Like

People Who Saved Sex For Marriage Reveal What Their First Time Was Like

(Link): People Who Saved Sex For Marriage Reveal What Their First Time Was Like


“It was so bad that I had to consult a book on sex mid-act to see what was wrong.”

by Maya Ogolini

There are plenty of reasons why someone might wait to have sex until marriage, though that doesn’t change the potential pressure that you might feel the night of.

Recently, Reddit user u/hey_its_me997 asked,
“Redditors who waited until marriage to have sex, what was your wedding night like?” Here are a few stories from people sharing what their first time was like:

…4. “We left the wedding at 10 p.m. and had to drive three hours to get to a hotel near the airport we are leaving from the next morning. We were going to wake up around 5 a.m.
I was hoping we could do it but was expecting to wait until after we arrived at our honeymoon destination.
But we went back to the hotel that we stayed at near our venue to change before our three-hour car ride. One of my friends had done it up with flower petals, snacks, scented candles, and some helpful things for sex (different lubes, wipes, etc.).
She walked into the bathroom to ‘change’ but walked out completely naked, and we got busy.
It was a little awkward, a little scary, but very exciting and fun! Neither one of us finished because we were rushing to catch our ride. Considering I was expecting not to do anything, it was a wonderful and fun experience. I’m very glad we waited and are getting to figure all this out together.”


5. “I waited, as did my ex-wife, and it was a disaster. It was no fun for either of us. We divorced nine years later, and sex was a part of it, mainly that I turned out to have the opposite parts to her preference.
I was raised Christian and left the church and faith shortly after getting married the first time.
I’ve been remarried for eight years now with two little ones, and I will firmly be encouraging my boys to have healthy, respectful, and honoring sexual relationships BEFORE THEY GO AND GET FUCKING MARRIED!”


8. “We were both virgins, and knew that we were both absolutely clueless beyond the ‘What goes into which hole’ part. We knew not to take ourselves too seriously and were okay with our ignorance, knowing we’d figure things out along the way together.
Afterward, the conversation went: ‘Was that good for you?’ ‘Yeah! What about you?’ ‘Yeah, that was good for me, too.’ Then, after an extended pause, ‘Did we even have sex?!’ followed by laughter. We’ve been together 20 years now, and we’ve gotten much better together.”


…11. “It didn’t go well, as it was too painful for her. It was maybe six to eight weeks before we successfully had sex and rarely after that. I don’t recommend waiting until after the wedding to discover sex is painful for one of the parties.”


16. “The day before we got married, he smashed his face on a trampoline and had to get stitches. The morning of the wedding, I got my period. The night of the wedding, our first night together, we just got in bed and held hands and fell asleep.”


17. “Horrible. We were completely unprepared, and the pressure to actually do it on the wedding night was also there. Trust me, the wedding night will be more magical if you know what you are doing. It took us about two to three months to actually work things out and come to an enjoyable level for both of us. It might be different for other people.”



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