Bill Maher Mocks the Left’s Absurd Sexuality – Gender Obsession with ‘Pride Flag’ Parody

Bill Maher Mocks the Left’s Absurd Sexuality – Gender Obsession with ‘Pride Flag’ Parody

(Link): Bill Maher Mocks the Left’s Absurd Sexuality – Gender Obsession with ‘Pride Flag’ Parody

’96 different Pride flags are just not enough’

May 19, 2022
by Blaze TV Staff

HBO host Bill Maher took aim at the left’s ridiculous obsession with sexual orientation and “pride flags” with a little absurdity of his own on a recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maher shared a video clip from his show on Twitter with the caption “Gay pride month is coming up, and we feel at @RealTimers that 96 different Pride flags are just not enough.”

In the clip, Maher shared a graphic of “96 pride flags” to represent supposed “sexual orientations,” such as Sapiosexual, Rubber Pride, Lithromantic, and Queerplatonic.

“But we feel, at Real Time here, that this is not enough. I’m sorry, it’s very exclusionary,” Maher joked. “There are some other groups that should be represented. Would you like to see their flags?” he asked, receiving enthusiastic applause.

Maher went on to share his own ridiculous pride flags, including Quasi-homo-modo-sexual, Canisexual, Retrosexual, Literosexual, Doofusexual, and more.

Critics on Twitter gave Maher mixed reviews:

Edit. –  I just contacted Maher’s twitter to inform him that singer Julie Brown did a song about DoofusSexualism years ago (can’t recall exactly when this song was released, in the 1980s? Maybe the 1990s?)

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