Man Proposes to Woman at Her Father’s Funeral

Man Proposes to Woman at Her Father’s Funeral

Proposing at a funeral is weird, tacky, and insensitive.

(Link): Man Proposes to Woman at Her Father’s Funeral

May 11, 2022
by Ben Cost

It was one wedding and a funeral.

A South African pastor is being excoriated online after filming himself proposing to a grieving woman in the middle of her father’s funeral — mere feet from the deceased’s coffin. Video of the proposal has over 278,000 views as critics accuse the man of making the somber occasion about himself.

“Proposing [to] the deceased’s daughter right at the funeral. Wiping the tears there and there,” reads the caption to the clip, which was uploaded a week ago by the fiancé — who goes by @M.Mojela on TikTok.

According to CEN, the pastor, who was presiding over the service, had asked for the woman’s hand in order to help heal her broken heart.

In the controversial clip, the deceased’s unnamed daughter is seen sobbing in the front row near her father’s casket. Then, all of a sudden, the suitor kneels in front of the bereaved gal with a microphone and pops the question, causing the other mourners to cry out in shock.

The clip ends with the pastor putting a ring on his bride-to-be’s finger, which she appears to accept.

The holy man had specifically thanked God for being in his girlfriend’s life during such a difficult time, CEN reported. He also said that he hoped his proposal would help her come to terms with her father’s passing.

Needless to say, TikTok overwhelmingly disapproved of the gesture with one aghast gawker writing, “This here is WRONG..No matter how you can try and justify it.”

“Timing is off,” criticized another while one commenter deemed the mid-memorial marriage proposal an example of “pure disrespect at all levels.”


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