‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Romance Novelist on Trial For Real-Life Murder of Her Husband Testifies About Money Troubles, Ghost Guns

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Novelist on Trial For Real-Life Murder Testifies About Money Troubles, Ghost Guns

May / June  2022 Updates Below – The author was convicted of murdering her husband

(Link): Oregon Romance Novelist Allegedly Killed Husband for $1M Insurance Policy: Prosecutors

April 2020

Nancy Crampton-Brophy is accused of murdering her husband, Dan Brophy

The Oregon romance novelist who is accused of killing her chef husband allegedly would have pocketed over $1.5 million in insurance money from his death, prosecutors allege.

(Link): Romance novelist who wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ essay goes on trial for allegedly killing husband, prosecutors say wife thought she planned ‘the perfect murder’

April 2022
by Paul Sacca

An Oregon woman who wrote steamy romance novels is accused of murdering her husband. The trial began this week for Nancy Crampton Brophy – who once penned an essay about the pros and cons of murdering a spouse.

… Around 7:30 a.m. on June 2, 2018, chef Daniel Brophy was gunned down in the kitchen of the Oregon Culinary Institute, where he had taught cooking since 2006.

The cooking school had no security cameras, but prosecutors determined that Brophy was the only person inside the culinary institute at the time of the shooting. Around 8 a.m., Brophy’s body was discovered by his culinary students.

The Wrong Husband book cover
Screen cap from Brophy’s site of one of Brophy’s romance novels

…Traffic cameras show Crampton Brophy’s Toyota minivan approaching and departing from city streets near the institute close to the time of the shooting, prosecutors said.

A search of the couple’s computers revealed a bookmarked article titled “10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder” on a joint iTunes account, according to prosecutors.

… Prosecutors claimed that the couple was dealing with financial issues prior to Daniel’s murder and drained their retirement account two years before the shooting. Despite the money troubles, the couple was spending over $1,000 a month on life insurance premiums, according to court documents.

…”Dan Brophy was content in his simplistic lifestyle, but Nancy Brophy wanted something more,” prosecutors alleged. “As Nancy Brophy became more financially desperate and her writing career was floundering, she was left with few options.”

 Crampton Brophy had a career as a romance novelist and wrote books with muscular, shirtless men on the covers and titles such as “The Wrong Husband.” Several books had the tag line: “Wrong never felt so right.”

…Overstreet said that none of the books “led to much financial success.”

In 2011, she published a blog post titled: “How to Murder Your Husband.”

(Link):  Romance Novelist Has ‘No Memory’ of Critical Minutes Her Husband Was Murdered

May 17, 2022

Nancy Crampton Brophy was grilled on the stand Tuesday, telling prosecutors she can’t remember exactly what she was up to in the minutes her chef husband was murdered.

(Link): ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ novelist on trial for real-life murder testifies about money troubles, ghost guns

Nancy Crampton Brophy and her husband Daniel Brophy, 63, had financial troubles before she allegedly killed him, prosecutors said

By Louis Casiano | Fox News
May 17, 2022

Romance novelist and “How to Murder Your Husband” author Nancy Crampton Brophy, who is on trial for the death of her own husband, took the stand Monday and discussed the couple’s financial struggles, among other things.

The Oregon author of “How to Murder Your Husband” allegedly killed her real-life husband, Daniel Brophy, 63, on June 2, 2018.

She allegedly committed the murder amid financial issues and needed the $1.5 million in insurance, according to prosecutors. She allegedly shot Brophy in the back and while he was on the floor, according to police.

During her testimony on Tuesday, Brophy’s attorney asked her about her days selling Medicare insurance, which she said the couple had planned to do in an effort to have a steady income stream, FOX 12 reported.

…Her testimony also touched on her alleged fascination with ghost guns after reading a news article. She planned to write a romance novel about a woman scared for her safety where each chapter would feature a new piece of a gun, the news outlet reported.

(Link): “How To Murder Your Husband” Writer On Trial For Husband’s Murder Reportedly Confessed To Her Cellmate By Mistake

(Link): Oregon romance novelist grilled on amnesia claim, missing gun barrel on crucial day in her murder trial

Prosecutors drilled down into the amnesia defense, missing gun barrel and the emotional temperament of Nancy Crampton Brophy as the Oregon romance writer’s trial in the killing of her chef husband reached a crescendo Tuesday.

… Crampton Brophy and a psychologist called by the defense said she suffered retrograde amnesia from the later trauma of learning her husband had been killed. The condition erased Crampton Brophy’s memory that she had driven on streets directly adjacent to the school at the time, they said.

How then, Overstreet asked Crampton Brophy, could she be sure she didn’t shoot her husband and then simply forget that, too?

(Link):  Former cellmate of Crampton-Brophy testifies in murder trial

by KATU staff
May 18, 2022

Nancy Crampton-Brophy’s former cellmate at the Multnomah County jail testified Wednesday in Crampton-Brophy’s murder trial.

Crampton-Brophy, a former romance novelist, is accused of killing her husband, 63-year-old Daniel Brophy, in June 2018. Daniel Brophy was a chef at the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Anndrea Jacobs said Wednesday that during the time she was cellmates with Crampton-Brophy, they became friends.

 Jacobs told the court that during one of their conversations, Crampton-Brophy told her she did not need to worry about finding who killed her husband but proving she didn’t do it. And once, when asked, Crampton-Brophy told her how Daniel Brophy died.

“She told me he was shot two times to the heart, and she showed me the distance. It was about, and she used her arm span — because I said, ‘Wow, that must have been close up.’ And she used her arms and said, ‘Well, it was about this far,” Jacobs said, extending her arms several feet.

From 2018, some more background:

(Link): Romance novelist who wrote essay on ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ now accused of murdering her husband

Sept 2018
By AJ Willingham and Marlena Baldacci, CNN

In 2011 Oregon romance novelist Nancy Crampton-Brophy published a WordPress article entitled, “How to Murder Your Husband.”

“As a romantic suspense writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about murder and, consequently, about police procedure,” the article began.

In June of this year, Crampton-Brophy’s own husband of 27 years, 63-year-old Daniel Brophy, was found shot to death at the Oregon Culinary Institute where he worked.

Three months later, Crampton-Brophy, 68, was arrested in connection with his death.

According to a criminal complaint from the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, Crampton-Brophy has been charged with murder and the unlawful use of a weapon.

‘Being wrong never felt so right’
The steamy, sinful plots of Crampton-Brophy’s books, along with her on-the-nose treatise about spousal homicide, add a bizarre twist to the case.

The “How to” essay was published on a blog called “See Jane Publish.” The blog has since been made private, but The Oregonian reports the glib, 700-word write was split into sections detailing the pros and cons of husband homicide.

“Divorce is expensive, and do you really want to split your possessions?” Brophy reportedly wrote.

Among her many works, Brophy published a series of books with the tagline, “Wrong Never Felt So Right.” They include tales of attempted murder, infidelity, crime and general debauchery – all common themes for romantic suspense novels.

Updates – May 26, 2022

(Link): How to Murder Your Husband writer found guilty of murdering husband

Portland jury finds Nancy Crampton Brophy guilty of killing chef Daniel Brophy in June 2018

(Link):  ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ author convicted for murdering husband

May 25, 2022
by Melissa Koenig

A romance novelist who once penned a blog post entitled ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ has been convicted of doing just that.

Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, was convicted on Wednesday of second-degree murder for shooting dead her chef husband Daniel Brophy, 63, while he was working at the Oregon Culinary Institute in June 2018.

Police said he was shot twice, and was found dead by his students.

Prosecutors have claimed Nancy killed her husband in a scheme to collect his $1.4 million life insurance policy.

They had rested much of their case on the fact that Crampton Brophy had acquired gun pieces in the months before her husband’s death – including a piece that could obscure what gun a bullet was fired from.

Update(s) – June 14, 2022

(Link):  How To Murder Your Husband writer Nancy Crampton Brophy jailed for life for killing her own spouse

Crampton Brophy’s case gained international interest after it emerged she once wrote an essay on how to commit an untraceable killing.

By Rachel Russell, news reporter
June 13, 2022

A romance novelist who wrote an online essay called How To Murder Your Husband has been sentenced to life in prison over the murder of her own spouse.

Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, was found guilty of second-degree murder on 25 May following a seven-week trial.

Her sentence includes the possibility of parole after 25 years in custody.

Prosecutors said Crampton Brophy fatally shot Dan Brophy, 63, inside the now-closed Oregon Culinary Institute where he worked in 2018 because she stood to get money from his life insurance payout.

(Link):  Update in case of killer wife who wrote ‘How To Murder Your Husband’

by Katie Davis
June 14, 202

A ROMANCE author who penned a chilling book called “How to Murder Your Husband” before killing her own partner has been jailed for life.

Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, was convicted of fatally shooting her husband of 26 years Daniel Brophy, in Southwest Portland, Oregon, in 2018.

She has now been jailed for life and Judge Christopher Ramras told the court she will not be considered for parole for 25 years, reports KOIN-TV.

Police said Nancy followed her chef husband to work at a culinary school and shot him twice – first in the back, then once in the chest at close range as he was on the floor.

…According to prosectors, the twisted writer was motivated by greed and a $1.4million insurance policy.

But Crampton Brophy attempted to argue in court that she had no reason to kill her husband and that their financial woes had been mostly solved by cashing part of his retirement fund.


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