Married Doctor Assaulted Rape Victim, Pregnant Women, And Four Teens Under the Age of 16 During 34 Year Campaign

Married Doctor Assaulted Rape Victim, Pregnant Women, And Four Teens Under the Age of 16 During 34 Year Campaign

This is one of the few times I’ve seen a news outlet mention that the sex deviant in question is MARRIED. News outlets seem to seldom mention in the headline of the story if the rapist or child molester is married – only if he’s single!

As I’ve said many times before on this blog, and will keep pointing out: my fellow conservatives, who make too much out of natalism, parenthood, marriage, and The Family (no, I am not anti-Family or anti-marriage etc), keep arguing in their tweets, blog posts, podcasts, news appearances, and books that marriage (or parenthood) makes people more godly, responsible, or ethical. Anecdotally, no, marriage and parenthood sure do not make people more godly, loving, mature, ethical.

I’ve never married, and I’ve never given birth, but I am not a depraved sicko raping people.

The Bible does not make any claims or promises in it that being married or a parent will make a person more godly, ethical, mature, or responsible, but so many Christians hold this position.

I don’t want to get into a lot of details, but this story below is familiar, because something similar happened to me when I was a younger teenager.

When I was a teenager, my mother took me to see a male medical doctor over a physical issue that had NOTHING to do with my sexuality, sex, or my genitals – but the doctor who examined me, while my Mom sat nearby in the same room – tried to molest me in front of her. (I am not sure if this doctor was concerned that my mother may see him trying to grope me or not.)

There was no legitimate reason for the doctor I was visiting that day to be making references about my body the way he did, or for him to let his hands “roam” down to my genital area, or to ask me to unzip my pants… but he did all of that.

When I was growing up, some of the Christian attitudes I saw in books or overheard in sermons was this idea that God won’t let you get married and send you a spouse until you reach a level of godliness or perfection.

Given that dirtbags like the doctor in the story below got married, that view is bogus. This guy obviously wasn’t perfect or godly, since he went on to sexually assault numerous patients.

(Link):  Doctor who sexually abused 47 female patients jailed for 12 years

May 24, 2022
by Rachel Guy

A shamed doctor who was convicted of sex crimes against 47 female patients has been jailed for 12 years.

Krishna Singh, 72, abused his position to prey on his victims over 35 years.

His targets included a rape victim, teenagers and pregnant women.

The offences mainly occurred at medical practices in North Lanarkshire, but also at a hospital A&E department, a police station as well as during visits to patients’ homes.

Victims were subjected to kissing, groping, inappropriate examinations and comments during appointments.

(Link): Married GP, 72, who sexually abused 47 women and girls is jailed for 12 years: Doctor assaulted rape victim, pregnant women, and four teenagers under the age of 16 during 34 year campaign of abuse

By Danyal Hussain
May 25, 2022

A retired doctor convicted of sex offences against 47 women over more than three decades has been jailed for 12 years.

Krishna Singh, 72, was convicted of 54 charges, mainly of indecent and sexual assault, following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow which ended last month.

The offences happened between January 1984 and 2018, mainly at a medical practice in North Lanarkshire but also at a police office and a hospital accident and emergency department.

The married GP, who was awarded an MBE for medical services, also targeted girls under 16 and pregnant women who went to his surgery in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

His actions included kissing and hugging patients, touching their breasts and making inappropriate comments to them.

Sentencing Singh when he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on Wednesday, Lord Armstrong said: ‘You have been convicted after trial of 54 charges of calculated and manipulative sexual abuse of 47 women and girls in relation to who, as a general practitioner, you were in a clear position of trust.

‘You perpetrated these crimes against your female patients persistently over a period of 34 years.’

He said that Singh breached his position of trust and carried out unnecessary examinations, telling him: ‘You undermined the trust of the medical profession by eroding the trust that women would have had.’

…The 72-year-old had denied the charges against him.

Singh qualified as a doctor in India in 1974.

He registered with the General Medical Council as a doctor in November 1976 before taking up a job as a GP at a practice in North Lanarkshire, where he remained until 2018.

Singh also took up a position as a police casualty surgeon between 2005 and 2010 in Scotland, during which he examined people in custody.

An investigation into Singh ensued after NHS Lanarkshire received a complaint about him in 2018.

There was fury from his victims and campaigners about how Singh was able to continue offending for so long.

… He was seen as a trusted pillar of the local community treating generations of families and was also employed as a police casualty surgeon, which included examining victims of sexual violence.

…One of the victims was a 50-year-old hospital worker who was examined by Singh at Motherwell police station, Lanarkshire, in 2008 after she reported being raped.

The woman was left shocked after the GP quizzed her on whether sex was consensual.

She told jurors: ‘He asked me if I had been wearing a skirt and I said I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. He asked how low my top was and if my cleavage was showing. He was asking if I was being provocative… he said, “So, you are not a good time girl”.’

A man told jurors how he threatened to assault Singh after catching him groping his then pregnant wife in the mid-90s.

Other victims told how they thought of Singh as a ‘creep’ and a ‘wee pervert’.

…The court heard how victims were often hesitant about reporting Singh through the years.

Women felt they would not be heard as Singh was latterly senior partner at the surgery and his wife Gayatri was practice manager.

Asked why she had not spoken up at the time, one victim said: ‘I thought me being a teenager or young adult, well, who is going to believe me above an adult in a respected position?’


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