Men Who Pose Shirtless on Dating Apps are Unappealing and Slutty: Study

Men Who Pose Shirtless on Dating Apps are Unappealing and Slutty: Study

I appreciate that we’re living in an era where men are starting to be called or thought of as “slutty.” 😂  For years being a “whore” or a “slut” were terms reserved for women only.

The cultural assumption was that it was okay for men to sleep around as much as they want to, and they were considered studly, but if a woman slept around – not even that much – she would get branded as “slutty” or “loose.”

(Link):  Want to impress on your Tinder profile? Keep your top ON! Men who pose topless are seen as less competent and more promiscuous, study reveals

May 24, 2022

While dating apps were once seen as taboo, they’re now one of the main ways that singletons find love around the world.

But if you have a profile on a dating app, a new study may encourage you to reassess which pictures you include.

Researchers from the University of Colorado have revealed that men who pose topless on Tinder are seen as less competent and more promiscuous.

… In the study, the researchers set out to test how sexualised images of males on the app affect viewers’ perceptions of them.

… The results revealed that all three dimensions (relationship motivation, muscularity and sexualised appearance) affected the participants’ ratings of Noah’s profile – although the results varied between male and female participants.

(Link): Men who pose shirtless on dating apps are unappealing and slutty: study


By Erin Keller
May 24, 2022

…Researchers from the University of Colorado  (Link): recently discovered that men who fill their Tinder profiles with shirtless pictures are perceived as less competent and more promiscuous.

The study’s 567 participants were shown fake profiles of a young, white, adult man named “Noah.” His pictures and descriptions varied along three factors: relationship motivation, muscularity, and sexualized appearance.

For example, some versions of Noah were buff — and some, not so much. Some wrote that they were looking for casual sex while others wanted something serious.

And, of course, some were shirtless and some wore a white T-shirt.

Although results varied between men and women, the three dimensions — relationship motivation, muscularity, and sexualized appearance — affected people’s perception of Noah.

Women saw the shirtless fake as higher in risky sexual behavior — and also lower in social appeal and competence.

Men somewhat agreed but did not think the shirtless fake was lower in competence.

When Noah said he was looking for casual sex, all participants viewed him as higher in risky sexual behavior and lower in competence.

Everyone found the muscular version of Noah most attractive, but men saw the physique as higher in risky sexual behavior.

“The present findings indicate that a man’s sexualized self-presentation on a dating profile, even on an app known as a site for hook-ups, elicits diminished perceptions of his competence and greater perceptions that he engages in risky sexual behavior,” the researchers wrote.

“A sexualized self-presentation on a Tinder profile is perhaps not the best self-presentational choice for men wanting to make a positive impression on women,” they advised single men.


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