Biological Males Who Identify as Non-Binary Permitted to Share Showers, Board With Biological Girls at Camp

Biological Males Who Identify as Non-Binary Permitted to Share Showers, Board With Biological Girls at Camp

The progressive, liberal, and Democrat acceptance and promotion of things like gender ideology, intersectional feminism, and “trans rights” have put biological girls and biological women in danger (when not putting them at a disadvantage, with the advantage going to the biological men who identify as “non binary” or as “transwomen”).

(Disclaimer: not all secular feminists agree with all gender ideology.
I myself am not a feminist, but often, other conservatives accuse feminism itself, or all feminists, of making these ideological assaults on girls and women to blame, but not all of them agree with this ideology, and they do speak out against it.)

Here’s another example of left wing gender ideology putting biological girls at risk (reported of by various news outlets):

(Link): California camp sleeping arrangements place biological males with school girls

February 19, 2022
by Jenny Goldsberry

Biologically male camp counselors shared cabins with young girls, fifth graders in California say.

The students from Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos, California , attended Camp Pali in San Bernardino for three nights in cabins purportedly separated by gender. Parents reported that they were not made aware of the camp’s policy on sleeping arrangements beforehand.

“I contacted the school and asked them if they were able to confirm that there was not a man actually sleeping in the same cabin as the girls,” parent Rachel Sandoval told local news outlet KTLA. “They were not able to confirm that.”

The camp said it was following state law.

“Per California law, we place staff in cabins they identify with,” Assistant Director of Camp Pali Emmi Teige said.

All staff undergo background checks and boast three recommendations, with “the vast majority” of them over 20 years old, according to the camp’s website . The ratio of counselors to children is 1 to 3, the website added.

(Link): Male ‘Non-Binary’ Counselors Sleep in Cabins With Young Girls at Science Camp; Parents Unaware

Feb. 20, 2022
by Karen Finlay

Los Alamitos, California. A group of parents of students at Weaver Elementary School in Los Alamitos were unaware that male counselors who use th ey/them pronouns slept in cabins with their fifth-grade daughters while at a science camp, until their daughters informed them afterwards.

Girls in fifth grade are typically 10- or 11-years-old.

One of the parents, Rachel Sandoval, contacted the school to ask whether or not a man had in fact slept in the same cabin as the girls. She said the school was unable to confirm.

(Link): California parents say biologically male counselors slept in camp cabins with fifth-grade girls

Camp policy allows sleeping arrangements based on gender identity

By Nikolas Lanum | Fox News

Two California mothers expressed outrage Tuesday on “Fox & Friends First” after discovering that a school-organized science camp had allowed nonbinary counselors to sleep in the same cabins as fifth-grade girls.

According to the parents, the biologically male counselors at Camp Pali in San Bernardino were granted sleeping arrangements according to the gender in which they identify.

Suzy Johnson, a mother of two, told hosts Carley Shimkus and Todd Piro that she became aware of the issue after her daughter and friends were abused by a female counselor during the outing.

The mother alleged the counselor threatened to slap the girls, pulled their braids, grabbed them by their feet in their bunks if they did not get up in time, and turned the shower off while they were still getting ready. The incident was allegedly not related to the nonbinary counselors.

“It was constant fear that my child and her friends went through,” said Johnson.

After speaking at a Los Alamitos school board meeting, Johnson was flooded with messages from parents describing the same situation, learning that Camp Pali allowed counselors to sleep in cabins based on their gender identity.

According to Rachel Sandoval, the school district has not stated that a biological male had slept in the cabin with the girls and failed to follow up with her. The mother then contacted the science camp, which confirmed that it decides sleeping arrangements based on gender identity, not sex.

“My 11-year-old daughter had told me that there were multiple counselors that expressed that they identified as they/them. They also had a group of kids that were lectured on the inappropriate misgendering of counselors,” said Sandoval.

A PowerPoint presentation sent to parents by the district did not mention anything about the camp’s gender policy or specify that counselors and campers would be separated by gender.

A spokesperson for the school district told KTLA that it had launched an investigation and that all complaints and concerns would be taken seriously. An assistant director at the camp said the policy on sleeping arrangements was in accordance with California law.


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