No Matter What Emojis Apple Decides to Create, Men Cannot Get Pregnant by C. Tremoglie

No Matter What Emojis Apple Decides to Create, Men Cannot Get Pregnant by C. Tremoglie

(Link): No matter what emojis Apple decides to create, men cannot get pregnant


by Christopher Tremoglie, Commentary Fellow
April 21, 2022

It is unbelievable that this has to be said, but men cannot have babies. This is despite what radical LGBT activists are trying to tell you. This is despite what teachers are trying to teach elementary school children. And it is despite what emojis Apple created and made available to the public. It is pure fiction to say men can have children. …

… Everyone knows men cannot become pregnant; only women can.

It’s time to stop with the lies, the propaganda, and the fear of upsetting LGBT mobs. Only women can become pregnant, no matter what propaganda the technocrats of Silicon Valley push on people. Saying anything otherwise should be classified as a mental illness.


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