Coalition of Trans Organizations Calls For Straight White Americans to Pay Cash Reparations to Trans People

Coalition of Trans Organizations Calls For Straight White Americans to Pay Cash Reparations to Trans People

The march of the Trans-Loons co-opting the usual talking points from liberal Blacks (and liberal Whites) continues!

The page below relies on a lot of embedded tweets from Rufo’s Twitter account. I do not want to embed all of them on my blog, so I will ask that you click the link below to visit their page to view all the pertinent content.

As I said in a tweet about this earlier today, can’t straight, white Americans just get out of this by saying they identify as something other than straight and/or white?

Also, what of people who are not totally white? I myself am partially white – not 100%. Do they base their reparations on partial fees if you’re not 100% white? How does that work?

Of course, the entire idea is absurd and laughable to start with.

(Link): Coalition of trans organizations calls for straight white Americans to pay cash reparations to trans people

June 6, 2022

Here’s Christopher Rufo back with another scoop. This time the dupe is Washington State, which provides state funding to a group of gender-identity nonprofits that work extensively with children.

The group held a presentation as part of a series on “Decolonizing Gender” and learned that “that process of creating men and women actually is the process of genocide.”

What does colonization do to trans people? It causes them to wake up at four in the morning to the screams of their ancestors.

As we’ve noted, the White House seems to have settled on LGBTQIA+, but Canada has gone a step further in adding 2S for “two-spirited” indigenous peoples.

According to the “Decolonizing Gender” presenters, white colonizers considered “lack of proper man- and womanhood” as “evidence of savagery, backwardness, the devil, and lack of humanity.”

Some of these two-spirited people believe they’re due reparations from white European colonizers who forced them to assimilate.


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