Disneyland Paris Employee Ruins Marriage Proposal by Snatching Ring from Man on Bended Knee

Disneyland Paris Employee Ruins Marriage Proposal by Snatching Ring from Man on Bended Knee

(Link): Disney worker wearing Mickey Mouse ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring

(Link): Disney Employee Stops Marriage Proposal In Absurd Video

(Link): Disneyland Paris employee ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring from man on bended knee

By Patrick Reilly
June 4, 2022

Disneyland Paris issued an apology after an overzealous employee interrupted what would have been a storybook marriage proposal inside the amusement park.

Fans weren’t happy with the “Happiest Place on Earth” after a viral video showed the worker snatching a diamond ring box out of a man’s hands while he was still on one knee popping the question.

The man, dressed in all white, is seen kneeling on an elevated platform in front of a large crowd, who can be heard cheering loudly for the couple. The woman, in a blue dress, covers her mouth in disbelief, overcome with emotion.

Suddenly, a park employee in Mickey Mouse ears rushes the stage and snags the ring out of the man’s hands then scurries down the stairs, urging the couple to come down. The baffled couple looks at the man before they follow him.

“She said, ‘yes,’” the confused man tells the employee.

“Yes, that’s great,” the buzzkill worker responds, “but over here will be even better,” as he motions to the girl to come down.

The viral clip was originally posted by Redditor wasgehtlan, who said he knew the man in the video.

“POS destroyed my best friends (sic) moment,” the user wrote in the post. “He asked for permission beforehand.”

Fellow Reddit users bashed Disneyland for how it handled the situation.

“Their admission pass didn’t include the $149 optional ‘Proposal Photograph’ fee,” one user quipped.

“Trying to figure out if dude was happier enforcing rules or ruining [the] moment. He was legitimately happier for ruining the moment,” another wrote.

Another said that “If some stranger ran up and snatched a diamond ring out of my hand, more than the moment would be ruined.”


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