Gallup Poll: Americans Say Birth Control, Divorce Most “Morally Acceptable”

Gallup Poll: Americans Say Birth Control, Divorce Most “Morally Acceptable”

LOL, this sure gives the idiotic “Permanence of Marriage, even abuse isn’t grounds for divorce view” Christian complementarian and patriarchal dweebs adhere to more of an uphill climb.

From June of 2022:

(Link): Poll: Americans say birth control, divorce most “morally acceptable”

(Link): Americans Say Birth Control, Divorce Most ‘Morally Acceptable’

June 2022
By Megan Brenan

 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ ratings of the morality of 19 behaviors are little changed since last year. Using birth control and getting divorced remain the most “morally acceptable” actions, and having extramarital affairs and cloning humans are seen as the most “morally wrong.”

In addition to birth control (92%) and divorce (81%), solid majorities of Americans view eight other behaviors as morally acceptable. These include premarital sex, gay or lesbian relations, gambling, having a baby outside of marriage, stem cell research, buying and wearing clothing made of fur, doctor-assisted suicide, and the death penalty.

Meanwhile, a slim majority of Americans (52%) think abortion is morally acceptable, marking the first time in Gallup’s 22-year trend that more than half view it that way. Medical testing on animals is also viewed by 52% of U.S. adults as acceptable from a moral standpoint.

On the other end of the spectrum, along with extramarital affairs (9%) and cloning humans (11%), less than half of Americans think suicide, polygamy, pornography and cloning animals are acceptable morally. Public opinion is about evenly divided on sex between teenagers.

From 2016:

(Link):  Most Americans Say Birth Control and Divorce Are ‘Morally Acceptable,’ Gallup Poll Finds 

June 2016

A large majority of Americans consider birth control and divorce “morally acceptable,” according to the findings of a Gallup poll released this week.

Gallup noted Wednesday that nearly nine in 10 Americans consider birth control usage to be morally acceptable and about seven in 10 found divorce to be morally acceptable.


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