Men Are Actually Blaming All Women for The Misogynic Progressive ‘Transwoman’ Lunacy – and not crediting feminists who’ve been speaking out on the issue for years – Men Like Rufo and Walsh Don’t Seem to Want to Share the Credit with Women

Men Are Actually Blaming All Women for The Misogynic Progressive ‘Transwoman’ Lunacy – and not crediting feminists who’ve been speaking out on the issue for years – Men Like Rufo and Walsh Don’t Seem to Want to Share the Credit with Women

I am a conservative. I am not a feminist.

I do not support the “woke” agenda, which would include things like denying the biological reality that there are two biological sexes, male and female.

I do not support men who “identify as women” (usually referred to as “transwomen”), especially if they have not undergone “bottom surgery,” being allowed into women’s only spaces, such as women’s prisons, bathrooms, and so forth.

Regardless if some of the wacko gender ideology we see today can be traced back to individual women writers of the 1990s or earlier (who were feminists), not all women can or should be blamed for that in particular, or for today’s out-of-control trans-activism.

Today’s trans activism insanity is, by and large, being carried along by MEN.

There are biological men with autogynephilia (a sexual fetish) and a large, first class case of Narcissism, who are hiding under the fig leaf of Gender Dysphoria to claim, “I’m a woman!,” and to also claim victim status and demand special rights.

That position is being helped along by male and female progressives.

But there are also biological women – of whatever political beliefs – who are opposed to biological men being allowed access into women’s only spaces, and some of them having been speaking out against trans activism going back years now.

And I have no idea what it matters if the numbers are more or less -ie, if there are more woman promoting trans activism or less.

No Studies, Polls, or Stats

One doofus or two who were arguing with me on Twitter earlier today (June 12) were blaming all women, women as a class, with no distinction, and saying the “numbers of women support trans activism outnumber those who speak out against it,” but neither individual cited me or linked me to any studies or polls (reputable or otherwise) to back up these assertions.

Based upon my anecdotal experience, I’ve seen a lot of biological women, and a few men, speaking out against progressive trans activism quite a bit the last few years – on twitter, on blogs, and in online magazine articles.

I’ve personally encountered very few biological women defending trans-insanity, and most of the women I’ve seen are opposed to progressive transgenderism, so I just tweeted back at one of those clowns,
“No, the women who are opposed to it outnumber those who support it.”

I’m sure some women who support leftist trans-activism may exist (there are progressive women (and men) crack pots who also support the quackery that is “anti racism” and “BLM,” after all), but I’ve seen far more speaking out against than in favor.

Some women have been speaking out against trans ideology for years, some for decades.

Ultimately, I’m not sure what difference it makes to argue that there may be more women supporting Trans Lunacy than oppose it… because it’s still unfair and inaccurate to blurt out, to suggest, that “women support it.” No, women are not a monolith on this subject.

As to the women who do oppose Trans Lunacy, some of them have been fighting it for years, before conservative men like Rufo and Walsh jumped on the band wagon.

Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier

One well known speaker and author against trans-insanity is a woman author, Abigail Shrier, who wrote a book about this issue, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, in 2020, and it was banned from a Irreversible Damage Book Coverfew online book stores for awhile, if I recall correctly.

From a review of Shrier’s book on Psychology Today:

The book posits that a sudden surge in the number of teen girls identifying as trans boys is due not to gender dysphoria or transgenderism but rather to girls with other mental conditions who are mistakenly self-identifying as trans because there is social capital built into marginalized identities.
— end excerpts —

Carlson gave Shrier credit for being among the first to discuss this in the United States (show date; June 14, 2022), see the video in the tweet below:

Men Helped Usher In Trans Activism, Too!

In the United States, we have male Presidents (Obama and Biden), and Governors, (and likely some male Congressmen and Senators) who are pushing for bills or laws to allow biological males who identify as women to be allowed into women’s prisons, locker rooms, and so on.

A small sampling:

(Link):  California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Democrat Newsom [who is a man] Forces Them To Live With Men By Gabe Kaminsky

(Link): 20 States Sue Biden Administration For Corrupting Title IX With ‘Gender Identity’ Mumbo Jumbo

(Link): Biden’s [Joe Biden, a man] Title IX Rewrite Could End Women’s Sports, Let Men In Locker Rooms 

(There are also a few male (Republican) governors, such as Stitt and De Santis who are pushing against trans ideology.
But we also have male Democrats, such as Joe Biden and others, futzing around on the definition of “woman” so as to make permissible biological males being legally permitted into women’s bathrooms, sports teams, etc.)

Post Modernism and Gender Ideology

Gender ideology is also part of post-modernism and today’s progressive love of neo-Marxism, which biological men helped to usher in.

Karl Marx, who got this bus rolling, was a man. Marx’s belief in group identity and putting everyone into oppressed classes undergirds a lot of today’s far left’s gender ideology and “woke” politics.

Do I then blame all men of today for the lunacy of progressivism, of the neo-Marxist group identity politics, or say, “men are to blame for Marxism”? No, I don’t. Because that wouldn’t be fair or accurate.

In the past 60 or so years, in the United States, there have been both male AND female authors, intellectuals, and pundits who have helped craft ideas that led to CRT, queer theory, and so on.

So I don’t appreciate the clowns I run into on Twitter blaming all women (women as a group) for the actions or views of SOME women, and for causes that are neither wholly attributed to one sex or the other, such as leftist trans-activism.

All Men: Michael Foucault, Pat Califia, Gayle Rubin, Alfred Kinsey, John Money, Erwin Gohrbandt

Feminist women who dabbled in Gender Ideology over 20 years ago were joined by progressive men who love Marxism, who were opposed to the idea of objective truth, who support group identity politics, and Queer Theory (which men (and some women) had a large hand in, such as Michel Foucault, Pat Califia, and Gayle Rubin – again, those are men).

Even Matt Walsh, in some of his videos and commentary about wacko, leftist Gender Ideology advocates, occasionally name drops MEN who have aided and abetted this queer theory, pro-trans-agenda world view, such as Alfred Kinsey and John Money.

According to the person(s) at this Twitter Account, a man is behind the design of the Transgender “pride” flag, and that man (biological man) is named flagTransPride - CopyRobert Hogge but goes by “Monica Helms.”

Then we have John Money. I believe Walsh has mentioned Dr. John Money a time or two.

(Link): Dr. John Money, Father Of Gender Theory, Was A Pedophilia Apologist


Would it surprise you to know that the normalization of gender fluidity is rooted in the same ideology as Critical Race Theory? You won’t be surprised once you understand the whole story.
— end —

(Link): John Money: The Pro-Pedophile Pervert Who Invented “Gender”

(Link): John Money


John William Money (8 July 1921 – 7 July 2006) was a New Zealand psychologist, sexologist and author known for his research into sexual identity and biology of gender.
He was controversial for his conduct towards vulnerable patients, including sexual abuse and endorsing conversion therapy aimed at young children.
He was one of the first researchers to publish theories on the influence of societal constructs of gender on individual formation of gender identity. Money introduced the terms gender identity, gender role and sexual orientation and popularised the term paraphilia.
He spent a considerable amount of his career in the United States.

Recent academic studies have criticized Money’s work in many respects, particularly in regard to his perpetration of the involuntary sex-reassignment of the child David Reimer,[3] his abuse of Reimer and his twin brother (also a child) by forcing them to simulate sex acts that Money photographed,[4] and the adult suicides of both brothers.[4]
— end excerpts —

So, some of the key influential figures leading us down the path to today’s current Trans Insanity are all men:
Michel Foucault, Pat Califia, Gayle Rubin, and John Money.

And there may be more. I would have to research it more to find out.

Maybe Lindsay drops more names (men and women) who’ve played a role in this podcast:

(Link): Groomer Schools 2: Queer Futurity and the Sexual Abuse of Your Children

Here’s another guy:

The irony of labelling as Nazis women who call for *fewer* experimental drugs / surgeries on gender non-conforming youth when the transsexual surgery known as a “vaginoplasty” was pioneered by a literal Nazi — Erwin Gohrbandt — who advocated eugenics and researched sterilization.
(source: Tweet)

There were a few women along the way, no doubt (such as Judith Butler), but they weren’t alone in this movement.

It’s not (progressive) women alone doing all that, it’s men too!

As a conservative woman who has never been a feminist, I object to anyone instructing me, as one jackass did today on Twitter, that “my sex” is supposedly “to blame” for today’s trans-insanity – because that is not true.

I may be a part of “women” as a group, but I am also an individual who does not always agree with other women on every subject.

Matt Walsh

Given the reaction of feminist-hating men online (and a smattering of feminist-hating conservative women, who I may blog about more in the future), one would think that until conservative men Chris Rufo and Matt Walsh began making tweets and movies about the trans-activisim cult, that absolutely nobody has ever noticed or paid attention to the subject before or sounding a warning about it.

Which is false.

I am not a feminist, but I am a woman – a conservative one – who began noticing the “hierarchy of victimhood” the far left liberals created, and this was before terms such as “intersectionalism” and “white fragility” had really gained more online mainstream attraction.

I myself had not heard of either term until a few years after I began making posts about this subject of far left liberal Victimhood Culture, and how “trans activism” was one component of that. (One of the first posts I made about this topic was (Link): this one in 2016.)

Though I am conservative, I follow a mix of people or news outlets on social media – I follow liberals, conservatives, libertarians, atheists, Christians, feminists (many of these identify as “radical feminists”), and some progressive news outlets, as well as a lot of conservative news groups.

I noticed that the liberal / secular feminists were among the first I saw to discuss the problems with “transwomen” or transgenderism.

At that point, guys like Chris Rufo, Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, and conservative outlets like The Blaze, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, PJ Media, and Breitbart weren’t discussing it (not that I can recall), and it would still be some more time before Fox News conservative pundit Tucker Carlson began discussing it (pre Walsh and pre Rufo, I believe).

Matt Walsh – Motive for Concern – Physical Health Vs. Upholding Sexist Traditional Gender Roles for Girls and Women?

I’ll try to keep this part brief, if I can, but…
I also wonder why Matt Walsh is opposed to progressive gender ideology.
I asked the guy in a quote tweet but never got a reply from him.

Is Walsh objecting to leftist gender ideology because it can harm the developing bodies of girls and boys,
or is he, as a traditional gender role advocate, upset that natal girls that transition to boys will no longer be expected to live up to conservative gender roles for girls and women (which some Christians label under various terms, such as “Complementarianism, “Biblical Womanhood,” or as “Christian patriarchy.”)

Conservative Men Only Began Noticing and Caring When the Trans Agenda Began Negatively Impacting Women’s College Sports

As a conservative woman who is opposed to sexism and interested in subjects dealing with gender, I began to notice the topic of trans-insanity began to make inroads and gain the attention of MALE conservatives (like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, etc) only after a few steady reports, over months and months, of biological men identifying as women who were taking the spots of biological women in women’s athletics on college sports teams.

(There may have been a brief, male, conservative interest in these issues during the “Bathroom Wars” a few years ago, where some places of business, such as Target stores, were allowing biological men to enter into women’s bathrooms or women’s changing rooms.

But the “Bathroom Wars” didn’t capture male conservative attention for that long, as the topic seemed to drift from their interest after that, and I stopped hearing them discuss it.

It took biological males regularly competing “as women” on women’s sports teams to get the conservative men worked up.)

Prior to that, most conservative men did not notice or care that “transwomen” (biological men) were harassing biological woman online over the trans issue, were insisting on using women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. (that would not come until later).

For some weird reason I cannot comprehend, most conservative men did not notice or care that biological girls and women were being undermined or sexually harassed by perverted “transwomen,” until the issue repeatedly cropped up in women’s sports, which is even more strange, considering conservative men usually, have historically, mocked women’s sports (when they’re not ignoring it).

But now that natal men are regularly taking spots away from women on sports teams, and being very brazen about it, suddenly, other natal men now care?

Where was the concern prior to this?

Men Of All Political Orientations Are Now Blaming ALL Women for Trans Lunacy

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen more and more men
– usually conservative, sometimes of other political ideologies, along with the occasional conservative woman
– scream and yell that the trans lunacy we all see unfolding before us is the blame of women (some of them may mean secular feminists who years ago began promoting certain gender ideology concepts).

However, from what I’ve seen, some of the very people speaking out against leftist trans-activism for several years now, are women who call themselves “radical feminists.”

Long before conservative commentators Matt Walsh and Chris Rufo were making documentaries about the trans agenda or tweeting about it (in the last year to two), other women, especially the radical feminists, had been commenting and warning about it for years.

I am not a feminist (radical or otherwise!) and I don’t agree with feminists on all issues, but I do recognize and acknowledge that the feminists were noticing and warning about trans-extremism years before Walsh, Rufo, and Tucker Carlson were doing so.

That conservatives (and in particular conservative males) ignored the increasing warnings about trans-activists from women for so long as they did comes as no surprise to me.

Conservative men, or men generally, usually do ignore most any input women have to say on a given topic, even if that woman is a fellow conservative,
so the chances of a liberal feminist, or their content, getting the sober, serious attention of a conservative man, other than to ridicule said content, is about zero.

“Not Enough”

And yet, writing about progressive trans-activism, exposing it, is not good enough for some of these women-hating, feminist-hating men, and even some of the conservative women, who also disagree with the trans agenda.

As I told one of these clowns who screamed at me that speaking out against the Trans Agenda is “not enough,” I said (tweet link),

I’m just one person, what exactly do you want me to do? Stop blaming women for a problem that is being perpetuated by MEN. Biological men who say they’re women are demanding access to women’s only areas, such as bathrooms.

I’m just an “Average Smoe” with a blog. I am not a journalist, a movie star, and I don’t have connections with the rich and famous.

Realistically, all one can do when one is not wealthy or famous, is to speak up against or for something.

Sheila Gunn Reid

A few weeks ago, there was a conservative, Canadian woman, Sheila Gunn Reid, who I got into a dispute with about another topic (she is very quick to get nasty and she bullies people on Twitter, even if you mildly, politely disagree with her).

I noticed around that time, on her Twitter timeline,
that Gunn Reid was essentially screaming at another person opposed to trans-activism that (feminist) women speaking out against trans activism were supposedly ‘not doing enough,’ but that conservative male Matt Walsh, was, though:

by Shelia Gunn Reid (link to this tweet):

Matt Walsh did what you people would never do. He stood up against the erasure and devaluation of womanhood into a costume in a way that goes beyond online whining and wiccan circle jerks. You should regret spending the last two decades calling chivalry “toxic masculinity.”
— end quote —

There again, some of us who are speaking out against progressive trans-activism are not famous pundits like Walsh, who is, I am guessing, financially backed by Ben Shapiro’s “Daily Wire” site and organization.

Some of us, whether we are conservative non-feminists or liberal feminists, don’t have the time, money, or the “know how” to make a documentary.

I don’t know much about videography, for example, nor do I own the expensive video editing programs one would need for that, so even if I had the money to make a documentary on par to Walsh’s, I’d not have a clue how to film or do the  audio to make a quality video to post on You Tube.

I cannot financially afford to jet set around the world, like Walsh did, to interview a tribe of African men to ask them if they think women can have penises.

It’s a really weak criticism for feminist-hating and trans-agenda hating individuals, such as Gunn Reid and these other idiots I run into online, to keep yelling and screaming at other anti-trans-activists, “You’re not doing enough! Blogging or tweeting about it isn’t good enough!”

-Your point is what, that all of us who are opposed to trans-activism should get the time and money, like Matt Walsh with Daily Wire, or the million dollar backing of a major news outlet, such as is the case with Tucker Carlson and Fox News, to each make our own anti-trans-activism documentaries?

Where are we all going to get the time, knowledge, or funding to do that?

I don’t think that is very realistic.

Regarding Gunn Reid’s comment about “Toxic Masculinity,” by the way, I had to correct that (so many of my fellow conservatives do not have a correct understanding of what the phrase means)

Chivalry is actually the opposite of toxic masculinity. The phrase Toxic Masculinity refers to (negative) male gender stereotypes / expectations that can harm women or men – not to things like males being polite, brave, or helpful.
(link to that tweet)

Christopher Rufo

I think Rufo has done a fine job, in the last few years, exposing Critical Race Theory being brought into American public schools, and if he starts exposing Trans Lunacy, I’m fine with that, but this comment by him to someone else on Twitter was a let down:

by Christopher F. Rufo (link to tweet):
I actually haven’t been getting flak and I certainly don’t believe I need permission from feminists to report on gender. My reporting follows my curiosity and nothing else. And frankly, those of you who have “been at this for years” have done nothing but lose ground.
— end quote —

That was really uncalled for, particularly the last line about,
“And frankly, those of you who have “been at this for years” have done nothing but lose ground.”

Conservatives, Christians, Republicans Also “Lost Ground”

I’m a conservative, and I was at one time (for over 30 years) a very devout Christian, and if Rufo is going to criticize whatever feminist he was talking to for “losing ground,” on a cultural topic, it’s also conservatives, Republicans, and Christians who have “lost ground,” because how did we get to this point in our society at all?

Obviously, we got here in part, because Christians, conservatives, and Republicans “lost ground,” they dropped the ball.

The United States is turning into a post-Christian nation.

Many churches (including the SBC) are losing more and more members and adherents. Many people today are drifting away from churches or the Christian faith itself.

The Republican Party lost ground to the point the GOP base got Trump in as their nominee and Trump won office in 2016, so obviously, established Republican Party views and practices “lost ground.”

It’s a little misleading, unfair, or inaccurate to suggest that liberal feminists “lost ground” on the trans topic, as our entire American culture has been taken over by the far left woke idiots in the last several years – nobody pushed back on it to halt it, not Republicans, not conservatives, not most Christians.

Democrats and the far left control the Congress and have the Executive Branch, and they’re in control of most media (Hollywood), the Universities, etc., so how is it Rufo or guys like him, who couldn’t bar the far left from taking over the nation, can sit there and blame a group of liberal / radical feminists for “losing ground” on the trans-activism front?

Please go take the Log out of your own eye before you tell the radical feminists to remove the Specks from theirs on this subject.

Both men and women ushered in identity politics and gender ideology, and these days, it’s by and large transwomen (biological men) who have a sexual fetish who are demanding to enter women’s only spaces such as women’s bathrooms that are perpetuating the situation.

It’s really quite disingenuous for any man to come along, pin the creation of progressive Trans Activism and Trans Ideology on to women (all women, with no distinction!), and to continue to blame women for what largely men are doing now (ie, the male trans perverts who are gaining access to women’s bathrooms, prisons, etc), and to also insist it’s “men who are fixing it now, women are getting nothing done.”

The men (American conservatives) who are now fighting against Trans-Lunacy are johnny-come-latelys to the situation.

Long before Walsh and Rufo were tweeting or making documentaries about Trans-Activism, I’ve seen women online pushing back against Trans-activism for years now!

Many of those women identify as “radical feminists.”

Several women did step into Rufo’s twitter threads to mention some of this, such as:

tweet by Kara Danksy
Chris, you’ve been getting quite a bit of flack on here for jumping into this space without realizing that women have been at this for years. Here’s my book, in case you want to check it out and RT. That would actually be very helpful!
(tweet source)
— end quote —


by ripx4nutmeg to C. Rufo:
Really appreciate what you’re doing now but if it wasn’t for some, mostly women, fighting this over the last 5 years or so, it probably wouldn’t have become a mainstream story that the non-woke media like yourselves are now covering
(link to tweet)
— end quote —

by Kara Dansky:
To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the issue was discussed on Fox.
[Link to You Tube video – “Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate and strange bedfellows” Feb. 2017]
–end quotes —

This is a highly accurate description of the Chris Rufo / Matt Walsh (and other conservative male) recent involvement against leftist Trans Insanity:

You notice how lots of men are suddenly discovering all of this? It’s like a macrocosm of mansplaining.
“Wow, wife, can you believe this?”
“Yes I’ve been talking about it for 10 years.”
(tweet link)
— end quote —

You can scroll down, if you choose, the remainder of the comments below that Rufo tweet, where Dansky and other women are telling him he’s late to the game.


The men (specifically American conservative men) were sitting around during that same time, as Trans Insanity was taking off, arguing or debating about CRT, Trumpian Populism, equity vs equality / meritocracy, police shootings, Kyle Rittenhouse, BLM, George Floyd, Chaz Zones, Covid 19 restrictions, Vaccine Mandates, and the rioting of 2020.

I don’t recall many (if any) male conservatives during that time frame showing any or much interest or concern in “transwomen” wanting into women’s domestic violence shelters, biological male criminals being classified as “women” by police departments, and so on.

For those same conservative men to waltz into frame now, in 2022, and act like they are the anti-trans-activist warriors and women collectively are either to blame for the entire mess to start with (as if men played no role, which, yes, they did), or are sitting around with their thumbs up their butts doing nothing, is false and insulting.

And shame on the conservative women who jump on to that narrative like Gunn Reid, to repeat it.

Regarding Rufo’s comment (tweet above):

“It [secular feminism] can highlight certain errors, sure, but my desired end state is not a TERF-approved gender curriculum in schools.
— end excerpt —

Perhaps I am understanding Rufo’s comment there the wrong way, but it comes across as though he’s probably happy with the traditional gender role view being unquestioned or unchallenged in classrooms, and not being permitted to be out-righted criticized.

As I asked above about Matt Walsh’s motives, I will ask about Rufo’s:
Are he and Walsh concerned about bodily harm coming to children via puberty blockers, or with biological men being allowed into women’s only spaces now, or is all- to- part of his motive based on a preference that traditional gender role beliefs not get any kind of push-back?

I am glad to see conservative men (finally) speaking out against Trans Activism, but the way in which they, and men like them,  (as well as the snotty conservative women I’ve come across), are treating anti-Trans-Activism women (of whatever political ideology) in the process, is unsettling, unfair, and hypocritical.

Relevant Information / Content:

Just as some anti-feminist, and/or sexist men online want to insist only “men” can fix the trans activism problem or that all women have been doing “nothing” or “not enough,” we can see that the far left is also busy erasing the contributions of women who have fought against progressive trans-activism:

(Link): French Radical Feminist Erased From Film About Movement She Founded

A documentary aired at Cannes about an anti-femicide movement started by Marguerite Stern refused to acknowledge the campaign’s founder.

… According to Stern, the new film entirely writes her out of history, refusing to credit her. And why? Because of her view that “being a woman is a material reality, not a feeling.” This blatant erasure of Stern is yet another example of trans activists rewriting history to silence their critics and, of course, appropriating what is rightfully a woman’s.

(Link): Setting the Record Straight on Second-Wave Feminists


A recent article in [conservative American site] The Federalist uses my work out of context to defame feminists like Kate Millett and blame them for the recent transgender movement

by Phyllis Chesler

April 19, conservative publication The Federalist published an article titled “Second-Wave Feminists Pushed The Sexual Revolution To End America, And It’s Working.”

The think piece by Carrie Gress, a Catholic, anti-abortion theologian, blames a group of 12 women, led by Kate Millett, for the rise of the trans movement and the general degradation of American culture. To do this, Gress cherry-picks some paragraphs from my 2018 book, A Politically Incorrect Feminist, in order to damn and defame Second Wave feminism.

… I must strongly protest most of what Carrie Gress has written. I stand by my work in A Politically Incorrect Feminist, every line in it is true—but Gress has taken my work out of context, twisting it to suit her own narrative.  …

(Link): Mansplaining womanhood – What is a woman? What are they for? Do they have souls? Men may never know, as that might involve asking a woman her opinion

There’s a lot of truth in this comment by “Esmenet / Esmi” (tweet link):

This post may be edited in the future to add more content

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— — —

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