Grandma, 61, and Younger Husband, 24, are Ready to Have a Baby

Grandma, 61, and Younger Husband, 24, are Ready to Have a Baby

This news story seems very familiar. I could’ve sworn I blogged about this couple a few months ago, but I can’t locate the post at the moment (I think this was the post).

I don’t approve of “May December” relationships, in which one spouse or significant other is much older than the other, regardless if it’s an older male with a younger woman or an older female with a younger man.

It’s so gross, and I suspect the older people in such relationships have nefarious motives (ie, it’s usually easier to control a much younger partner), or they are riddled with insecurity, or, they are terribly shallow.


(Link): Grandma, 61, and younger husband, 24, are ready to have a baby

June 15, 2022

A granny has revealed she is married to a 24-year-old bloke and they are ready to have a baby.

Cheryl, 61, and Quran McCain from Georgia have hit headlines thanks to their 37-year age gap.

The couple have racked up over 2.2million followers on their @kingqurannewpage TikTok page, but insist their love is genuine.

Last July, Quran proposed to Cheryl using a ring that was Crowdfunded by his online fans, and they tied the knot in September.

They had a riverside ceremony in Tennessee, and the event was livestreamed to over 20,000 people.

Now they say they are ready to take the next step and have a baby together – either by adoption or by using a surrogate – and have been pram shopping.

Cheryl said most of her family are supportive of the decision, and her grandkids already call Quran “papaw.”

… “Of course, because of my age we’ll have to get a surrogate or adopt which we’re looking into.” [Cheryl said]

Quran, who is now a caretaker, met Cheryl in 2012 when he was working at her son Chris’ fast food restaurant; Dairy Queen in Rome, Georgia, USA, when he was just 15.

The pair lost contact for a while but reconnected on 4 November 2020 when caretaker Quran saw mum-of-seven Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store.

They began dating in 2020 and Quran proposed to her in July 2021.

They eloped to Tennessee in September with only two friends but plan to renew their vows surrounded by all their friends and family this year.

Cheryl’s seven children ranging from ages 41 to 29 have said they will also help raise her baby.

She already has 17 grandchildren, ranging from the age of 2 to 17, so she says the more the merrier.


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