Actor Ezra Miller, Leftist Identity Politics, Pronouns, and the SBC (Southern Baptists) – Priorities Out of Kilter

Actor Ezra Miller, Leftist Identity Politics, Pronouns, and the SBC (Southern Baptists) Actor Ezra Miller, Leftist Identity Politics, Pronouns, and the SBC (Southern Baptists) – Priorities Out of Kilter

This is sheer lunacy.

Movie actor Ezra Miller has been in trouble for grooming under-aged girls (one of them is now 18 years old), if you’re not aware.

If you’d like more background, you can Google the guy’s name, and here are a few links about it:

(Link): Authorities ‘cannot locate or serve’ Ezra Miller after the actor was accused of grooming a teen, report says

(Link): Ezra Miller taunts police, deletes social media accounts

A string of memes mocking police was the last thing The Flash’s star posted before deleting their Instagram account

(Link): A Protection Order Has Been Issued After Ezra Miller Allegedly Groomed A Teen, But Nobody Can Seem To Locate The Actor To Serve Them 

(Link): Actor Ezra Miller accused of ‘cult-like’ behavior, abuse of indigenous teen 

Progressives on Twitter, though, are currently more concerned that people commenting upon these news stories may not be referring to Miller by “preferred pronouns” of “they” or “them,” which are generally used to refer to groups of people, not an individual (aside from maybe situations where the biological sex of a person is not known, and then “they” is sometimes substituted).

Referring to a person as “he” is not “misgendering,” by the way. “Misgendering” involves acknowledging that there is such a thing as a gender binary (male and female) to start with, which most progressive kooks deny in the first place.

Miller is a biological male, so to call Miller a “she” would be a case of “misgendering.”

The pronoun “they” is not a gender term in and of itself, since it can refer to either a male or female but is usually a plural term used to denote a group of people of one or both (mixed) sexes present; the word is not in and of itself a reference to biological sex either way.

If Miller isn’t comfortable with acknowledging via language that he (yes, I said “he”) is biologically a man, that doesn’t change reality. Miller is still a biological man regardless of what one label slaps on to him. It’s pointless to chuck out perfectly good pronouns such as “he” and “him” that society already has in place.

The woke liberals are more concerned that people refer to Miller as “they” or “them” than they are that Miller is grooming under-aged girls.

This reminds me of how Southern Baptists are more concerned with complementarianism (which includes prohibiting women from being “lead” pastors) than they are with the never ending on-slaught of sexual abuse cases and their cover-ups by Southern Baptists in Southern Baptist Churches.

Southern Baptists will kick out a ‘woman-pastor affirming’ Southern Baptist Church but drag their feet in establishing databases of sexual abuse victims.


(Link): Saddleback remains with Southern Baptists despite ordaining women pastors after Rick Warren speech

Excerpts from that:

June 14, 2022

… The denomination considered establishing a committee to study whether the SBC should break with Saddleback Church, which ordained three women as pastors, The Tennessean reported. “The SBC statement of beliefs says the “office of pastor” is reserved for men,” the report states.
— end excerpt —

Contrast that to:

(Link): Report on Southern Baptist Churches: the SBC Covered Up Cases of Abuse and Mistreated Abuse Victims for Years

And libertarians are more concerned with parents being allowed to expose their children to inappropriate content to children than the fact that segments of the culture are sexualizing and grooming children, with the goal of normalizing pedophilia:

Tweet Link

Tweet Link (“Reason” is a Libertarian twitter account/site)

(Correct reaction, correct priority: (Link): Gov. DeSantis considers sending Child Protective Services against people exposing children to drag shows)

Years ago, a Calvinist guy on Twitter was annoyed with me for posting a headline that looked like this:

(Link): Married Southern Baptist and Calvinist Preacher and Father of Boy Exposes His Naked Penis to Teen Girl in Store

The guy who tweeted at me for tweeting that out didn’t mention being upset that an adult man flashed his penis at a girl, but that I chose to mention the pervert in question was a Calvinist.

Bringing attention to the fact that some Calvinists are perverts is more concerning to that guy than a grown man was sexually harassing a teen girl.


Some groups are terrible at priorities or advocating what really matters.

It doesn’t matter if they’re conservative, liberal, progressive, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Republican, Libertarian, or Democrat. They all drop the ball on occasion on what is truly important and focus on defending their group, their cause, their ideology, or their tribe.

Here are a couple of screen captures from Tweets to demonstrate what I am talking about, regarding Miller and the woke insisting that everyone call Miller “they” or “them”:

Screen cap of tweet about actor Ezra Miller Screen Capture of another Tweet about actor Ezra Miller

(Link): Tweet Link, Tweet on Left / (Link): Tweet Link, Tweet on Right

This is more absurdity:

(Link): Ezra Miller gender battle rages as disgraced actor does a Flash and disappears


by Deepak Kumar, June 14, 2022

Internet debates about Ezra Miller’s sexuality

Sexuality is a sensitive issue and is a boundary that must be respected. One such user said, “It is simply incorrect to call Ezra miller a man. They’re nonbinary. It would be just as incorrect as calling them a barber despite the fact that they’re an actor. Their moral standing and your personal notions of respect don’t factor in.”
Another user said, “Ezra miller is a terrible person yes, but the implications that cis people can pick and choose when they use pronouns is bad for other trans people, because now a cis person gets to draw the line of when a trans person is valid or not.”

Another user said, “Ezra Miller being a total dumpster fire of a human being does not give you an excuse to misgender them. Someone being a terrible person is not grounds to revoke their identity.” Talking along the same lines, another user wrote, “Ezra Miller being nonbinary does not in any way conflict with them being a piece of shit. You have no excuse to misgender anybody.”
— end excerpts —

I’ve seen people in trouble, who may be lost, scared, hurting or confused, who comment on Christian blogs or forums about their heartache or anger, and if they do so in the midst of using profanity, many Christians will focus on the profanity – the choice of words used to describe said heartache or anger – than the substance of what the person is attempting to convey.

Tone policing gets more importance than the content of what is said in those contexts, which is not helpful to the person looking for empathy or encouragement.

At any rate, do you know who else is more concerned with pronoun usage than with child abuse?

Ezra Miller, that’s who.

(Link): New Video from Ezra Miller’s Arrest Shows Them Correcting Police on Pronoun Use: ‘I’m Not a Sir’

“I’m not a sir. I’m transgender nonbinary,” Ezra Miller says in the video of their arrest, obtained by TMZ
— end excerpt —-

How about these adjectives or nouns as pronouns for Miller (these are more apropos):

Groomer – Narcissist – Cultist – Pervert – Crazy – Wacko

We’re truly living in clown world where some people are more upset that people may be referring to a biological male, Miller, as “he” or “him” and not “they” or “them,” when the dude is apparently, allegedly, abusing and controlling children.

I am capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time, but this obsession with “correct pronouns,” especially in light of discussions of possible child abuse, comes across as obtuse, misplaced, and petty.

July 2022 Update

(Link): Variety edits quotes of woman allegedly attacked by Ezra Miller to accommodate actor’s preferred pronouns

July 1, 2022
By Nikolas Lanum | Fox News

Variety edited the quotes it exclusively got from a woman about the incident where she was choked in Iceland by actor Ezra Miller, replacing her references to Miller as a male with Miller’s “they/them” pronouns.

Miller, known for roles in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise and for playing DC superhero “The Flash,” was caught on film in the incident outside the Prikið Kaffihús bar in Reykjavik in April 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic had swelled.

Variety included a quote from the woman, calling out the fact that she used incorrect pronouns to address Miller. Variety’s version of her quote is listed below.

“All of a sudden, [they’re] on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I want to fight. My friend who’s filming sees [they’re] obviously not joking and it’s actually serious, so he stops filming, and pushes [them] off me as [they’re] still trying to fight me. Two guy friends of mine are actually holding [Miller] back as [they’re] screaming, ‘This is what you wanted! This is what you wanted!’”

Variety’s reporters added, “(At the time of the interview, it was unclear whether the woman was aware Miller uses they/them pronouns.)”


(Link): The BBC Changed A Woman’s Story About Being Raped So That The Pronouns In The Story Were in Line With the Perp’s Transgender Identity

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(Link): Men Are Actually Blaming All Women for The Misogynic Progressive ‘Transwoman’ Lunacy – and not crediting feminists who’ve been speaking out on the issue for years – Men Like Rufo and Walsh Don’t Seem to Want to Share the Credit with Women

(Link): Drag Queen Pastor Declares ‘God is Nothing’ in Blasphemous Profanity – Laced Video (Hey, Complementarians: The Real Problem is Progressives of Either Sex, and Not Equality For Biological Women in Church, Culture, or Marriage)

(Link): It’s Time For Gays And Lesbians To Stand Up And Reject The Perverts Abusing Our Cause by Joshua Slocum

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(Link):  Women Can Be Strip-Searched by Trans Officers Who Were Born Male, Say Police – Progressives Don’t Care About Fighting Sexism

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