Twitter Trying to Block My Twitter Account Over a Tweet I Shared by Daily Mail (re: A Male Masseur Who Sexually Abused Two Female Clients) – Why?

Twitter Trying to Block My Twitter Account Over a Tweet I Shared by Daily Mail (re: A Male Masseur Who Sexually Abused Two Female Clients) – Why?

Today, June 18, 2022, I logged into my Twitter account to see that Twitter sent me some kind of warning message. You can view a screen capture of that here:

A screen capture of their other warning:

Screen Capture of other warning from Twitter

The warning message said I could “appeal” their choice, which I did, and I told them off in my appeal.

Their message also says, “We put a warning message on these Tweets because they might have sensitive content – like nudity, sexual content, violence, gore, or hateful symbols.”

I pointed out in my appeal response that I was merely sharing a Tweet by another party (in this case, Daily Mail), that didn’t even contain nudity (as was part of their accusation), but if Twitter has a problem with the content in Daily Mail’s tweet, they need to hassle Daily Mail about it, not anyone who shared the Daily Mail tweet.

FFS, this should be obvious.

(By the way, what is a “hateful” symbol, per Twitter? What if someone is discussing Hiter and the Nazis in a historical context, and a photo they include with their tweet happens to contain a swastika because there was a swastika on a flag in a photo behind Hitler as Hitler was giving a speech?

Some Muslims probably consider the Christian cross to be a “symbol of hate.”

If Twitter got complaints about crosses from such Muslims, would Twitter then ban or remove such images or tweets?

Who gets to determine what a “hateful” symbol is,  when content mentioning it is shared, and how consistently is this enforced?

I consider the Trans-Flag (pictured to the right) to be hateful, as it represents a misogynistic, communistic, anti-American, anti-woman,  Men’s Rights Movement, but Twitter is pro-Trans, so obviously, the Trans-Flag is never going to be censored by Twitter.

As for “nudity” or sexual content, in the early days I was on Twitter, when I began looking for material about sex on Twitter – to comment on how secular and religious culture have turned sex into an idol, which I blog about here – I was confronted with tweet after tweet by other people featuring nude people in sex acts, which is not what I was looking for nor expecting.

I was looking and expecting to find links to essays about sex, or scholarly articles or surveys about how Americans or Christians view sex, that sort of thing.

I was not looking for photos of nude people in sex acts – but that is what I found in my searches on Twitter for sex related content.

Twitter seems just fine and okay with pornographic material on their platform, and they didn’t bother to censor it.

It was just right there, openly visible; I didn’t have to click on a “click to reveal and show image” link or anything, as the pornographic images were openly visible in the tweets.

I’ve read that Twitter is bad about removing child porn from their platform as well. (Link): Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit.)

Twitter is not consistent. They allow adult nudity and sex act photos and child porn, but they clutched their pearls in worry over a stock photo of a man’s hands on a woman’s bare back.  There were no nude breasts or genitals in the stock photo.

Around June 11 or on June 12 or so, I re-tweeted a tweet by Daily Mail.

Here is a screen capture of that tweet that got Twitter upset and caused them to send me two or three warnings (I later ‘un-re-tweeted’ it):

Screen Capture of Daily Mail Tweet About Abusive Masseur

The Daily Mail headline was this:
“Masseur accused of indecently assaulting two women in their 20s and 30s multiple times”
(the Daily Mail tweet about that, which I re-tweeted than un-RT’d today, is located (Link): here, and the article about that story is located (Link): here)

It makes no sense to me why Twitter would contact anyone who re-tweeted a comment by another party.

I am not responsible for the content initially posted by other people, including Daily Mail.

Months ago, Twitter blocked my twitter account over information I shared about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s lap top.

On another occasion, Twitter didn’t like me mentioning that (Link): Rachel Levine is actually a biological man and made for one unattractive woman.

I get the feeling that Twitter is coming up with excuses or pre-texts to go after my account, since I am not a progressive.

If Twitter blocks me (AGAIN), I still have this blog here, and I am on Gab as @sololoner2, though I don’t post on Gab as much as here or on Twitter, because Gab doesn’t have a lot of users on it – Gab doesn’t have as much activity and content.

I am really fed up with Twitter and their far left, woke, anti-conservative bias and censorship. If Musk goes through with buying Twitter, I hope he puts a stop to this nonsense immediately.


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