I Woke From a Coma After Five Months To Find Out My Fiance’ Had Ghosted Me and Moved in With Someone Else, Woman Reveals

I Woke From a Coma After Five Months To Find Out My Fiance’ Had Ghosted Me and Moved in With Someone Else, Woman Reveals

And yet, even in 2022, there are some people who suggest that being married is necessary to feel or to be complete, or to be ethical, mature, or godly.

You can find someone who you believe is your “soul mate” and still end up being abused or let down by that person.

So these people out there pushing marriage as making people more happy, healthy, content, or whatever, than not being married, should stop promoting such bogus views.

I do relate to, and can sympathize with, the woman’s comments about her fiance’ ghosting her making it difficult for her to trust people any more.

I went through a situation or two in my life that were quite eye opening and made me see clearly for the first time how very selfish and self absorbed most people are, and it can be difficult to trust people once you see this.

(Link): Brie Duval wakes up from coma to find partner blocked her on social media

by Yaron Steinbuch

An Australian woman has revealed how her long-term boyfriend blocked her on social media and shacked up with another woman while she was in a coma after a devastating accident.

Perth native Brie Duval, 25, was living in Canada with her partner of four years when she fell headfirst from a parking garage after a night out with friends on Aug. 29, 2021, the UK’s Mirror reported.

Deval was rushed by helicopter to the University of Alberta Hospital, where she was placed on life support with a traumatic brain injury and multiple broken bones.

The brave woman told the Mirror she was in a coma for four weeks — and doctors told her mother there was just a 10 percent chance she’d survive the catastrophic injury.

… “I have not heard from him [her ex] since I have been in hospital, he’s completely and utterly left me in the dust. So I don’t even have closure as to why this happened,” added Duval, who remained hospitalized for five months receiving treatment.

(Link): I woke from a coma after five months to find out my fiancé had GHOSTED me and moved in with someone else, woman reveals


June 7, 2022
By Bridie Pearson-Jones

A woman has revealed her turmoil after waking up from a coma to discover her fiancé had blocked her on social media and left her for another woman.

Restaurant supervisor Brie Duval, 25, who is originally from Perth, Australia, was living in the mountain town of Jasper in Alberta, Canada when she fell from a rooftop bar in a freak accident and landed head first on a pavement below in August 2020.

She was airlifted to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton and placed on life support where doctors told her parents, Shay and Clarissa, who were in Australia, that she’d suffered several broken bones – including a spine injury, two brain bleeds, fractured ribs and broken teeth.

Doctors gave her just a 10 per cent chance of survival, and she was placed in an induced coma in intensive care to try and save her life.

Deciding to speak out now about her ordeal, she says the emotional trauma of being ghosted by her partner of four years was a huge shock, saying there’s been ‘zero contact’ from him – and the only message she did get was from his new girlfriend.

Two years on, her former fiancé’s total erasing of her from his life is still traumatic to deal with, she says.

Brie told FEMAIL that she’s still ‘incredibly hurt by his actions’, saying she thought he was ‘her soul mate’ and struggling to believe that he could be ‘so awful’ at the worst time in her life.

…Three months later, she woke from the coma – but suffered from amnesia and didn’t remember her previous life – including that she had a fiancé who she’d been with for four years for another two months.

Five months after the accident, she started to remember her life before the coma and tried to call her fiancé, who she had been with for four years, only to discover he’d ghosted her and moved on.

Brie told FEMAIL that when she was finally given her phone she immediately thought to call him – only to discover he’d not visited her once in hospital.

She explained: ‘There has been zero contact. I have been blocked on every single platform including his phone.

‘The only contact I did get was from his new girlfriend. She sent me a message saying she was insecure and made him block me on everything. Go figure. I was still in hospital’.

Looking back on his behaviour now, she says it’s still hard to deal with.

‘I am still so incredibly hurt by his actions. I have no reason or closure as to why he did what he did. I just feel so hurt, I cannot explain the depth of the pain he has caused me.

‘After four years, I was incredibly surprised. We were best friends, for years. I never thought in a million years this would happen. Especially at such an awful time in my life. I thought he was my soul mate, but I thought wrong.

She says it’s made her mistrustful of finding love – and people in general.

‘It has definitely impacted my trust. Not just in romantic relationships but with relationships in general.

‘It has led me to have such a distrust in people, especially people I am close with. I am trying very hard to not let his distrustful actions impact my relationships and life.’

… The 25-year-old has now moved back to Perth to be near her friends and family. Her recovery is slow but positive, she says.

…’I’m glad that I can now spread awareness of traumatic brain injuries and the aftermath that follows. It is not just a temporary injury but a lifelong one that will impact my mentality and physicality for the rest of my life.’

Despite her ongoing injuries and the loss of her long-term relationship, Brie tells FEMAIL that she’s tried to appreciate what she still has.

She explains: ‘The emotional toll of being so close to death has impacted me in a positive way. I am now so grateful for the little things in life that I took for granted and have so much more appreciation for life.

‘My experience has taught me that life is so frail and short. I now want to make the absolute most of my life and jam pack it with as many memories as I can.

My only goal in life has nothing to do with monetary value but genuine happiness.’


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