Police Apologize to Mother Whose Baby Was Stolen, Raped, Tortured, and Murdered by the Step Father (Australia)

Police Apologize to Mother Whose Baby Was Stolen, Raped, Tortured, and Murdered by the Step Father (Australia)

Some people are vile. One article says that the man who raped, tortured, and killed the infant was the infant’s own father (but from what I’ve read, I think the man was a step-father?)

If that is so, what have I said repeatedly?

While I am not anti-parenthood, I am opposed to other conservatives that emphasize parenthood to the point where I’ve seen some of them say or suggest that anyone who doesn’t have children, for whatever the reason, is not as loving, godly, ethical, or responsible as people who do have children – which is clearly a false sentiment, since there are so many parents, both biological and adoptive, who abuse children in their care!

Parenthood, or marriage, are not necessary to make a person mature, loving, ethical, or responsible.

(Link): Tamica Mullaley pardoned over conviction for police assault on night baby Charlie abducted

by Keane Bourke, June 2022

A woman whose baby was abducted and brutally murdered by her ex-partner after he bashed her and left her naked and bleeding in a Broome street has received an apology and pardon from the WA government.

(Link): ‘Enormous support’ for inquest into Charlie Mullaley’s brutal murder

Ten-month-old Charlie Mullaley was tortured and killed by his own father in WA in 2013 – now his family is finally pushing for justice.

by Natalie Brown / May 25, 2021

An online petition for an inquest into the horrific murder of Charles “Charlie Boy” Mullaley has gained over 26,400 signatures.

In March 2013, Tamica Mullaley’s 10-month-old son was abducted, sexually assaulted and then killed by her partner, Mervyn Bell, after he left the then-28-year-old Yamatji woman naked and bleeding on a street in Broome, in Western Australia’s Kimberley.

…Police were called, but by the time they arrived, Bell had fled the scene – and in the chaos that followed, Ms Mullaley was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

“She wasn’t being a good victim. She wasn’t standing there in the sheet, dripping in blood, trying to control all this emotion that was going on with her,” Ms Mullaley’s Auntie, Kathleen Pinkerton, said.

“She said, ‘I want my dad, I want my dad’. And they decided she couldn’t have her dad. The two policemen – one woman and one man – they said that Tamica spat. And then they said, ‘That’s assault, that’s assault, you’re getting arrested’.

“I was thinking that, you know, they’re going to ask about how she got into the sheet. Who gave it to her? If they had have asked those two questions, they would’ve known that it was a serious domestic violence incident. But they didn’t ask the question.”

(Link): Mum whose baby was stolen, raped and murdered in a crime that horrified Australia is FINALLY given an apology from cops – nine years after they arrested her as she lay bleeding on the road from a beating inflicted by the killer

by Tim Dornin
June 22, 2022

A grieving mother who was brutally assaulted by her former partner – who then kidnapped and murdered her baby boy – has finally received an apology and pardon from the West Australian government, almost a decade after ‘enduring the unthinkable’.

Instead of being treated as a victim of domestic violence by police, Tamica Mullaley was arrested in March 2013 after a sustained beating at the hands of Mervyn Bell who left her naked and bleeding on a Broome street.

When police arrived on the scene, she was hostile to the officers.

When her father Ted Mullaley arrived, the situation continued to escalate with the pair eventually detained, charged, prosecuted and convicted.

But WA Attorney-General John Quigley told parliament on Wednesday that Ms Mullaley ‘s actions were unsurprising given the violence she had suffered.

‘Tamica and Ted have endured the unthinkable,’ Mr Quigley said.

‘In just two days Tamica had suffered a life-threatening assault and lost her baby in the most horrific circumstances.’

After her arrest, Ms Mullaley’s 10-month-old boy Charlie was been left in the care of family friends.

But soon after, Bell returned to the area and kidnapped the boy. He murdered him the following day.

He was serving a minimum of 27-year sentence when he took his own life in 2015.

The police conduct in Ms Mullaley’s case was criticised in a Corruption and Crime Commission review though it ruled there was no serious misconduct.

[Photo caption:] Bell (pictured) proceeded to sexually abuse and torture the infant, inflicting broken bones, burns and bruises during a 15-hour road trip before the baby died

March 19, 2013

10.30pm: Mervyn Bell bashes his girlfriend Tamica Mullaley before stripping her naked and dumping her on the side of a road in Broome, Western Australia.

That same night, Bell abducted Ms Mullaley’s 10-month-old son Charlie and raped and tortured him.

March 20, 2013

Early hours: Ms Mullaley’s father contacts police multiple times telling them Bell had taken Charlie.

Bell murdered Charlie later that day, and the people whose custody the child was placed in are not contacted by police until 10am.

(Link): You know the name Cleo Smith. Why haven’t you heard of Charlie Mullaley?

by G. Bath
Feb 2022

Charlie was subjected to a horror 15 hours.

There were injuries from his head to his feet, and he died from his ordeal at the hands of his step-dad. A man who was supposed to protect him.

He was 10-months-old.

Hours earlier his mother, Tamica Mullaley, had been bashed on a street in Broome, WA by Mervyn Bell, after she confronted him over a cheating allegation.

Despite being bloodied, distressed, injured and stripped naked during the attack, she was arrested for assault as police arrived.

Like many Indigenous Australians, Tamica didn’t trust the police. When officers arrived she was sheltering in a neighbour’s carport holding a borrowed bedsheet to her bleeding, bare body as she called out for her dad.

Instead of being treated as a victim in that moment, she was pressed as a witness for her account of the events of that night. Agitated she spat, swore and attempted to flee. As a result, she was loaded into the back of a paddy wagon.

After much begging from her father, she was taken to hospital. And as Ted Mullaley told the SBS documentary See What You Made Me Do, doctors said she would’ve died from her injuries without that urgent medical intervention.

While Tamica fought for her life, her son Charlie became Bell’s next victim in a series of events so awful it’s hard to comprehend the pure evilness of them.

Baby Charlie had been left in the care of Bell’s cousin as Tamica was taken away, despite pleas from the Mullaley family for him to remain with an officer. And when Ted returned from the hospital to pick Charlie up, he was gone. Bell had taken him.

…Even though it’s one of the worst crimes in recent history.

Even though at the heart of this story is the sexual assault and murder of a little boy.


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