Mother-Of-One, 31, and Her Boyfriend Are Warned Over Noisy Sex Sessions Which Neighbors Said Were Louder Than A Lawnmower

Mother-Of-One, 31, and Her Boyfriend Are Warned Over Noisy Sex Sessions Which Neighbors Said Were Louder Than A Lawnmower

Sex is over-rated. One of the good things about having a celibate for a neighbor is that you wouldn’t be subjected to this.

(Link): Mother-of-one, 31, and her boyfriend are warned over noisy sex sessions which neighbours said were louder than a LAWNMOWER

by Katie Feehan
June 19, 2022

A couple have been handed a noise warning by their landlord after neighbours complained they were having sex too loudly.

Lydia Barker, 31, and Billy Brown, 40, have been told they will be monitored by the social housing provider at their semi-detached home in Somerset.

Mother-of-one Ms Barker told the Sun they enjoy ‘morning, noon and night’ sex sessions but said they abstain during ‘anti-social hours’.

She said: ‘It’s not as if I’m a screamer. I’ve never had any noise issues before.

‘I’d not call my sex sessions extreme…a few moans and groans, of course. We’re doing it morning, noon and night, but not anti-social hours.’

The couple were sent a letter which informed them: ‘You and your partner can be heard having sexual relations,’ adding that neighbours found the noise ’embarrassing and distressing’.

Ms Barker said her neighbours making an official complaint was ‘very extreme’ and said most people would knock on the door or ‘stick a polite note through’.

The 31-year-old met Billy last year on the Crazy Mouse ride at a travelling fair where he worked as an engineer.

He told the Sun: ‘The neighbours only have to put up with it for two minutes. What are they complaining about?’

The couple were sent a letter by Stonewater, a housing association with 34,500 homes in England who have since said they will help all parties to live ‘amicably’.


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