Unhinged Responses by Pro Choicers to the Overturn of Roe V Wade

Unhinged Responses by Pro Choicers to the Overturn of Roe V Wade

There is now a PART TWO because this post was getting pretty long.

This post likely will be continued to be edited AFTER publication to add any new examples of pro-choice acts of violence or wacky behavior as they have their melt down over SCOTUS overturning Roe V. Wade

June 24, 2022

I just published a blog post about (Link): the overturn of Roe V Wade in the United States, which turns the status of abortion back to the States.

Since this decision has been made (well, even before then, when it was suspected this may happen), pro-abortionists have been violent and/or acting like bat shit insane wackos.

I’d like to use this thread to keep track of threats made against the Supreme Court Justices and so forth. Going forward, even days or weeks after this post is published, if any new violence or wacko reactions by pro-choicers occurs, I will edit this post to add those examples, if I have the time and energy.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant: birth control is not 100% effective, but celibacy / sexual abstinence is always an option!

You do NOT need to have ‘penis in the vagina’ sex for any reason – you won’t die without it, and if the guy you’re dating doesn’t respect that, you can dump him, and you will be fine without him.

You will be fine SINGLE. You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship or having sex to be happy or find meaning, purpose, or companionship in life.

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin until marriage or being celibate. If you choose to opt out of sex or dating for whatever reason, don’t let a guy you’re dating, our sex-obsessed culture, or hedonistic, sex-obsessed liberals, feminists, or progressives try to guilt trip you or shame you into engaging in behavior you do not want to or do not feel comfortable with.

It’s a fact of life, a biological truism, that only women can become pregnant. There are consequences to having sex, including becoming pregnant or contracting sexually transmitted infections.

No amount of being angry at SCOTUS for overturning Roe Vs. Wade will change that. You have to accept reality and take responsibility for your sexual choices in life.

I’ve seen various mental health professionals who specialize in narcissism who disagree with each other if narcissism is on the rise in the United States or not.

In my un-professional opinion (I do not work as a mental health professional), narcissism or narcissistic traits ARE on the rise in the USA and have been for years now,
which may help explain why people of whatever political persuasion behave like spoiled little brats now, whenever a court or organization makes a ruling or decision they do not like, so they feel fine fire bombing buildings, behaving like violent, obnoxious a-holes, and so on.

There is a staggering amount of entitlement in our culture now, where people lack self control if things don’t go the way they want them to.

Edit. Disclaimers, Caveats.

Unfortunately, since Roe V Wade was over-turned, I’ve seen a small number of conservative men online start bleating about how they think each woman should have ten kids apiece – no.

It’s not anyone’s place to lecture women on when, if, or how many children these men think these women “should” have.

While I do not support women getting abortions from pregnancies that were conceived via consensual sex, I also do NOT support conservatives, Christians, or anyone else, pressuring or shaming women into having any children, or making them feel guilty if they want to opt out of motherhood
– if women choose to sexually abstain, or to stay single (and not marry and have children), that is their right and their choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
If a woman wants to marry but also stay on birth control (marriage with no children), that is her choice as well, and that (Link): should be respected.

I’ve also seen screen grabs by others on Twitter from (Link): “incel” men thrilled in their Redditt or whatever groups that they are delighted that women who are sexually active, all of whom they refer to as “whores” are upset over the Roe Vs Wade ruling.

These Incel guys also need to shut up and stay out of it – these guys cannot even get a girlfriend or get a woman to have sex with them in the first place, so this doesn’t even impact them any how.

(Link): The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade means that pro-life Christians now have a special responsibility

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade means that pro-life Christians now have a special responsibility

I’m fine with our culture “valuing motherhood,” but there is a problem with “over” valuing it too, which I’ve written of in other posts on my blog, such as (Link): this one and (Link): this one, among others:

(Link): (editorial): OPINION: Why Supreme Court abortion decision empowers women

The guy in this tweet is referring to Incel forums, where Incel men (who are bitter, lonely men who don’t know how to get dates or sex) are rejoicing that some women are upset that there are now limitations on abortion:

Examples Of Pro-Choice Outrage, Violence, or Weirdness re: Overturn of Roe V Wade 

(Some of these may not be in chronological order, but I began making this list on June 24, 2022 )

(Link – this blog): Pro-Abortion Women Strip to Underwear to Disrupt Joel Osteen Church Services

(Link – this blog): Pro-choice Abortion Activists Call for Mother’s Day Protests at Churches and Vandalize Churches

(Link – off site): Watch Live: Protests Erupt at Supreme Court After Abortion Case Ruling

(Link – off site): Prominent liberals are waging an insane insurrectionist war against the legitimacy of the Supreme Court because they’re mad Roe v. Wade got overturned

(Link – off site): Catholic and anti-abortion groups raise alarm about violence

(Link – off site): ATF investigating “suspicious” fire at Oregon pregnancy center

(Link): Anti-abortion Buffalo pregnancy center allegedly ‘firebombed’


June 7, 2022
by David Propper

An anti-abortion Buffalo pregnancy center was allegedly “firebombed” overnight.

Police in Amherst, NY, confirmed an investigation is under way after a fire broke out at the CompassCare Community medical facility.

CompassCare leaders are blaming a pro-choice group for firebombing the office and said graffiti was scrawled on a wall that stated, “Jane Was Here.”

(Link – off site): ‘Revenge’: More Than 40 Attacks Against Pro-Life Centers as Violence Increases – June 23, 2022


by C. Burke

From suspected arson to shattered windows, and graffiti — since the leak of a draft opinion suggesting the U.S. Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade — more than 40 incidents of violence, vandalism, and intimidation against pro-life pregnancy centers have been reported.

“Our building was vandalized and our communication system was torn off our door only after some vulgar things happened on camera,” said Annabelle Rutledge, the national director of Young Women for America.

After reporting the incident to the FBI as a hate crime, Rutledge says her organization now has posted armed security guards on-site and with their staff at the Supreme Court.

(Link – off site): Catholic Church Prepares for Attacks From Abortion-Rights Activists


by Jake Thomas
June 23, 2022

The Catholic Church is heeding federal law enforcement’s warning that a radical group is “calling for extreme violence” against churches nationwide in response to the Supreme Court’s expected reversal of abortion rights.

An internal document obtained by Newsweek outlines intelligence shared by the Department of Homeland Security with the Catholic Church of a planned “Night of Rage,” targeting churches and pregnancy centers over their opposition to abortion rights. The document sheds light on how law enforcement and the church are bracing for backlash after a leaked opinion showed the Supreme Court preparing to rescind federal abortion rights.

(Link): Department of Homeland Security warns of ‘Night of Rage’ after Roe


June 24, 2022

Catholic Churches across the U.S. have been warned of a credible threat of “extreme violence” in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned Catholic dioceses of a threat of “extreme violence” against churches following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade decision.

The DHS document, which was labeled an “urgent memo,” was acquired by Newsweek after being sent to all U.S. Catholic Dioceses internally. Newsweek reports that DHS warned of a planned “Night of Rage” should the court rule against Roe. Now Churches are preparing for possible backlash.

(Link): GOP senators urge DOJ, DHS to take action to prevent abortion-related extremist violence after Roe overturned


by Kelly Laco
June 24, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Top Senate Republicans are demanding action by the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security after the Supreme Court ruled Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade, which is likely to prompt abortion-related activist violence across the country.

The Supreme Court ruled Friday in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Last month, a leaked draft opinion which indicated the court would overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that established a federal right to an abortion, led to attacks on pro-life centers and threats to the conservative justices.

“Over the past few weeks, in the wake of the unprecedented leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion, there has been a disturbing rise in threats against Supreme Court Justices and the Court itself. Justices have had their addresses published online, have been subjected to illegal pressure campaigns at their family homes, and one Justice was even the victim of an attempted assassination,” write the senators.

Last week, an armed man was charged with the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He had told detectives he was upset over the leaked draft opinion.

The senators continue in their letter to cite a violent pro-choice extremist group, “Jane’s Revenge,” which has promised a “NIGHT OF RAGE” if the court overturns Roe v. Wade.

The group, which previously called for an (Link): “open season” against pro-life centers and has taken credit for dozens of attacks across the country, has threatened: “To our oppressors: if abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either.”

Grassley and Portman continue: “We therefore write to urge you to take all necessary steps to protect the Supreme Court and other likely targets in the event Jane’s Revenge or other pro-abortion violent extremists successfully execute a ‘NIGHT OF RAGE’ with widespread rioting.
As you know, the Supreme Court is protected by a dedicated—but small—police force. Given their proximity to the Capitol they frequently coordinate with the Capitol Police. However, the capacity of these specialized law enforcement organizations is limited.”

 Their letter comes after President Biden signed a Supreme Court protection bill last week that provides for 24-hour protection for Supreme Court justices’ families.

(Link): Night of Rage: Pro-Abortion Groups Threaten There Will Be No Peace for SCOTUS Justices


by Sarah Arnold
June 24, 2022

Hundreds of irate pro-abortion activists are planning to cause destruction in the streets following the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

 Pro-choice groups such as Ruth Sent Us, are threatening to show up at Justice Clarence Thomas’s home and protest outside of his doorsteps.

While calling for mass protests, the group said that there will be “no peace for Justices,” bullying them to the point of saying that if they don’t like it, then the Justices can move.

(Link): Abortion Activist Retreats to the Top of a Now-Closed Bridge to Reroute the Nation’s Future

June 24, 2022 – Friday

Friday’s SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe. v. Wade has sent shockwaves across the country. And in the District of Columbia, it propelled one man up a bridge.

(Link): Round-up: Liberal hysteria over SCOTUS reversal of Roe v Wade

(Link): D.C. businesses boarding up windows in case post-Roe protests turn “mostly peaceful”

(Link): Joe Biden’s Response to the Supreme Court Overturning Roe Is Just as Weird and Deranged as Any Biden Speech Ever 

June 25, 2022  – Examples Continued

(Link): Liberals Turn On Liz Cheney After She Supports Roe Decision

(Link): CRAZY thread of CRAZIER Lefties proves the REAL danger in America is frothy-mouthed nut-jobs losing their MINDS over Roe

(Link): Video: Pro-abortion protesters try to storm Arizona state Capitol, lawmakers ‘held hostage.’ Kari Lake calls the event a ‘real insurrection.’

(Link): Democratic lawmakers suddenly concerned with tracking software, say it could be used to ‘hunt’ women seeking abortions

Democratic lawmakers did not address Apple and Google’s history of tracking COVID-19 positive users’ movement without their permission.

(Link):  Racist White Progressives Love the ‘N-Word’ When It’s Being Used Against Clarence Thomas

(Link): Hulu’s ‘Life and Beth’ Star Michael Rapaport Says Christian Women, Girls Who Get Raped will ‘Regret’ Roe Reversal: ‘You’ll Learn’

June 25, 2022

Hulu’s Life & Beth star Michael Rapaport reacted to the U.S. Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade on Friday, proclaiming that Christian women and girls who get raped will “regret” the ruling. “You’ll learn,” the actor declared. “You reap what you sew, you sick fucks.”

“All these sick, fake evangelists and right-wing cooks, pro-life freaks, dudes that are excited about what happened with Roe v. Wade act like they don’t get women pregnant on accident, like they don’t break condoms on one night stands. You’ll regret it,” Rapaport said.

“And all you women, evangelists, right-wing freaks act like you can’t be raped, like your daughters can’t be raped, molested, like you can’t get pregnant, and then be like, ‘Oh, fuck, I don’t want to have a baby with this fucking guy,’ or, ‘I don’t want to have a baby in general.’ You’ll learn,” the actor continued.

“You reap what you sew, you fucks,” Rapaport added. “You reap what you sew, because when that baby is in you, and you don’t want to have it, or you have a girl that has a baby that you don’t want to have, you reap what you sew, you sick fucks.”

(Link): Keith Olbermann Calls for Supreme Court to Be Dissolved over Pro-2A Ruling

(Link): Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant ‘F*ck Joe Biden,’ ‘F*ck Glenn Youngkin’ in VA

(Link): Professors Have Social Media Meltdowns After Supreme Court Overrules Roe v. Wade

(Link):  Pro-Abortion Protesters Take to Los Angeles Streets, Hold Up Highway Traffic: ‘Legal Abortion on Demand

(Link): Actress Rosanna Arquette Says Supreme Court Overturning Roe v Wade Is ‘The Death of America’

(Link): Left-wing pollster John Corbett calls Justice Thomas the N-word on Twitter

Canadian pollster John Corbett wrote, “Clarence Thomas: Just another dumb field n*gger” from an account that was almost immediately suspended.

June 25, 2022
Adam B. Coleman, author and The Post Millennial contributor, posted a screenshot of the hateful and racist remark on Twitter and wrote, “He says n*gger with such ease. These are the self righteous people who see black people as either an acceptable n*gger or a “field n*gger”… Either way, we’ll always be n*ggers to @johnVcorbett because our purpose is to serve a master.”

John Corbett, who is not My Big Fat Greek Wedding American actor John Corbett, describes himself on his website as a “Pollster, Actor, and Sailor.”

… Corbett’s racist and hateful remark about Justice Thomas illustrates contempt but also reflects a Leftist trend highly visible on Twitter.

After the June 24 ruling from the Supreme Court that overturned Roe V Wade an overwhelming number of white progressives have taken to Twitter to post racial invectives about Thomas. Coleman has been retweeting and posting screenshots of many, especially before they’re flagged or taken down, and identifies their writers as “woke, white supremacists.”

The progressive hate for Justice Thomas stems from their perception that an African-American man cannot be a Conservative and that his beliefs cause him to be a betrayer to his race. Progressivism fully embraces intersectional concepts of racial essentialism and defines the world entirely by immutable characteristics as they relate to perception of privilege and hierarchies of power.

Thomas’ consistent rejection of that ideology invites waves of hate from the Left. Authors like Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell have described how progressive ideology provides simultaneous relief from guilt for white elites while reaffirming a sense of infantilization towards minorities that puts them at the top of a food chain.

Clarence Thomas’ work and words serve as a monolithic rebuttal to that elixir of belief, one that pulls them, as so well illuminated by John Corbett, down to the most vile of racial insults.

(Link): Pelosi Incites More ‘Insurrection’ Against the Supreme Court as Leftists Ramp up Threats

(Link): Arizona AG Denounces ‘Angry Mob’ for Vandalizing Police Memorial in Phoenix Capitol Riot

June 25, 2022
by Becca Lower

Late on Friday night, RedState reported that police in Arizona’s state capital were forced to declare a protest at the Capitol building in downtown Phoenix “an unlawful assembly” after pro-abortion protesters, angered by the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the basis for Roe v. Wade, became violent and tried to breach the building.

Then earlier on Saturday, my colleague Bonchie wrote about more emerging details, including one state senator describing lawmakers feeling like hostages while trapped inside the building under assault, and law enforcement only managing to disperse the rioters with the aid of tear gas.

Now, local TV station KTVK/KPHO is reporting on what happened next….


The following memorials were reportedly defaced by protestors:

Wesley Bolin Memorial Amphitheatre
158th Regimental Memorial
Arizona Peace Officers Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Memorial
Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial
Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial

But in a new tweet on Saturday, Arizona’s top law enforcement official, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich denounced the defacing of one memorial in particular: the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, and shared photos of its desecration …

(Link): Christian pregnancy center in Colorado vandalized and burned following Roe v. Wade reversal

July 25, 2022
By Jesse O’Neill

A Colorado Christian crisis center for pregnant women was vandalized and set on fire Saturday morning, a day after the US Supreme Court reversed federal protection of abortions.

Police responded to a fire at Life Choices in Longmont around 3:20 a.m., and found the building ablaze with covered with graffiti messages referencing the controversial overturning of Roe v. Wade, officials said.

“If abortions aren’t safe neither are you,” one message read, accompanied by the circled “A” anarchy symbol.

The saying has been written at dozens of pro-life centers since the court’s intent to overturn the 1973 ruling was leaked in May.

(Link): SCOTUS abortion decision: Most states ‘likely to protect’ abortion rights, says legal expert Jonathan Turley

(Link):  Don’t like the SCOTUS Decisions this Week? Blame a Greedy Liberal


June 25, 2022
by Kevin Downey Jr

The liberals had it all. Abortion was legal everywhere, gay people were getting married, and there were tons of gun laws on the books. It was lefty heaven. Then they got greedy.

Legal abortion wasn’t enough. Leftist goblins pushed for the “right” to kill a child days before she was born. Even the “I’m pro-choice up to a point” crowd was repulsed. But portly, green-haired, unf***able lefty women pressed onward. They “demanded” abortions up to the point when the kid was in third grade. That’s when they blew it.

But leftists can’t help themselves. They are greedy people who were never told “no.” Blame them for the death of Roe v Wade.

LGBT Fascists
The greed continued. Gay people fought for the right to get married. They got it. Then they let their LGB movement get hijacked by the “Ts.” Trans people weren’t happy to live their lives in peace and privacy. They fought for the “right” to relieve themselves in the opposite sex’s restroom. And they got it. But that still wasn’t enough.

Next, they fought for and won the “freedom” to dominate women’s sports.

Hungry for even more power, they screamed “transphobe!” at everyone who chose not to play along in the “trans women are real women” charade…

(Link): BREAKING: Antifa attack and pepper spray pro-life woman in Seattle

A young pro-life woman was attacked Friday night in Seattle amidst violent protests over the overturning of Roe V Wade.

(Link): Roe v. Wade protesters hurl rocks and fireworks in violent clashes with cops in LA while six are tasered and arrested for violating demonstration time limit in South Carolina

by Ronny Reyes
June 2, 2022

Roe v. Wade protesters in LA and South Carolina clashed with police on Saturday as thousands continued their outrage against the Supreme Court’s decision to end the landmark abortion ruling by holding demonstrations in Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, and all across the country.

Protests erupted on Friday following the court’s ruling to overtun women’s federal right to abortions, with 26 states expected to futher restirct or outight ban abortions.

Outrage over the decision is expected to carry on over the weekend through the chaotic protests, as Capitol Police said two people were arrested on Saturday for throwing paint over the fence by the Supreme Court and protesters violently clashed with police in LA.

June 26, 2022

(Link): Here’s a woman either upset over Supreme Court’s decision or resisting an exorcism

(Link): There’s a lot of angry twerking going on at this pro-abortion rally in Dallas

(Link): ‘And now we PUSH BACK’: Kick-butt thread directed at Lefties threatening violence over SCOTUS decisions an EPIC must-read

Tweets and Other Media

(even more tweets at the very bottom of the post, some of which may be repeats of content above)


❇️ 🎆 (Link): Unhinged Responses by Pro Choicers to the Overturn of Roe V Wade – Part Two  🎆❇️

➡️ This post may be edited after publication to add more examples of pro-choicers being violent or acting wacko.⬅️  

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(Link):  WashPost Columnist: ‘Ghostbusters’ Haters Are ‘Virgin Losers’ – (via NewsBusters Site); Both the Right and Left Wing Get Some things Wrong About This

Additional Related Material (Tweets etc) – some may be a repeat of content above

So, first off, does this woman in this photo think she’s pregnant with a rhino? Also, does she mean to say that the infant growing in her is not a human until it’s totally born? That she gets to decide when or if it’s human? This is disturbing on several levels:


Yes, I’d say there’s some truth in this article this woman screen capped and shared on twitter
(she didn’t like this article: (Link): The Overturning Of Roe V Wade Will Improve Women’s Sex Lives And The Quality Of Men They Date In The Long Run):
If you’re a woman in a state that places limitations on abortion, and you’re sexually active (you could choose to be celibate), you may or should think twice about having sex, especially casual sex with just any guy (and no woman should be relying on abortion as birth control any way):

(Link): The Overturning Of Roe V Wade Will Improve Women’s Sex Lives And The Quality Of Men They Date In The Long Run):


by Gina Florio
June 24, 2022

On-Demand Abortion Perpetuates Hookup Culture and Stupid Sex
There’s no denying that our culture is experiencing one of the most promiscuous eras we have ever seen in terms of sex and hooking up.
The media, entertainment, and mainstream culture teach women that it’s empowering to “have sex like a man”—to give your body to any guy you find attractive in the moment, to have random sex without “catching feelings,” to throw away the idea that committed love is the best environment in which to enjoy meaningful and enjoyable sex.
We’re constantly told that it’s a good thing to have sex with many different people if we feel like it, and that has led to many women engaging in stupid sex for most of their single lives.

Having widespread access to abortion only perpetuates this culture. We know that roughly 99% of abortions are elective, meaning they’re not done for instances of rape or incest, but rather they’re performed for women who simply don’t want the responsibility of raising a baby. The rise of abortions each year coincides with the rise of hookup culture. Of course, women are going to get pregnant more often than we were before if we are having sex more often with multiple partners. …

… Of course, knowing that you have this to fall back on at any point makes you much more likely to engage in empty sex with men that you meet on a first date, out with friends, at a college party, etc. And while we’ve been told that promiscuous sex is empowering, women are biologically wired to generate feelings for the man we give our body to, as well as the baby we know is in our womb when we first see that pregnancy test. We’re not doing ourselves any favors by denying these biological facts …

Restricting Access to Abortion Will Encourage Women to Date More Consciously
When a woman knows that her options for abortion are restricted, she will automatically have to be more careful with her sex life. She’ll have to think twice about who she’s having sex with, how she’s using contraception and protection, and how close she gets to a man she may be dating. After all, the increased likelihood of becoming a mother makes you think more long-term and more critically about what you do with your body.

Abortion activists will try to paint this as a negative effect of overturning Roe v. Wade, but in the long run this will only serve women in a positive way. This will force women to think more critically about who they’re dating and whether that man could become a good husband or father. It will make them more conscious about what birth control and protection they’re using. It will even make them think twice about having sex with a random guy they meet at a bar.

… While feminists may call you all sorts of names for simply stating that it’s better for women to save sex for a committed relationship, we should encourage this behavior not because we are controlling or because we hate women, but because we know that in the long run that is what’s best for women and for society as a whole.  …

… We want women to feel empowered and fulfilled, and no matter how much society tries to tell us otherwise, empowerment and fulfillment don’t come with having sex with a guy who doesn’t really care about you.
— end excerpts —

— — —

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