Man Who Had Genitals Removed Says He Made ‘The Biggest Mistake of His Life’ – Man Became Transwoman Then Back to a Man Again

Man Who Had Genitals Removed Says He Made ‘The Biggest Mistake of His Life’ – Man Became Transwoman Then Back to a Man Again

(Link): Man who had genitals removed says he made ‘the biggest mistake of his life’

June 23, 2022
by Sue Reid

A young British man who had his genitals removed during gender reassignment surgery is suing the NHS over the operation in a historic legal action.

He complains that doctors did not warn him of the drastic outcome of the body-altering surgery which has left him infertile, incontinent and feeling like a ‘sexual eunuch’.

He said on Twitter yesterday: ‘The minute I woke up from surgery, I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.’

Campaigners say that it is the first medical negligence case over NHS transgender care in this country. The NHS trust involved has not been named.

His case has been taken on by lawyers in Liverpool. It centres on whether the NHS and its gender clinics adequately counselled him before the operation five years ago. The patient, in his thirties, was brought up in the North of England and has de-transitioned from being a woman to live as a man again.

…He says he grew up in the North East of England. ‘I knew deep down from a young age I was gay and was deeply terrified of it,’ he says in his tweets describing his past. ‘Everyone in the family joked and expressed disgust and disapproval of gay people.’

He withdrew into an online world where he felt at peace. There, at 23, he found discussions about gender dysphoria, the fear of living in the wrong sexual body. ‘That’s me, I thought.’

He found an internet forum called ‘Angels’ which was directed at trans women – men who wish to be women.

They urged him to transition ‘now’, before it was ‘too late’. He says that he latched on to the idea with zeal.

He took female hormone drugs bought privately, and later prescribed by his GP and an adult NHS gender clinic, to suppress his male characteristics and look feminine. But when a NHS psychiatrist asked him if he wanted gender reassignment surgery (GRS), he delayed for two years because he had doubts.

He claims they shrugged and said there was no guidance for those who regretted the surgery and treatment. The tweets go on: ‘I have no sensation in my crotch region at all. You could stab me with a knife. I wouldn’t know. The entire region is numb. No one ever told me that the base area of your penis is left. It can’t be removed. It means you have a stump inside which twitches.’

TullipR says his sex drive died about six months after he began taking female hormones.

‘I was glad to be rid of it, but now… I realise what I am missing and I won’t get back. …

…He describes the ‘living nightmare’ of waking up and forgetting that he has lost his penis and scrotum. ‘I expect something that was there for three decades, and it’s not. My heart skips a beat, every damn time.’

In the tweets, he describes how the operation has left him struggling to relieve himself. ‘It takes me about 10 minutes to empty my bladder. It is extremely slow, painful, and because it dribbles… it will then go all over the entire area, leaving me soaking.

‘I find moments later my underwear is wet. It slowly drips out for more than an hour. I never knew that I would risk smelling of p*** everywhere I go.’


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