Newlywed Bride Killed in Gold Buggy Accident on Holiday with Husband

Newlywed Bride Killed in Gold Buggy Accident on Holiday with Husband

I periodically like to post these news stories about grooms or brides who die on the same day (or shortly after) their wedding day, because it goes to show you that even if you do marry, that’s not a guarantee it will last.

(Link): Newlywed bride killed in golf buggy accident on holiday with husband

by Jon Rogers
June 21, 2022

A NEWLYWED bride has died on her honeymoon in a horror golf buggy accident.

Marina Morgan, 29, and her new husband Robbie were on a dream holiday when their buggy overturned while trying to do a U-turn on June 20.

Mr Morgan, who was driving, was uninjured but his new wife died at the scene.

The accident took place on Whitsunday Boulevard at the northern end of Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia.

A doctor, an off-duty dentist and an off-duty firefighter all desperately tried to save her, performing 35 minutes of CPR, but nothing could be done.

The couple, from Strathfield in Sydney, had got married just 10 days previously.

Queensland Police Inspector Anthony Cowan said the death was a “tragic accident,” while speaking to the media, and added there was “no indication of alcohol or dangerous driving”.

“It was just a tragic accident with a golf buggy,” he said.

“There may have been some inexperience driving those type of vehicles while turning it has rolled on its side and the woman has fallen out and sustained life-threatening injuries.”

“It just appears inexperience in driving that type of vehicle, turned too quick and rolled on its side and unfortunately, it has ended up with this result.”


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