Transgender Lutheran Bishop Gets Bullied Out of Church Over Supposed Racism – Intersectionalism Clown World

Transgender Lutheran Bishop Gets Bullied Out of Church Over Supposed Racism – Intersectionalism Clown World

Irony. A transgender pastor (I think this is a biological man pretending to be a woman(?) – or is this a biological woman pretending to be a man?), who uses the pronoun “they,” (eye roll),  got another pastor (a Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez) at the same church fired, and now the congregants are construing that and several other non-racist actions by the trans pastor as being “racist.”

The trans guy is claiming the harassment is so bad that he had to wear a bullet proof vest to some church services.

Progressive Intersectionalism, LOL!

Usually in the Hierarchy of Victimhood, progressives put Transgenders at the top, but in this case, they’re choosing the Latino church members above the trans guy.

(Link): First transgender bishop of largest Lutheran denomination resigns

June 7, 2022

The first transgender bishop of the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States has resigned amid criticism over the decision to remove the pastor of a Latino congregation on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December.

…Rohrer, who uses they/their/them pronouns, had been criticized by the Asociación de Ministerios Latinos de la ELCA as showing a “lack of empathy and understanding toward their Latinx siblings” for removing the Rev. Nelson Rabell-González on one of the most culturally significant and sacred days for Latinos.

(Link): ELCA trans bishop resigns following allegations of racism, disciplinary process

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor

The first trans-identified bishop in the history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has resigned amid allegations of racism and other issues.

Bishop Megan Rohrer, who is a female but uses “they/them” pronouns, posted a statement on Facebook Monday explaining that she was stepping down as bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod.

… Shortly after being installed as bishop, allegations surfaced that Rohrer had engaged in unethical behaviors, including the purportedly racist firing of Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez of Misión Latina Luterana and litigation surrounding Rohrer’s actions as pastor of Grace Lutheran Evangelical Church of San Francisco, among other matters.

(Link): Transgender Lutheran Bishop Resigns over Racism Allegations


– Associated Press – Tuesday, June 7, 2022

LOS ANGELES — An openly transgender cleric from San Francisco, who made history last year with an appointment as a bishop by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has resigned amid allegations of racism after firing the pastor of a predominantly Latino congregation.

The Rev. Megan Rohrer, who uses the pronoun “they,” led one of the church’s 65 synods, overseeing nearly 200 congregations in Northern California and northern Nevada. They were elected in May 2021 to serve a six-year term as bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod.

In a letter to the synod Saturday, Rohrer said they were resigning because of “the constant misinformation, bullying and harassment” they experienced after the synod voted to remove the pastor of Mision Latina Luterana on Dec. 12, the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a significant holiday for congregants of the Stockton, California, church.

Rohrer fired the Rev. Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez after an investigation by the church into verbal harassment and retaliation allegations against the pastor, all of which he has denied. The synod council voted on Dec. 11 to vacate Rabell-Gonzalez’s call as a mission developer and to terminate his employment after they said he refused to fulfill certain mandatory requirements.

Rohrer was not available to speak with The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying they were “trying to rest and be with my family.”

A spokeswoman for the ELCA declined further comment Tuesday.

After Rabell-Gonzalez’s removal upset members of the Mision Latina Luterana, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, the denomination’s presiding bishop, appointed a three-person “listening panel” in March to review Rohrer’s actions.

That report released June 1 made several recommendations to the ELCA, including publicly apologizing to the Latino church community for the hurt caused, planning anti-racism training for churchwide staff and leaders, paying a “healing visit” to the community and creating a task force to review the church’s policies and procedures.

Church leaders initiated the process to discipline Rohrer on Sunday following their resignation on Saturday.

Eaton posted on Twitter that the Conference of Bishops met Sunday, a meeting she said Rohrer “chose not to attend.”

“I shared that I am initiating the discipline process immediately including suspension of Bishop Rohrer, based on additional information that has come to light.”

She added that the process will take time and that she will continue “to provide updates as appropriate.”

On Twitter, Rohrer questioned the church’s move to continue with the disciplinary process following their resignation “without providing any specifics about what I allegedly did.”

“That appears to be in conflict with their own procedures,” Roher said.

Members of the listening panel reported that the Mision Latina Luterana congregation had no idea their pastor was fired on Dec. 12. The congregation comprising mostly Mexican immigrants had planned an elaborate program that day with mariachi singers, traditional dancers and performances by children, all led by their pastor.

A video, which one of the congregants recorded live, shows distraught congregants voicing their concerns. One woman said in Spanish: “Pastor Nelson has worked a lot for this day to happen. He has done a lot for our community. He has fought for our rights.”

Others said the move to fire him was “unfair” and “racist.” The report mentions other congregants asked if the complaints against Rabell-Gonzalez were sexual in nature and were further upset when they did not get a response from Rohrer or other leaders.

The report also said Rohrer threatened a child and her father with calling the police if they did not leave the sacristy – a threat that is viewed as racist by the immigrant community. Rohrer wore a bulletproof vest during the service, the report said, because they had “concerns about their safety and well-being.”

Eaton announced in a May 27 report to the church that she had requested Rohrer’s resignation from the synod.

“There are issues of broken trust at all levels, from individual members and communities to the broader church, which will need work to repair,” she said in that report.

She said she intends to act on and explore several of the listening team’s recommendations particularly the need for anti-racism and cultural sensitivity training.

The church’s Latino Ministries Association had strong words for Eaton in a May 28 statement criticizing her for not bringing disciplinary charges against the bishop for “racist actions” against the congregation.

The association’s leaders called Eaton’s statement “weak and compassionless” and framed racist actions as “unwise decisions” and “unfortunate events.”

They also said her message ignored the suffering of an entire community and gave “a white aggressor the opportunity to decide their own fate – a decision deeply rooted in white supremacy and systemic racism.”

In a previous statement, the synod council said it decided to terminate Rabell-Gonzalez’s employment after “continual communications of verbal harassment and retaliatory actions from more than a dozen victims from 2019 to the present.” But church officials have not specifically stated what the pastor’s transgressions were.

You can read the rest of that insanity here

(Link):  America’s first transgender bishop resigns after allegations of racism


Megan Rohrer wore a bulletproof vest to fire Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez and threatened to call the police if the congregants responded aggressively.

by Joshua Young
June 13, 2022

Transgender Lutheran bishop Megan Rohrer has resigned amidst allegations of racism after the bishop fired Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez, a popular Hispanic pastor in the Stockton, California community. Rohrer is the first openly transgender bishop in the Lutheran church in the US.

According to The Daily Mail, Rohrer arrived at Rabell-Gonzalez’s church on December 12, 2021 citing cause for his termination as verbal assault and harassment, allegations Rabell-Gonzalez has denied.

The mostly Mexican immigrant congregation of Mision Latina Luterana had gathered to celebrate the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe and had no idea their pastor was set to be fired.

Rohrer wore a bulletproof vest to perform the firing and threatened to call the police if the congregants responded aggressively, which they’ve described as “an egregious action especially when dealing with the vulnerable communities of Black, Indigenous and People of Color.”

Many in the congregation also said Rohrer was smirking the entire time but the former bishop attributed that to autism.

Rohrer’s rise was built on progressive activism especially centered around LGBTQ+ issues.

Rabell-Gonzalez’s church’s related group, the Latino Ministries Association, said Rohrer was a “white aggressor” who was rooted in “white supremacy and systemic racism” and they dispatched a “listening team” to assess the situation and provide feedback to the church’s leadership.

After a review of the listening team’s conclusions, the denomination’s lead bishop Reverend Elizabeth Eaton asked for Rohrer’s resignation and said the church needs more anti-racism training, more cultural sensitivity training, and to perform a “healing visit” to the community.

(Link):  The Mainline Protestantism Clown Show


They’ve become agents of woke cultural imperialism
June 23, 2022
by Grayson Quay

Just when I thought woke, mainline American Protestantism couldn’t descend any further into self-parody, the liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America went and surprised me.

…It all started when Bishop Megan Rohrer of the ELCA’s Sierra Pacific Synod fired a pastor named Nelson Rabell-González who appears to have two passions in life: the Black Lives Matter movement and verbally abusing people.

Like kids playing Magic: The Gathering, it was time to compare stats. Who has the higher intersectionality score? Rohrer is neurodivergent, transgender, and non-binary. Unfortunately, they is white. Rabell-González is Afro-Caribbean and serves a Spanish-speaking parish, but he’s also a cisgender male.

The two faced off once before, as rival candidates for bishop, and Rohrer came out on top. This time, though, Rabell-González pulled an Uno Reverse. It turns out that Rohrer had announced his firing on the day of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Which was racist.

Here’s the thing: Lutherans don’t celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That’s a Catholic thing.  …

… In response to the Asociación’s complaints, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, the first woman to lead the ELCA, said Rohrer’s actions were “unwise” but were not deserving of official church discipline. Well, that was racist too. The Asociación called Eaton’s failure to have the denomination’s first trans non-binary bishop hanged, drawn, and quartered a “culturally insensitive dereliction of duty.” Eaton, a white, straight, cis-gender woman, was intersectionally outgunned. She quickly reversed course and asked Rohrer to resign, which they did.

… I realize it seems like I’m laughing at this situation (and I absolutely am), but I’m also saddened by it. Rohrer, it seems, has done good work caring for the homeless. …

These aren’t bad people. They’ve just been taken in by lies. For evidence, look no further than Nadia Bolz-Weber, who was installed last year as the ELCA’s “pastor of public witness.” Bolz-Weber famously wrote about how divorcing her husband (who, she declared to everyone, was lame in the sack) and having super hot sex with an ex-boyfriend brought her closer to God. She also made a fertility idol shaped like a vagina out of melted-down purity rings and encourages the faithful to watch “ethically sourced” porn. Her old church had a drag queen pastor on staff.

Other denominations have their own problems, to be sure. Abuse scandals and controversies over critical race theory are roiling the Southern Baptist Convention.

Conservatives within the United Methodist Church are splitting off to form their own denomination.

The laity of the traditionalist Presbyterian Church in America is rapidly turning against its increasingly woke superstar evangelist Tim Keller.

But the current state of the mainline is especially depressing because of how its role within American life has shifted.

… But look at what’s replaced it. The old mainline sustained a shared cultural commitment to a common set of values.

Before 1960, interfaith marriages were rare, but inter-political marriages were common. Today, it’s the other way around. The new mainline, terrified of being on the wrong side of the next Civil Rights Movement, panders to activists and ideologues. It’s the new woke establishment at prayer.

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