Conservative Site Daily Wire Oddly Promoting “Gay Parenting,” and Also, I Guess, Homosexual Male Couples Using Women Surrogates for Babies?

Conservative Site Daily Wire Oddly Promoting “Gay Parenting,” and Also, I Guess, Homosexual Male Couples Using Women Surrogates for Babies?

Well this is bizarre.

Conservative site Daily Wire has homosexual now-conservative, former liberal host Dave Rubin, hosting an upcoming podcast, or whatever it is, where he and “only- correct- twice- a- day” Jordan Peterson discuss the topic, “Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls.”

You can view their tweet about that interview or chat show (Link): here (it’s also embedded to the left in this post).

(Edit: July 9,2021: Daily Wire Plus since deleted the tweet.)gayParentingDailyWire

I wasn’t on Twitter a whole lot today, so I guess I missed it, but from what I’m seeing on the accounts of other conservatives, Daily Wire originally had a different tweet up promoting this Rubin – Peterson conversation, but they got such blow back from other conservatives over it that they deleted the original one to put up this newer one with different wording (I’m not sure what the original tweet said).

Upon further reading, what seems to have happened is that the same Tweet was on the regular Daily Wire account, it got heavy criticism, so it was deleted but a copy was placed on the Daily Wire PLUS Twitter account.

I’m not sure, but I believe that Daily Wire is Ben Shapiro’s organization? Isn’t he a Jewish guy?

I’m no expert on Judaism, but from what little I do know, I’m aware that some Jewish groups are super conservative, some are moderate, and some are super liberal, but Shapiro claims to be a conservative – why would a Jewish guy who believes in conservative values, or, I guess, promoting conservative hobby horses like “The Nuclear Family” be allowing this on his platform?

Months ago, in one of his videos on You Tube, Shapiro (Link): balked at this biological man (“transwoman”) breastfeeding a baby, and rightly so, but he’s fine with two men marrying one another and/or two men having a baby together via a surrogate?

I do not hate homosexual people, but I can’t say as though I endorse homosexual marriage, or two men having a baby together via a surrogate, either. To do so seems to be an anti-Nuclear Family, anti-conservative, or anti-Traditional Values stance to me.

I do recognize that homosexual marriage was made legal years ago, so I’ve learned to tolerate it, but I don’t affirm it or validate it.

So long as homosexual couples don’t try to sue or harass a Christian baker, florist, web site designer, or photographer in to providing their services for a homosexual wedding, I don’t care what homosexuals do.

The Overton Window (link to explanation about that) has shifted among some conservatives in the last several years, to the point, some of them are congratulating a homosexual married couple over having children via surrogates, and now, they’re allowing a “gay parenting” show to happen on their platform AND they’re advertising it, WTF?
That’s not conservative.

I appreciate Rubin’s commentary on left wing insanity, but I do not wholly endorse homosexual marriage or a homosexual couple having children via a surrogate, nor do I like having this type of thing shoved in my face via conservative outlets. I expect this sort of content on liberal sites I follow, but conservative ones?

The message the tweet seems to be sending is that all conservatives are hunky-dory and fine with all things homosexual, including two men marrying and getting babies via surrogates, but the point of contention is transgender ideology.

I agree that leftist trans ideology is a problem that’s harming society, but when and where did all conservatives agree that conservatives should affirm and celebrate homosexuality, homosexual marriage, or homosexuals using surrogates to have children?

A week or two ago, FOX News actually ran a favorable segment on one of their early morning news shows promoting transgenderism. They interviewed a family with a biological daughter who they are now raising as a son. (I may do a blog post about that topic later).

A lot of conservatives at the time were shocked that FOX news, of all outlets, would be promoting transgenderism, as it’s diametrically opposed to what conservatives think and support.

There’s something very odd going on with conservatives. We’re now in 2022, and I guess because homosexual marriage was legalized, or recognized, around 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges), some conservatives figure, well, the liberals beat us on homosexuality, so we might as well cave in on that.

I am glad to see that some homosexual persons realize how insane progressives are and are willing to either speak out against the left’s sexualization of children, or that some are willing to flip sides and leave the liberals to become conservatives, but conservative sites going from tolerating and realizing homosexual marriage is legal to affirming it or celebrating it is going beyond the bounds.

I’d encourage you to read (Link): this thread on Twitter by Auron MacIntyre, and (Link): this one, to read more reactions by other conservatives, as this is not going over well.

And, of course, plenty of conservatives are saying (Link): below the original Daily Wire tweet about “Gay Parenting” they they are not pleased.

I believe Matt Walsh is associated with Daily Wire – he pumps out content for them. He’s a conservative guy who’s big into The Nuclear Family and giving out fossilized sometimes sexist dating advice from 1952 – and yet, (Link): even he is in this Daily Wire, Peterson group photo promoting all this. I thought Walsh would disagree with homosexual sex acts, or two men marrying and/or two men having babies together?

At some point, Daily Wire has also taken on hosting duties for, or is now somehow affiliated with, Prager U (view their tweet announcing their partnership here), with Prager U being a very conservative site that promotes fossilized 1950s dating and marriage advice and views (which of course lean sexist). How or why is a site that is mired in 1950s, sexist brand of Pro Marriage, Pro Nuclear Family nonsense associating with a so-called conservative group that is okay promoting homosexuality?

IMO, it’s fine to have conservative homosexual spokes-persons on conservative news shows or sites to criticize leftist economic policies and so on, but to promote homosexual marriage or two dudes having a kid together?

How do the rest of the excessively, “pro family,” “pro parenthood” types feel about all this?

I’m a conservative woman who never married (due to circumstance, not due to choice), and yet, even women like myself get vilified or insulted by OTHER conservatives for being single (and/or childless) past the age of 30.

Why do some of the hyper- pro-Nuclear Family, hyper – pro-parenthood conservatives believe it’s acceptable to cheer on two homosexual men for marrying and buying an infant, but they treat hetero women such as myself, who followed Judeo-Christian teachings and refrained from having sex outside of marriage (and thus, no pregnancies for us), like failures or losers?

On their original Twitter account, Daily Wire is advertising (located here) what appears to be a children’s program to debut in 2023 – it’s said to be “non-woke.”

Um. Sorry. How is it non-woke to promote homosexual marriage, homosexual couples using a surrogate to have a baby? That’s kind of woke right there.

This Daily Wire created children’s cartoon show may not itself promote homosexual marriage itself (I’ve not seen the show), but it’s disingenuous for an outlet to complain about “woke ism” in one context but support it in another.

(More comments below this tweet):

Sorry, but supporting or celebrating homosexual marriage or homosexual couples adopting children or paying a surrogate to carry one to term was “woke” by 2015 standards! What the hell is wrong with Daily Wire???

(I remember when conservatives had conniption fits over pro-LGB books like “Heather Has Two Mommies” being allowed into public schools in the late 1980s and into the 1990s. What happened?)

There is something very, very wrong and out- of- kilter over conservative groups or persons not just tolerating but granting a stamp of approval to homosexuality, homosexual marriage, etc, but still lambasting HETERO women who are celibate, single, with no children.

Conservatives should not be celebrating or promoting homosexual marriage, homosexuals adopting children, or homosexuals using surrogates to have children.

I’m fine with conservatives working alongside homosexual conservatives (or even homosexual liberals) to fight against the left on other fronts (ie, no drag queen shows in front of school-aged children, etc), but this acceptance of all things Rainbow is not okay – not for conservatives.

I’m not opposed to any and all change, but within the span of like 5 to 10 years, too many conservatives have shifted too quickly over to supporting causes formerly of the left (such as accepting homosexual marriage).

I’m definitely NOT a liberal or a progressive, I am not a libertarian, but I don’t know if I fit in with other conservatives any longer.

Conservatives seem to be falling off the rails the last few years.

The following was also copied to another post at this blog:

(Link): Ben Shapiro Debunks, Dissects, Denounces Fox News’ Pro-Transgender Child Segment


 By Janey Olohan | June 17, 2022

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is railing against the Fox News Channel for airing a sympathetic segment highlighting a family that encouraged their young daughter to identify as a boy from the mere age of five, calling the report “despicable,” and “a complete betrayal of anything remotely resembling conservatism or decency.”

In Monday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro dissects and refutes, piece by piece, the “insane propaganda” of the Fox News segment, “California transgender teen, family hope to be an inspiration to others,” promoting the transition of the young girl.

In particular, Shapiro rejected Fox News Reporter Bryan Llenas’ claim that Americans simply don’t “understand” transgender ideology. In fact, they do understand – and that’s why they reject it – Shapiro says in the video:

“What if we do understand your agenda? What if what we are afraid of is the agenda, because the agenda is pure garbage? Because it’s harming children. And, because it’s deliberately promoting propaganda that is based, not on science, but on ideological nonsense that is rooted in opposition to Judeo-Christian values and traditions and mores and rules and roles.

“What if that is what we are concerned about?”

“And, what about if we’re particularly concerned when it starts taking over major American conservative institutions, like Fox News?” Shapiro added.

“Every element of this video is propagandistic, dangerous garbage.”

…Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Shapiro wrote in a commentary reacting to the Fox News segment, adding that “The report states that this biologically female child was choosing her gender before she could speak.”

“That is madness,” Shapiro writes.

….“This is about pushing a gender theory that victimizes small children. And this is happening on Fox News, where the family is praised for its ‘extraordinary courage’ in the face of the ‘politicization’ of transgender issues.” [Shapiro said]

Other prominent conservatives are also speaking out against the Fox video.

Author and Daily Wire Writer Matt Walsh tweeted: “Today Fox ran a long segment for Pride Month celebrating a ‘trans kid’ who ‘came out as a boy’ at the age of five. The piece did not simply report on the controversy surrounding child transitioning. It outright promotes the practice.”
—- end excerpt —

Homosexual sexual behavior (also hetero sex acts that take place outside of marriage) are also “rooted in opposition to Judeo-Christian values and traditions and mores and rules and roles,” but Shapiro is apparently fine with homosexuality now.  Why is Shapiro making an exception for homosexuality now but still holding out for transgenderism?

July 9, 2022 update:
Screen cap below – I tried clicking the link above to the Daily Wire Plus tweet, but since I last posted this post, they’ve deleted it.

Now, clicking the tweet about “Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls” results in Twitter displaying the following:


However, the interview is still up on You Tube:

(Link): Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls | Dave Rubin & Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (video on You Tube)

The interview is still being hosted on the Daily Wire site:

(Link, Daily Wire site): Gay Parenting: Promise and Pitfalls

In this episode, Dave Rubin and I discuss the evolution of his lifestyle, the recent Leftist push with transgender ideology and the uncharted territory of gay fatherhood.

I have no idea why a conservative site would be promoting homosexual marriage or homo-surrogacy … and yet, criticize transgenderism.

Pertinent editorial here:

(Link): Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis

The GOP should surrender once again, this time on the rainbow flag

Daily Wire may have taken down their tweets about it, but this tweet by Rubin about it remains (as of July 9, 2022):

Tweet Link for following:


Tweet Link for following:




(Link): Christian Conservatives Explain Outrage Over Dave Rubin’s Surrogacy Announcement – Women Used As Props in Homosexual or Transgender Communities

(Link): ‘Gays Against Groomers’ Vows to Push Back Against Radical LGBTQ Activists Who Target Children

(Link): Critique of Federalist Editorial “There Is One Pro-Women Camp In American Politics, And It’s The Right by Elle Reynolds” – Do Federalist Magazine Members Realize There Are Single, Childless Conservative Women?

(Link): Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video (video by Ben Shapiro about the issue embedded at bottom of that post)

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