Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis – Many Conservatives Will Cave In to Today’s Progressive Causes in Another Five to Ten Years

Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis – Many Conservatives Will Cave In to Today’s Progressive Causes in Another Five to Ten Years

Below this link with excerpts, I will offer a few comments:

Conservatives Are So Gay by Michael Warren Davis


by Michael Warren Davis

The GOP should surrender once again, this time on the rainbow flag

June 28, 2022

[The author begins by describing the changes to the homosexual “Pride” flag, which began with the colors of the rainbow, but which has been changed the last year or two by progressives to include design elements to reflect Transgender persons and other sexualities. The author says that his town is flying the old-school, traditional “Pride” rainbow flag on main street, rather than the updated version of the flag with the Trans colors, etc, in it.]

… What’s infinitely more likely, though, is that gays and lesbians have been passé since Obergefell v. Hodges was decided in 2015. Most of the left’s talking points now revolve almost exclusively around blacks and transsexuals. It’s an attempt to represent the whole progressivist movement in a single banner. That’s what “intersectionality” means. Black is queer, and queer is black.

… Couldn’t it be argued that anyone flying an old rainbow flag in 2022 is dog-whistling to the far-right?prideFlag - Copy

The old rainbow flag has essentially become a reactionary symbol. What if the Republican Party claimed it as its own?

After all, Republican leaders like Donald Trump and Matt Schlapp are falling over themselves to secure the gay vote. Nobody in the conservative movement cares enough about social issues to actually oppose them. If you think any Trump supporters are going to break with their hero because he’s done more to drive the GOP leftward than any politician since Nelson Rockefeller, you haven’t been paying attention for the last six years.

It would highlight Republicans’ perfect willingness to embrace any leftist fad… so long as they wait until it’s been out of fashion for about ten years. As Mark Twain once said, “Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.” We’ve worked tirelessly to coopt Dr. King against BLM. Pretty soon, Republicans will give Harvey Milk the same treatment. I’m sure of that. Hey, if you asked Milk, “What is a woman?” I bet he could tell you.
—- end excerpts —-

You can read the rest of that essay (Link): here.

The essay above (a part which I did not excerpt) gets into the premise of how trans-activists harassing homosexuals into sex acts with the opposite of their biological sex could be spun as homo-phobia, and the author jokingly goes on to say that conservatives could now run on that as a conservative platform.

Well, I see what he’s saying, but I do actually think it’s wrong and obnoxious of trans-activists to harass homosexual persons into having sex with whomever they don’t wish to have sex with – but no, I am not so neo-conservative that I’m okay with conservatives also embracing and affirming homosexual behavior or homosexual marriage, either.

At one point in his editorial, the author links to a tweet by some Republicans who are in disagreement with some conservatives called CRU.

I don’t support CRU’s views about men, women, and hetero marriage where they actually state (according to the document linked to),

“The CRU believes that women should not work and should only be in the household.”


“The CRU believes that traditional families are the only way forward where ‘one man serving the family as head of the household, one woman serving as the homemaker and mother to children, and divorce being all out of the question.'”

Well, dear CRU, some women never marry. We women can get into our 30s, 40s, and older, with no husband to support us, so I don’t know what CRU would do with such women.

Barking at single women (even ones who’d like to marry) to, “Just hurry up and marry already!” (Link): doesn’t magically produce a suitor at our doorsteps, sorry.

Also, CRU, the “no divorce ever, divorce should always be out of the question!” rhetoric and opinion is a bunch of abuse-enabling misogyny, so a hard pass on that crap.

No, I don’t support the old-school, CRU-loved notion that women should only be “homemakers” and only the “man gets to be head of the marriage,” etc. That’s sexism.

I don’t care to conserve sexism.

On the other hand, I can’t quite side with the Republicans (New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans) in that mess who don’t see any problems with the legalization of homosexual marriage in the nation. I sure do.

Homosexual marriage allowed for the present situation of the Trans Idiots wanting access to girl’s and women’s locker rooms and sports so they can molest females and steal prizes and prize money from females via women’s sporting events.

It seems sad but true. Causes or opinions rightly resisted by conservatives just five to 20 years ago are now being embraced and accepted by conservatives.

I’m not exactly keen on going back to any and all mores and practices of 1950s America, but I’m also not a supporter of neo-Marxism and no- boundaries- on- sexuality- at- all of the far left, either.

I don’t know what conservatives are conserving any more, since they are now  adopting positions very quickly that were previously viewed as progressive just a few years ago.

In Another Five to Ten Years…

As someone who is still currently identifying as a conservative, and even though I am in total opposition with the progressive trans agenda, I can totally see OTHER conservatives eventually caving in to progressive trans goals as time goes by.

In another five to ten years, I bet you anything that even mainstream conservatives, from Sean Hannity, to Tucker Carlson, to Ben Shapiro, to Matt Walsh, etc etc, will start supporting the so-called “rights” of biological men who claim to be women into the spaces (such as bathrooms, domestic violence shelters, etc) of of biological women, even though some of them are CURRENTLY, as of 2022, speaking out in criticism of the transgender insanity going on.

Watch as all or most of today’s conservatives who are rightfully and correctly speaking out against the trans movement later recant their current positions in the future, to start speaking in favor of the trans movement.

Just watch. I can see that day coming eventually.

Fox News is already airing segments and commercials this year (2022) celebrating transgender persons, and they have transwoman Caitlyn Jenner on as a spokesperson.
In the meanwhile, conservative, Fox News evening host Tucker Carlson periodically has guests on lambasting and warning about today’s trans movement – how long will those Tucker segments last before Tucker, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, also cave in to that current progressive cause in a few years time?

I have nothing against transgender person Jenner in particular, and she (formerly he) is a conservative on other topics – but my point is that in another five, ten years, even most “every day” conservatives, to the mainstream conservative hosts on even FOX News, will have moved left on the topic of transgenderism.

I myself will never, ever accept transgender activism – I’ve never accepted (as in affirmed or celebrated) the legalization of homosexual marriage, or Pride parades. It’s sad to see other conservatives fall and cave in to any or all this.

Today’s gross and disturbing progressive causes will be tomorrow’s widely, uncritically accepted conservative positions in another 5 to 15 years. It’s disturbing to see.



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