‘Tens of Thousands’ of Men Risk Growing Breasts Because of Rising Steroid Use, Top Surgeon

‘Tens of Thousands’ of Men Risk Growing Breasts Because of Rising Steroid Use, Top Surgeon

(Link): ‘Tens of thousands’ of men risk growing BREASTS because of rising steroid use, top surgeon warns

June 28, 2022

‘Tens of thousands’ of British men are putting themselves at risk of growing breasts by abusing steroids, a top plastic surgeon has warned.

Around one million men and women in the UK are estimated to use anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to look more muscly or fit.

They have become increasingly common over the past decade, linked to unrealistic body images promoted on social media and on reality TV shows like Love Island.

A common side effect of steroid abuse in men is the development of breast tissue, known medically as gynaecomastia or ‘gyno’ in the bodybuilding scene.

Dr John Skevofilax, chief surgeon at Signature Clinics, claimed a growing number of men abusing the drugs are coming to him for breast reduction surgery.

He has carried out more than 600 gynecomastia operations since 2020 but believes many more are suffering in silence, too ashamed to come forward.

‘Tens of thousands of men are at risk of gynecomastia because they are taking IPEDs [image and performance enhancing drugs],’ said Dr Skevofilax.

‘Many don’t seek any advice before starting taking them, and the link between these drugs and this condition is well known.

‘And while some men are comfortable having breast reduction surgery, there will be many who don’t because they are embarrassed.

‘It is these people who will suffer in silence from the physical and emotional damage caused by gynaecomastia.’

… He admitted he developed the condition, which leads to puffiness and swelling around the nipples, after years of injecting anabolic steroids.

Gynaecomastia occurs when too much oestrogen, the female sex hormone, is present in the male body.

This is normally found in low levels in men but abusing steroids can lead to unusually high amounts.

Steroids work by binding to receptors responsible for muscle growth. One of the byproducts of converting steroids in the body is the release of oestrogen.

But gynaecomastia can also occur when men come off steroids completely.

…The use of steroids and other PEDs was once thought to be confined to high-performing athletes and amateur bodybuilders.

But they have become increasingly popular among the public, from teenagers seeking the perfect physique to elderly men hoping to hang on to youthful looks.

The trend has been attributed to unrealistic male body images promoted on social media and seen in Hollywood and on reality TV shows like Love Island.


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