Leftist Intersectional Feminism is An Anti-White Woman Belief System: Progressives Once More Blame White Women For How They Voted

Leftist Intersectional Feminism is An Anti-White Woman Belief System: Progressives Once More Blame White Women For How They Voted

Women (and men) who believe in and practice Intersectional Feminism hate white women.

Racism, contra progressives and their dippy neo-Marxist beliefs, is not just about who has power in a culture, but it’s also an attitude – and I see plenty of non-whites who are racist against white people.

It doesn’t take a position of power to harbor racism or sexism against others, anyone is capable of it.

Women can be sexist against men, even though men tend to have more authority in culture.

Furthermore, women (and the men) who advocate for Intersectional Feminism fully accept the misogynistic movement known as “Trans Rights Activism,” which consists of a lot of narcissistic biological men who insist every one call them by female pronouns and be permitted into women’s locker rooms, so they can flash their nude penises at actual women, and so they can have access to women’s prisons if arrested, so that they can rape actual women.

The only white women who go along with any of this glaringly obvious sexism  are liberal white women who allow themselves to be gas-light and are easily lured into guilt trips by “POC” women.

As I’ve long pointed out on this blog, (and though I am a conservative), I’ve noted that both the right and left of the American political spectrum are sexist. Both sides each have their own issues and end up mistreating women.

Earlier today, this editorial by Pamela Paul was published by the New York Times:

(Link): The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count – hosted on The New York Times, July 3, 2022, by Pamela Paul

That editorial, which I’m largely in agreement with (though not on the portion where the author laments the over turn Roe V Wade, since I am pro-life, but I do recognize that many conservatives can be sexist on other topics) angered progressive women.

The author, Paul, was hounded off Twitter; her account was suspended.

Anyway, according to this article on Fox News, progressive women began attacking the editorial and/or the author herself, and some even jumped in to bash white women for some having had voted for Trump back in 2016 – more on this below the link and excerpt:

(Link): Washington Posts columnists slam a New York Times op-ed that criticizing the ‘far left’ for erasing women

July 3, 2022

Fellow progressives echoed her criticism of the New York Times op-ed.

By Lindsay Kornick | Fox News

Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah blasted the New York Times on Twitter Sunday for an op-ed that criticized progressives for erasing women.

The Times published a Sunday op-ed titled “The Far Right and Far Left Agree on One Thing: Women Don’t Count” in which, columnist Pamela Paul argued how the far left’s concern for appealing to a transgender minority is belittling and rebuking women.

“Tolerance for one group need not mean intolerance for another. We can respect transgender women without castigating females who point out that biological women still constitute a category of their own — with their own specific needs and prerogatives,” Paul wrote.

Specifically, she called out the insistence of using terms such as “pregnant people” and “menstruators” to avoid using the general word “women” out of fear of offending a small group. Paul even equated this with what she considered to be “stripping women of fundamental rights” by overturning Roe v. Wade.

Although Attiah did not cite or link the article on her account, she blasted this comparison as an example of “both-sides pattycake.”

“That NYT op-ed equating inclusive language to widespread legislative oppression is a reminder that many white, cis women would rather gatekeep and maintain privilege than work in solidarity with other groups. Patriarchy is crushing us, but y’all wanna play both-sides pattycake,” Attiah tweeted.

She also added “I’m a cis woman who is clearly able to see that we are under a system-wide assault on bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. We will need a politics of solidarity and community building to resist this, which is not something that white women have historically had to do.”

She concluded her thread sharing another Twitter thread criticizing the failures of white women to help their communities.

“This tweet thread on white women and their failures with community building is worth a look. Read, then discuss amongst yourselves,” Attiah tweeted.

Other progressive journalists voiced their support for Attiah’s comments.

The Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali tweeted “Majority of white women voted for Trump both times and have voted Republican since the 1950s. Whenever someone brings this up apparently its very offensive but those are the receipts.”

… Attiah’s thread was also retweeted by far-left commentator Keith Olbermann and failed progressive congressional candidate Nina Turner.
— end excerpts —

So there we have, once again, white women being shamed and blamed for how they voted by liberals and progressives, an activity which white conservative men also periodically engage in.

I just wrote a blog post a few months ago about (Link): white, male conservative Jesse Kelly implying he thinks American women should never had been given the right to vote, since women as a bloc tend to vote Democrat.

I routinely see that same, shitty, sexist attitude pop up in comments under the tweets by other non-liberal pundits on Twitter.

So, if you are a white woman, you are not only being attacked occasionally by the right, by conservatives – who want to confine you and make you adhere to unfair gender stereotypes, and who love to mock your right to vote – but the liberals and progressives who support “Intersectional Feminism” hate your guts all the time.

The Intersectional Feminism left really begrudge you for voting how you want to vote (some conservatives also do this), and they also think you should put your physical health and safety at risk to all potential rapists and sexual harassers into women’s only locker rooms, bathrooms, and domestic violence shelters all because those men claim to “identify as women” (transwomen).

At least the sexist conservatives are usually pretty upfront with the sexism, they will hit you over the head with their reprehensible views that your life doesn’t matter as a woman if you’re not married and pregnant,

while the left side of the equation thinks the preferences and feelings of biological men (ie, trans women or “gender fluid” men) should take precedence over yours, even if it means putting you at risk of being raped.

If you’re a white woman, I’d encourage you to re-examine any allegiance you continue to give to the left or the Democrats, because they really do not like you at all.

The right has its problems too, to be sure, but at least the right will agree and acknowledge you’re a biological woman who has a right to keep biological men out of your spaces, no matter how those men identify.


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