Mother Kills Her Three Children, Self After Husband Commits Suicide – Being a Part of a Nuclear Family Isn’t a Guarantee of Happiness

Mother Kills Her Three Children, Self After Husband Commits Suicide – Being a Part of a Nuclear Family Isn’t a Guarantee of Happiness

Looks like being married with children is not a guarantee of happiness, joy, or fulfillment – as some aspects of secular culture and goodness knows conservatives keep pushing.

(Link): Mother kills her 3 children, self after husband commits suicide

by C. Weil
July 7, 2022

Tragedy compounded tragedy compounded tragedy in Minnesota last week when a woman allegedly killed her three children and then herself after her husband killed himself earlier that same day.

At about 10:30 a.m. local time Friday morning, the Maplewood Police Department said police received a call from Molly Cheng, 23, who claimed that her husband, Yee Lee, 27, had shot himself. Authorities arranged for social workers to go to the home to help the family, but soon afterward, a relative called 911 to say that Cheng might harm herself or her children.

The Ramsey County sheriff’s office then instigated a statewide manhunt for Cheng and the children, Quadrillion T. Lee, 4; Phoenix Lee, 5; and Estella Zoo Siab Lee, 3. Police were able to track Cheng’s cell phone to Vadnais-Sucker Lake Park, where they found Cheng’s abandoned car and several pairs of children’s shoes.

Dive teams, fire crews, and cadaver dogs scoured the lake for Cheng and the children. They recovered the body of Quadrillion at about 7:30 p.m. that evening. Emergency medical professionals attempted to revive the boy, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

… The medical examiner ruled the deaths of Yee Lee and Molly Cheng as suicides. While all three children died by drowning, the ME determined that the two youngest children had also been smothered.

Cheng, a tattoo artist, her husband, and their three children were among the 66,000 members of the Hmong community who live on the outskirts of St. Paul. Twenty years ago, the community formed the Hmong 18 Council of Minnesota after another Hmong mother killed her children, and many in the community are now devastated by this second instance.

(Link):  Mother feared to have drowned her THREE kids under five in Minnesota lake as body of one is recovered shortly after their father ‘committed suicide’ at family home

July 2, 2022

A young child was found drowned after allegedly being killed by his mom – with two siblings under five and the mom herself still missing, after the children’s dad reportedly killed himself.

Cops in Maplewood Minnesota say they have recovered the body of one child as of Friday evening. It’s unclear what gender that victim is, although all three child victims are under five.

Meanwhile, the children’s unnamed mom remains missing. Police believe she may have killed her children, then herself, after her husband reportedly shot himself dead at the family home earlier on Friday morning.

The husband has been named only as Kos by his sister, Pa Lee, who shared news of her siblings’ tragic death on Facebook, as well as the discovery of one of Kos’s children’s bodies, and fears the late dad’s other two children are dead too.

It remains unclear what triggered the tragic chain of events.

A Maplewood Police Department spokesman said that around 4:00 pm on July 1, authorities were called to Vadnais Lake as getting a report about a possibly suicidal mother who was on her way there with her children.

…All of the children are under the age of five. Fletcher said: ‘A horrible set of facts appears to be developing. We do not know the certainty of all three children, but have recovered one child. There’s nothing more tragic than the loss of young children.’

Officials said that the search and rescue team will continue searching through the night.

The sister of the children’s father wrote on Facebook on the morning of the suicide: ‘Forever goodbye my nicest brother. Why are you making me so mad and sad at the same moment. I’m so sorry that I’m 20 minutes late and cannot help you.’

She added: ‘I drive so fast to help you and to stop you but I still failed. I’m sorry that I fail you in this life and was late to help you. Only if I was faster then you will be alive.’

The father is identified in several social media posts as Kos.


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