Her Husband Wanted Her To Go Dress Shopping With Him, For Dresses For Him – Trans Widow Story

Her Husband Wanted Her To Go Dress Shopping With Him, For Dresses For Him – Trans Widow Story

I can’t imagine this. You’re single, you’d like to get married, you finally get married, only to discover days, weeks, or months into the marriage that the man you married is either abusive, selfish, a pedophile, or… he says he wants to be trans and wear women’s dresses.

If what she discusses below is marriage, I’d rather stay single.

(Link): Linda’s Story: Look Back In Anger


13th Rule of Misogyny: Angry women are crazy. Angry men have trouble expressing themselves 
Ours was a long marriage. My husband was an affable, good-natured person, perceived by most people, me included, to be “easy going”. Young and naive (though I thought I was experienced and mature), I would adjust myself as required to ensure that our life together was positive, fulfilling and shared.

I did not take on board how one-sided this process was. The more this pattern repeated itself, the more emotionally depleted I became, and the harder it was for me to bounce back.

For many years, I was grateful for my ex’s patience with me, his reassurances that he was fine, I just needed to pull myself together and all would be well. What I took to be his generosity was actually this message: I needed to be and act within a certain range within his presence.

Anything outside of his window of tolerance he would simply reject, and wait for me to re-present myself in a state that he could handle. It took a long time to realise that this was the perspective of a man with autism who lacked insight into other people’s needs.

Children were added to this dynamic, I entered a phase of distress unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I withdrew from him physically, completely. Something in me knew that sex had been all about him, and my own need for connection and intimacy had vanished from the equation. …

… Eventually, as the children grew older, he finally started to address the loneliness that we were both feeling – by arranging to see a sex counsellor. More anger — this was top of his agenda? But I felt obliged (why?) to support his priority. In the third session, he announced he’d been seeing another sex therapist with whom he’d decided he was transgender. I was stunned.

He invited me to go shopping with him to help him choose women’s clothes. He filled the bathroom cupboard with hair-related treatments and products. Female-themed dress-up paraphernalia came home in a bag addressed to a private postal locker; prescriptions piled up in drawers. He only refrained from coming out through his work website because 2 colleagues advised him not to – not because I had asked him not to, given that our children did not at that point know. …
— end excerpts —

I’m sorry that lady went through that.

I do think it’s better to be and stay single than marry that mess.


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